Gear Review :: Nexx Helmets X.G200 Purist Modern-Retro Helmet

Retro styling. Modern Safety.

It's safe to say that most riders here understand the importance of wearing a helmet when riding a motorcycle. It always blows my mind to travel to a state where there are no helmet laws and to just see people cruising the highways in a backwards hat. This sport is dangerous enough WITH proper gear on! And while we completely understand the necessity of wearing a helmet, we also know that style matters. All things "modern retro" are in at the moment, and that's not a bad thing. Back in the 60's and 70's styles were on point. While style ruled back then, the safety features in modern equipment is far, far improved. So, with the modern retro styling, you're really getting the best of both worlds. Old school style with new school tech.  There are plenty of modern retro helmet options these days, but when we saw the Nexx Helmets X.G200 Purist, we knew we had to get our hands on one.

The Nexx Helmets X.G200 Purist comes is either matte white or matte black. Both shells come with a black visor in the Purist family. There are a number of retro-inspired paint jobs available as well. The Superhunky version is pretty rad but nothing matches better than all black, right?

The Nexx Helmets X.G200 Purist embraces the vintage MX-spirit and pairs it up with a modern fit and finish.


  • Adjustable peak
  • Forehead ventilation
  • Large vintage-proportioned viewport
  • Removable lining
  • Peak/visor with 2 positions
  • Double-D ring buckle
  • Top ventilation
  • Chin ventilation
  • Ergo padding system
  • Weight: 2.65 lbs + - 50grs
  • 2 shell sizes: XS-MD, LG-2XL


Nexx X.G200 Purist Helmet

Overall riding impressions with the helmet were good. As expected, it's well ventilated and also lets in plenty of road and wind noise. That's just the nature of the open face MX-style helmets. The liner looks and feels of high-quality and is also removable. So go ahead, get dirty, have fun, and don't forget to wash your helmet when you're done. If you're in the market for a well styled lid to pair with your vintage bike or modern classic, look no further than the Nexx Helmets X.G200 Purist. Solid bang for your buck quality and looks that reach well beyond the price point.

Nexx Helmets: Online | Facebook | Instagram

Photography by Mr. Pixelhead 

Riding Style

Hookie Co Grey Chameleon

Hookie Co BMW Scrambler - Grey Chameleon & Moto-Kit

Life is a one way street

Dresden, Germany based Hookie Co. is a custom motorcycle shop that has a passion for building unique motorcycles. As previously noted, they have a paired-down aesthetic that we here at The Bullitt love. And while they have built customs based off a number of different marquees, it's become clear that BMWs are a favorite at the Hookie Co camp. They've actually built "moto kits" that you can purchase, and with no cutting or welding, can build your very own custom BMW R nineT. And if building your own isn't your thing - you can purchase the fully baked version dubbed the Grey Chameleon.

Hookie CO BMW Scrambler overhead

The Hookie Co Moto-Kit has numerous options, allowing you to choose your favorite cover design and change it the way you want it. It's "plug and ride", so in just seconds can have a fresh new design. The kits comes with a custom tank, subframe, seat, filters and more. The kits range from €6,100.00 – €6,450.00 depending on options. Not cheap for sure, but damn do they look good!

The subframe and seat combo is one of the big changes to the Beamer, physically and aesthetically, and one that you're likely to not want to do yourself. The frame practically stretches the length of the bike, and the upswept tail is a nice touch with a convenient cargo strap incorporated.

Hookie CO BMW Scrambler tail detail

Arrow exhaust - Hookie CO BMW Scrambler

Arrow exhaust sold separately, but a much needed addition!

The Grey Chameleon and the Moto Kit utilize 2 DNA air filters and a single DNA engine breather filter.

For the Hookie Co Moto Kit, the quickly exchangeable tank covers come in 4 different colorways sure that each has it's very own look and feel. Kits are compatible with all new BWM R nineT models.

Hookie Co Moto-Kit2 Color Options
Hookie Co Moto-Kit2 Color Options

While we don't have a R nineT in the garage ourselves, but ogling these kits has made us want to get one. Everything is handmade in Germany and is clearly high quality and well thought out. If you have a R nineT yourself, we recommend putting the Hookie Co Moto-Kit on your short list of mods to add in 2020.

Hookie CO BMW Scrambler stealth

Grey Chameleon Specs

Donor Bike: 2019 BMW R NineT Scrambler
Hookie Co Moto-Kit, including:
- Custom subframe
- Modified passenger frame
- Aluminum fuel tank
- "URBAN” carbon-fiber gas tank cover
- Alcantara seat
- Aluminum E-Tray (black)
Exhaust: Arrow Pro-Racing Titanium
Tires/Wheels: Front 19″ Pirelli Scorpion Rally STR, Rear 17″ Pirelli Scorpion Rally STR
Electronics: Antigravity 12-cell lithium ion battery, Kellermann Atto front, Kellermann Atto DF rear
Other Modifications: DNA Air Filter, Motogadget m.view Spy mirrors

PRICE: €27,900.00 (INCL. VAT)

Hookie Co.  Web | Facebook | Instagram | YouTube

Get your Black Friday on with Schott

Weekend long savings!

Black Friday Savings from Schott NYC

Schott NYC is best known for their amazing leather goods - like this killer vintage cafe racer jacket - but aside from jackets, they have tons of other moto-inspired apparel and accessories.

Instead of shopping for a new TV, why not get something that can be passed down to future generations? This weekend, Schott is offering an exclusive discount, which we are happy to share with you. From Friday, November 29th through Monday, December 2nd receive 15% OFF your purchase*. Make sure to enter the coupon code STUFFED2019 at checkout to apply your discount. For those of you shopping today it looks like the code is already live so get on it!

Hand Vintaged Cowhide Café Racer Jacket

Head over to Schott NYC and start shopping.


*Not valid on previously placed orders. Does not apply to freight charges. Cannot be combined with any other offers. Not valid towards gifts card purchases. Terms and conditions apply.

Bullitt LE - Our Aprilia RSV4 RF Limited Edition custom

A limited-edition Italian track slayer

As if the RSV4 RF didn't already impress, Aprilia amped up the exclusivity and created a model only available in North America - the RSV4 RF Limited Edition. When we had the chance to snag one, we jumped at the opportunity!

Aprilia RSV4 RF LE - Bullitt LE

Donning graphics that celebrate Aprilia history and Italian passion, the RSV4 RF LE arrives with winglets - the first production superbike to do so - and the unit number laser inscribed on the top triple.

All else is pure RSV4 RF performance, which in its latest edition is a second faster than before, thanks to the new Öhlins suspension, a Brembo braking system, and the new APRc electronic controls package that includes cornering ABS and clutchless downshifts. The 201-horsepower V4 powerplant is paired with chassis architecture worthy of seven World Superbike titles, the RSV4 RF LE creating performance like no other.

This bike was purchased with the intensions of keeping her for a long time, but some family obligations beg to differ. This bike is essentially still brand new, aside from some key mods.

LE Features:
Carbon winglets (uninstalled)
Forged aluminum black wheels
Misano throwback livery/paint
Laser engraved serial number on the headstock

Aprilia RSV4 RF LE - Motobox blinkers
Aprilia Race ECU - $650+
Competition Werkes GP race pipe - $690
Motobox fender eliminator with integrated blinkers - $215
Motobox mirror block offs with blinkers - $170 (stock mirrors included)
Motobox levers (uninstalled) - $70

Aprilia RSV4 RF LE left side
From the recent shootout against the new Ducati V4, editor Troy Siahaan states,

"The RSV4 is the scalpel to the Panigale V4's steak knife. Both are sharp, but one's clearly more of a precision tool...If you look at the scorecard, then the Ducati is technically the winner of this test. But ask Tom or myself which we'd rather have - for the track at least - and the choice tips in favor of that other Italian motorcycle."


This bike is amazing and I hope it goes to a new home where it can be fully enjoyed. Hit up for more.

Aprilia RSV4 RF LE front end

Steve McQueen's Husqvarna 250 Cross on the auction block

Own a piece of motorcycle history

Husqvarna and motocross in general was picking up steam in Europe in the early 50's - long before reaching US popularity. Credit for introducing the sport of motocross to America goes to one motorcycle and one rider; Torsten Hallman and his Husqvarna 250 Cross. In 1966, the reigning 250cc World Motocross Champion flew from his native Sweden to the U.S., where he planned to tour the country, enter races, hopefully playing up the bike's good points and driving customers to the nearest Husky shop.

With American's not being familiar with the newer style of dirt riding, he made quick work of the competition. During his two-month stay, Hallman entered nine races – a total of 23 heats – and won them all, sometimes lapping the entire field! At the Hopetown Grand Prix, the biggest off-road race on the West Coast, Hallman bested 800 entrants on his way to the checkers. His smooth riding style, and the Husqvarna's light weight and punchy two-stroke motor were an unbeatable combination.

One rider who took notice of Hallman's performance in '66 was Malcolm Smith, a Greeves racer who had previously considered the Husqvarna too spindly for rough riding in the California desert. Soon Smith would become synonymous with the Husky brand, winning eight gold medals in ISDT competition plus numerous Baja 1000 and 500 victories, on his way to general acclaim as one of the world's best all-around off-road riders. Smith and his Husqvarna were also featured in everyone's all-time favorite motorcycle movie, On Any Sunday, which in no small way also fueled the popularity of dirtbikes in America.

McQueen's 1971 Husqvarna 250 Cross


This Husqvarna 250 Cross was one of them, bought new by McQueen in 1971. Like most of his vehicles, it was purchased through Solar Productions, as attested to by a Transfer of Interest notice from Husqvarna distributor Med-International to the California DMV, plus a Manufacturer's Statement of Origin signed by Export Manager Edison Dye transferring ownership to "Solar Productions/Steve McQueen." Those documents will be included in the sale, as will a Med-International invoice for the $898 cost of the bike, which includes a typed notation, "Ship to Valerian's for Steve to have picked up," referring to McQueen's favorite Husky shop in Los Angeles. Serial numbers listed on all of these documents correspond to the stampings on the motorcycle.

At some point in its post-McQueen existence the Cross was restored, though in the several times it has changed hands since, the details of who did the work and when have been lost. It's not known, for instance, if the painted plastic fenders are holdovers from McQueen or were added later. The bike has seen some light use in the ensuing years and shows a few paint nicks and scuffs. Recently serviced, the Husqvarna starts and runs, and is ready for even more action – something which the originally owner, no doubt, would heartily approve.

The historical vintage bike will be going on the auction block at the Las Vegas Motorcycle Auction on Jan 24, 2019, at 13:00 PST. Estimates for the final price are in the $50-60k range. MORE HERE.

Ducati GT1000 custom

Our Ducati GT1000 is for sale

The Bullitt GT looks for a new home

It's not always easy to let go, but sometimes it's gotta be done. Our quest to build a SportClassic repli-racer might have been overly ambitious and now with other projects on the front burners, we've decided to let someone else take it on. The Ducati GT1000 is such a fun, easy to ride bike, and works in just about any condition. It's comfortable as hell but has plenty of pep when you need it.

Ducati GT1000

Ducati Gt1000 front end

We had elaborate plans to convert the GT1000 to a Paul Smart replica, a 'poor man's Paul Smart' as we call it, but every time we started to pull this old girl apart we thought twice. We've even stacked up some parts to get it going...PS1000 Termis, a Sport 1000 tank, Ohlins front forks, yet here she sits. We did install the Sport 1000 front fender and pull the rear fender.

Ducati GT1000 SportClassic
That's a fine looking GT1000 right there!

The rear fender eliminator is a Motobox Slimbox LED unit and is super clean and well-built. The bar end mirrors have been pulled and a single small mirror resides on the left. Smaller blinkers sit up front now as well.

Ducati cafe racer tank

Mods that were on the books were to black out the headlight bracket, swap out the bucket for a rounded English-style as we did on the Bullitt 821, smaller gauges (like the Motogadget Motoscope Mini we had on an early version of the Bullitt OG), Ducabike rearsets, horn removal/relocation, Marchesini're starting to get the gist.

The one thing that stopped us in our tracks years ago was not being able to source the lower front sub-fairing. We had the Sport 1000 S tank, but didn't want to run it without the fairing. The we got the PS1000 mufflers, but couldn't locate the rear header needed. Once we finally got a new Sport 1000 tank that had the right ignition indentation, other projects had filled the benches. Dammit.

If you're interested in giving her a new home, or would like any additional info, hit us up here.

Bullitt 821, Ducati Monster 821, cafe racer, bullitt,

For sale :: the Bullitt 821 Ducati Monster 821

Our take on the Ducati Monster 821

We recently wrapped up our Ducati Monster 821 build, dubbed the "Bullitt 821". Building something you love and then letting it go isn't as easy as you'd think. After spending countless nights in the garage; planning, mocking up, tearing down, coating, and milling over details...the bike somehow becomes a part of you. Memorizing the lines, tweaking, obsessing. That first ride is usually something special. Having friends and other riders dig your work ispretty cool, but even cooler, is seeing it get noticed by other great sites like Pipeburn, where the Bullitt 821 was recently featured.

Bullitt 821, Ducati Monster 821, cafe racer

Our Bullitt OG was featured on Pipeburn in the past, even taking the #3 top build of 2015. To see the Bullitt 821 get some love was great. Here's a little quote from Pipeburn's piece:

There’s one blog that has taken the step of downing their laptops and manning the tools – California’s The Bullitt. We featured their amazing Triumph Bonneville build back in mid-2015, and now they’re back with this mildly modded yet majorly sexy Ducati Monster 821.

I debated getting the Monster 1200 R but decided I loved the 821 motor. The initial plans for the bike were to build an "821 R". I was going to Panigale R tank, cut it in half horizontally and mate it to the bottom of the Monster tank. Deciding to ultimately stick with the classic Monster shape, I enlisted my painter-buddy, Ronnie Simmon's, help and stripping the tank completely bare, and then applying the Panigale R paint scheme. Opting for black over red, the accents put back in were in a bronze to match the engine and swingarm. DUCATI shows through in peek-a-boo steel. A similar treatment was done to the tail cowl and fender with the closely matched silver to replicate the exposed steel on the tank.

A Competition Werkes exhaust slip-on was debadged and ceramic coated in a 'burnt bronze' along with the headers to match the swingarm and engine cases as well. I no longer had any red on the bike and didn't want to put the original Comp Werkes badge so I worked with them and got a custom badge I riveted in place. A rear Öhlins shock was acquired and added out back. I ceramic coated the spring black - as I do to all my Öhlins. A quick Dremel hit to the rear hugger and she was in place.

Bullitt 821, Ducati Monster 821, M821, cafe racer

I was really into Motodemic's headlight conversions for some time and though the Bullitt 821 was a great candidate. Working with Motodemic's owner, Brad, we made a custom solution utilizing a round Triumph bucket. I really wanted the bigger bucket and think it looks killer. The bucket is gloss black and the rim is a semi gloss. The contrast works well with the other components on the bike.

cafe racer, Bullitt 821, Ducati Monster, M821

Beautiful Ducabike rearsets were installed and the passenger pegs were deleted. The rear brake reservoir was shortened and relocated to keep things tidy. Not being a fan of blinkers in general, I've run lots of bikes without them altogether. With this being my daily driver, I needed something discreet. New Rage Cycles provided just what I needed! I have their fender eliminator kit out back and their snap-on blinkers on the forks.

Ducati cafe racer, Bullitt 821,

I was debating on dropping in some fork cartridges and anodizing the tubes black but after looking at the bike and ripping the bike through the canyons, I realized that the set up was pretty damn solid as is. I'm happy with where it is, and ended up falling for raw forks, which compliment the raw steel in the tank.

"Ooh, baby, I like it raw!" - ODB

Bullitt 821 Specs:
2016 Ducati Monster 821 Dark
Custom paint by Ronnie Simmons
Ducabike rearsets with carbon fiber heel guards & passenger pegs deleted
Ohlins rear shock from M1200S with spring powder coated black
Burnt bronze ceramic coated exhaust
Competition Werkes slip-on w/ custom badge
Motodemic headlight conversion - Triumph Bonneville bucket
Black powder coated bars
Black powder coated gas cap
New Rage Cycles fender eliminator
New Rage Cycles snap-on front blinkers
Bar end mirror
Mileage: 1,500
Clear title
Valid CA registration

Interested in seeing the Bullitt 821 in your garage?
Drop us a line here and; we'll get back right away.

Photos by Shaik of The Mighty Motor

Fuller Moto Ducati Tracker

Limited Edition Ducati Street Tracker by Fuller Moto

Exclusive photos by Silver Piston Photography

Steve West, owner of Silver Piston, makes his “kickass jewelry for people who kick ass”, out of the Fuller Moto workshop in Atlanta, GA. In doing so, he gets a front row seat to watch another magician at work — Mr. Bryan Fuller. Lately, Steve has been focusing quite a bit of his creative energy towards his photography business — aptly named Silver Piston Photography — and noticed Fuller’s Ducati tracker, begging to be photographed.

Exclusive photo set by Silver Piston Photography Steve West, owner of Silver Piston, makes his “kickass jewelry for people who kick ass”, out of the Fuller Moto workshop. In doing so, he gets a front row seat to watch another magician at work — Mr. Bryan Fuller. Lately, Steve has been focusing some of his creative energy towards his photography —aptly named Silver Piston Photography — and noticed Fuller’s Ducati tracker, begging to be photographed. Burning the midnight oil one night, West rolled the tracker into his side of the studio and started snapping some glam shots of the sexy beast. Just what you’d expect from a svelte Italian model, she worked the camera and when Steve first shared the photos with us, we were awe struck. About the bike: Bryan Fuller, the main man behind Fuller Moto, certainly knows his way around a high performance machine. Turning cars and motorcycles into (fast) rolling art is his thing so when the Lloyd Brothers (managers of the Ducati Flat Track team) were looking for someone who could create a new chassis for their race bikes, Fuller was an obvious choice. Once the jig was set, why not crank out a few extras and create a streetable version? Well, that’s exactly what Fuller did, and is creating a limited run of 10 of these stunners. Each chassis created is fabricated from 4130 Chromoly Tubing on the Lloyd Brothers Motorsports Race Team jig. Every bung, plate, and tube is CNC designed, machined, and laser-cut with exacting precision. This is #1 of a Limited Edition Series. Frame, swing-arm and roller also available for purchase separately. The street tracker’s heart is a air-cooled Ducati’s 796cc L-twin—the same power plant in the Scrambler 800 and the Monster 796. The exhaust looks the business and is made from custom stainless headers mated to Cone Engineering Reverse Cone Mufflers. The bike is suspended by Ohlins FG511 Inverted Forks with a TTX Racing Fork Cartridge Kit, held together by Attack Performance Racing Triple Clamps. Out back a custom Fox Racing Shox. The bike has matching custom Dubya USA consiting of Talon Billet Pro Hubs and Sun Aluminum Rims (19” X 3.5”) running Vee Rubber 394 Street Tracker DOT-legit rubber. With a bike as well built as this is and with photos as stunning as these, seeing this bike under the Christmas tree is about all we’ve been dreaming about these days. Hey Fuller, save one for us, will ya? Photos: Silver Piston Photography Build: Fuller Moto

Fuller Moto Ducati Tracker

Burning the midnight oil one night, West rolled the tracker into his side of the studio and started snapping some glam shots of the sexy beast. Just what you’d expect from a svelte Italian model, she worked the camera and when Steve first shared the photos with us, we were awe struck.

About the bike:

Bryan Fuller, the main man behind Fuller Moto, certainly knows his way around a high performance machine. Turning cars and motorcycles into (fast) rolling art is his thing so when the Lloyd Brothers (managers of the Ducati Flat Track team) were looking for someone who could create a new chassis for their race bikes, Fuller was an obvious choice.

Fuller Moto Ducati Tracker - Dubya USA wheels

Once the jig was set, why not crank out a few extras and create a streetable version? Well, that’s exactly what Fuller did, and is creating a limited run of 10 of these stunners. Each chassis created is fabricated from 4130 Chromoly Tubing on the Lloyd Brothers Motorsports Race Team jig. Everything is CNC designed, machined, and laser-cut down to the finest detail. This is #1 of a Limited Edition Series. Frame, swing-arm and roller also available for purchase separately.

Fuller Moto Ducati Tracker - Lloyd Brothers

The street tracker’s heart is an air-cooled Ducati 796cc L-twin—the same power plant in the Scrambler 800 and the Monster 796. The exhaust is a custom Fuller Moto piece made from stainless steel, mated to Cone Engineering Reverse Cone Mufflers.

Fuller Moto Ducati Tracker - Cone Engineering

The bike's front end is suspended by Öhlins FG511 Inverted Forks with a TTX-racing cartridge kit, held together by Attack Performance Racing Triple Clamps. Out back a custom Fox Racing Shox does the trick. The bike has matching custom Dubya USA consisting of Talon Billet Pro Hubs and Sun Aluminum Rims (19” X 3.5”), running Vee Rubber 394 Street Tracker DOT-legit rubber. DOT-legit tracker tires you say? Now that's something we've been waiting for!

Fuller Moto Ducati Tracker - Ohlins suspension

With a bike as beautifully built as this, and with photos as stunning as these, seeing this bike under our Christmas tree is about all we’ve been dreaming about these days. Hey Fuller, save one for us, will ya?

Fuller Moto Ducati Tracker

Photos: Silver Piston Photography
Build: Fuller Moto

Tim Harney Motorcycles, Custom motorcycle, street tracker, Harley XL 883

For Sale :: Tim Harney Motorcycles' Harley Street Tracker

Harley Street Tracker for Sale

I've known of Tim Harney for some time now bit it wasn't until recently that I got to know him personally. As an accomplished builder, I just assumed that there would be a bit of an ego associated, but that couldn't be further from the truth. Tim is a soft-spoken type that lets his work do the talking. Tim recently let us know that one of his custom daily drivers was up for sale and we're stocked to share it with you all here.

Read more

Motodemic, custom Ducati Scrambler, street tracker,

 Simple and clean Ducati tracker

Motodemic has been making a name for itself with handsome headlight conversion kits for a wide range of bikes. We've been oogling their kit for our Monster 821 build for some time and are constantly impressed with the quality bikes they put out. Often, the bikes they share photos of are customer bikes but Brad and the Motodemic crew built a tidy Ducati Scrambler of their own, and now it can be yours!

Based on a 2016 Scrambler Classic, the mods are subtle and tasteful. We really dig the stock paint of the Classic version of Ducati's Scrambler  - that 'Sunburst Orange' really pops - but the white custom paint really transforms the look of the bike.

An eliminated rear fender and SC-Project Conic 2-1 Low Mount Full System Exhaust add to the tracker look.

Up front, the bike is sporting Motodemic's Adaptive LED Headlight conversion with Motogadget m-Blaze Pins (blinkers) front and rear.

To improve the Scrambler's stance, the bike was fitted with Italia Independent Black Tapered Bar Riser and Renthal FatBar Tapered Handle Bars. 

 With under 1k miles on the clock, here's a great opportunity to snag a tight little tracker, ready to rip!

Here's what they had to share on the bike:

"The bike has been used for numerous photo and video shoots including being in the JW Speaker booth at SEMA last year and ridden on Kenny Roberts private flat track for some sweet sideways action. We are very careful with our bikes and they do not see a lot of usage. There isn't any wear and tear because it has never been daily ridden or commuted. Pretty much a new bike with some excellent mods. 600 mile service done at California Speed Sports who can also help set you up for financing. All stock parts and takeoffs included. Reg good till 04/18. If you have any questions about the bike feel free to ask. The bike can be seen at our facility in Tracy, CA pretty much any time."'

If you were already in the market for a new Ducati Scrambler, picking up this lightly used, and well modified example would be a no-brainer. Grab your $11k and get to Tracy, CA pronto!!

If you want to get in touch with Motodemic regarding the Scrambler, drop us a line here and we'll pass it on.

 Motodemic: Web | Facebook | Instagram

Ducati 860, cafe racer, Ducati for sale, face racer for sale

For Sale :: Ducati 860 Cafe Racer by Bryan Heidt

We all dream of building our very own proper custom yet many of us don't possess the skills, resources and budget to see a true custom to life. It really takes a combination of all the above, along with hours upon hours of blood, sweat and more blood to pull of many of the finished products we see more and more frequently these days. If you can't do it yourself, you can always commission one from your favorite builder, assuming he has the time and you have the budget. Every now and then, one of those builds you drooled over on BikeEXIF might actually go up for sale. Well, today is one of those days.  


Custom builder and friend of The Bullitt, Bryan 'Super B' Heidt has created a desmo masterpiece with his Ducati 860 cafe racer. It graced the proverbial pages of EXIF and was featured here, among plenty of features and shares. Bryan recently let us know he was going to part with his handcrafted beauty. 


The bike started its life as a 1975 Ducati 860 GTE. Much has been done to bring this classic up to date. The Ducati bevel motor has been livened up with high compression pistons and mild head work to put out roughly 80hp. With a newly built engine, tunable digital ignition, a significant weight reduction, and modern suspension; you can keep up with modern bikes on the straights and twisties. 


The motogadget components and electric starter means its as easy to live with as a modern bike as well. The tank, tail and seat were hand made to suit the theme of blending modern and classic. Paint is a Mercedes Benz Dark Grey and Alpine White and all graphics are pinstriped by hand. Apart from the tank, tail and hubs, all of the finishes are powder coat or anodized and all hardware is stainless steel, so time and the elements won't hurt the good looks over time.



The bike has been built with maintenance in mind as well. The seat and tank can be removed without tools and, from there all components can be easily accessed. No corners were cut or compromises made in the building of this bike. It was designed for both function and style without giving up everyday usability.



In addition to the features on BikeEXIF and The Bullitt, Bryan and the 860 were invited to last year’s Handbuilt Show in Austin, TX, it took second in the Pro Custom class at the Garage Brewed Show in Cincinnati, OH and will be featured at the upcoming Forged Invitational in Jekyll Island, GA. 



So here's your chance. Asking price is $30k USD which is cheap considering the level of craftsmanship in this build. It's also cheap considering that's basically the going price for a stock Paul Smart SportClassic these days. Shoot us a note if you're interested in getting in touch with Bryan. 

1975 Ducati 860 GTE
GSXR 750 Front forks and brake calipers
R6 rear shock
Ducati sport classic front hub and brake rotors
KLR650 rear hub and brake rotor
Custom PMP sprocket
Ducati 1098 rear caliper

17” Warp 9 aluminum supermoto rims

Pirelli Diablo Rosso II tires
Motogadget m-Unit solid state fuse box
Motogadget m-Lock
Motogadget Motoscope Pro digital dash
Motogadget m-Switches
Ignitech tunable digital ignition system
Antigravity Lithium Ion battery
Dominio throttle
Upgraded stator
Motor just rebuilt by Desmopro with high compression pistons and mild head work
Custom tank, tail, seat and subframe

Images by Matthew Jones

Custom Bonneville, moto babe, BA Moto

For Sale :: Custom Triumph Thruxton by BA Moto

Our friends at BA Moto have their fully custom 2007 Triumph Thruxton up for sale. According to them, there hasn't been a part on the bike they haven't touch, massaged, or polished aside from tearing into the engine. We've seen the bike in person and it's even more impressive 'in the flesh'. It's is for sale now, available on ebay. Do yourself a favor and go bid on this one!

This bike was bought in near perfect condition and was not a crash job. Title is clear with current registration. After the bike was successfully completed, we had it dyno-tuned and rejetted by Mickey Cohen. It has 100 miles on it since being finished.

  • Modified and powder coated frame in aluminum silver
  • Powder coated wheels
  • Continental Road Attack 2 Tires
  • All new polished stainless frame hardware
  • Progressive 970 rear shocks
  • Race-Tech front fork springs
  • $1600 Gulf paint job and Royal blue hand pinstriped by California Cycle Designs
  • Axljak rearsets
  • BC lay down speedo housing
  • BC mini front & rear Reservoir Kits
  • BC polished fork ears
  • BC rectifier relocation kit
  • BC billet carb intakes
  • BC ignition relocation kit
  • K&N air filters
  • ASV front brake and clutch levers
  • Custom built 2-1 GP style exhaust by Iron Cobras
  • Custom solo cafe seat
  • Custom BA Moto lay down battery box
  • Anti-Gravety dry cell battery
  • 39mm Flat Slide Carbs
  • $450 Dyno-Tuning
  • Speed Merchant stator and sprocket covers
  • New DID Gold 525 chain
  • New Braking front and rear waved rotors
  • Triumph fork gators

Head on down to their ebay auction now.

For Sale :: Scooter Pro's 1966 Triumph Bonneville T120

A super clean T120

It's safe to say, vintage Bonnevilles will never go out of style. As the years go by, finding one that hasn't been hacked to bits is getting harder and harder. When Scooter, a friend of The Bullitt, let us know he was selling his stunning 1966 T120, after deciding we can't pick it up ourselves, we figured the least we could do was spread the word!

The Bonneville gained it's name from racing success in, you guessed it, the Bonneville Salt Flats but over the years also had success in the Isle of Man TT and in the Thruxton 500. Always a good candidate for a cafe racer, the Bonnie's from the sixties were constantly getting stripped down and pulled apart. Nothing wrong with that per se, it's just also refreshing to see a clean specimen still intact.

The T120 was produced between 1959 and 1975 and is powered by a 649cc air cooled parallel twin. At a claimed 46hp, the power's not going to blow you away but if power alone is what you're after, this isn't the right place my friend.


Fun facts on the bike:
- Runs great.
- Starts on first kick.
- Matching numbers.
- Clean title.
- Currently registered until July 2016.
- Comes with extras: custom solo seat, chopped fender set, Sparto tail light, original amal carbs and box of parts.

Asking $6k. Located in Los Angeles, CA area.
Contact pat(@) for more.

The Bullitt OG :: Auction ending soon

We've seen a lot of great press lately on the Bullitt OG. After our feature on Pipeburn, there's been a lot of love spread around for the bike. Triumph Australia featured it, as did popular Instagrammers @caferacersofinstagram to their 357k followers, and @black_list to their 1.9 million followers! With just under 2 days left on the auction, there's not much time left. Head on over now and make her yours!

The Bullitt ebay listing

For Sale :: 2011 Ducati 848 EVO Matte Black

It's safe to say sportbikes, superbikes, fully faired bikes, whatever the kids are calling them these days, don't make it here on The Bullitt. Every so often one comes by that is just mean enough for us. This bad boy is exactly that, and it just so happens to be for sale.

Dripping in matte black, gold and carbon go-fast pieces, this Ducati 848 EVO is no joke. There are some pretty substantial upgrades on this baby, but the best part about it is that they're understated.

This is a bike that looks, and sounds, even better in person. Until Ducati comes out with a black 899, this is your best bet for a middleweight murdered out Duc. Get it while it's hot!

• 2011 Ducati 848 EVO Matte Black
 Original Owner – Title in Hand
• Mileage (Current) – 16,200
• Matte Black (paint condition is as you would expect for mileage)
• Zero Gravity DB Smoked Windscreen
• TWM Folding Shorty Levers
• 1098R Clip Ons
• Powder Coated Upper Triple (black)
• Corse Aluminum Fuel Tank (No Tank Expansion Worries and $2300.00 Upgrade)
• Fast by Ferracci Billet Locking Fuel Cap
• Ducati Performance Seat
• Ducati Performance Passenger Seat Cover
• Ducati Performance Oil Filler Cap
• Ohlins R&T Forks
• Ohlins TTX Shock With Black Powder Coated Spring and Billet Pre Load Adjuster
• Ohlins Adjustable Steering Damper
• Ride Height Adjuster
• Woodcraft Rear Sets
• Ducati Performance Quick Turn Throttle Kit
• Ducati Performance Samco Hose Kit
• STM Clutch Slave Cylinder (black)
• Competition Werkes Plate and Turn Signal Relocator
• Galfer GP Black Front Brake Hose Kit
• Galfer G1375 Compound Front Brake Pads
• Shorai Battery
• Temignoni Carbon Slip-Ons With Custom Mapped ECU (no 02 sensors or exhaust valve)
• Carbon Front Mudguard, Rear Mudguard, Countershaft Sprocket Cover, Right Side Engine Case Guard, Ignition Switch Guard, Under Seat Panels, Air Intake Cover, Front Brake/Clutch Reservoir Mounts and Exhaust Heat Guard
• Speedy Moto Front Axle Sliders
• Recent Supersprox 520 Chain and Sprocket Kit
• Ducati Performance Billet Sprocket Carrier
• Pirelli Super Corsa SP V2 Tires
• 15k Service Just Done
• Just Registered
• All Stock Parts Left are Included (Forks, Shock, Steering Damper, Rear Sets…etc)
• Located in Northern California but will consider shipping
• Asking $13,750.00 (buyer could remove and sell parts to reduce their cost)

Contact for serious inquiries.

For Sale :: Custom 1969 Triumph Bonneville T120R

A fresh and clean T120R

For sale is a matching numbers 1969 Triumph Bonneville T120R. Here’s your chance to own a classic Meriden twin, produced in arguably one of the best years for the Bonnie. The T120 really earned it’s stripes by winning the Production Isle of Man TT in 1967 and 1969 (by John Hartle and Malcolm Uphill respectively).

Lightly customized and serviced regularly. She fires right up, pulls strong and stops with authority. The tires are nearly new. Most of the rubber bits are brand new. The fenders are stainless, not just painted steel. The seat is perfect and that tank is hand painted.

Many of the modifications are subtle; custom air filters, smaller headlight and billet petcocks, and in the vein of the earlier TT bikes; pipes, more aggressive tires and wider flat track bars. An upgraded Boyer ignition and Tympanium electronic voltage regulator have made this an exceptionally fine running machine. With an odometer displaying just 5,300 miles, this bike has plenty of life left to give.

All modifications, both mechanical and cosmetic, are easily reversible if a new owner wishes to re-restore the bike back to a stock appearance. Asking price includes all the original pieces (minus the tank) to achieve that desire. She rides and handles beautifully and never fails to draw crowd.

Asking $9,500. Located in Los Angeles, CA but the seller will help facilitate shipping arrangements made by a prospective long distance buyer.

Contact pat(@) for more.

Ducati GT1000 for sale

For sale :: Ducati Sport Classic GT1000

Here's your chance to own a Ducati classic

Ducati Sport Classics have increased in popularity since Ducati stopped making them in 2010. We ran a piece on the history of the Sport Classic last year and proposed that perhaps Ducati was just a little ahead of the new retro/cafe racer phenomenon taking place currently. Many would argue that if Ducati would start cranking these out again people would gobble them up. Finding one for sale these days can be tough, and sellers are often asking for unreasonable figures knowing that there's more demand than supply. Well look no further friends, here's your chance to get your hands on a clean 2007 Ducati Sport Classic GT1000.

This clean little GT has 35k miles but has been maintained well; always running on Motul full synthetic and had the valves adjusted and timing belt replaced at 30k miles.

The bright LED tail/brake/turn signal strip keeps the rear uncluttered. Bar end mirrors and Watson turn signals do the same up front. Header tape and dual Termignoni mufflers add a little bark and bite.

The SC1000 tank and Diopa Imola seat from Germany give it the cool cafe racer look but with the purchase you will also get the original flat seat for two up riding. Clean title in hand and red key included.

$9,600 obo. Located in Fullerton, CA.

Contact pat(@) for more.

Paul Smart SportClassic

A Brand New SportClassic Paul Smart 1000 LE for sale?

Zero miles...really?

Ducati SportClassics are hard to come by these days, and their value has only gone up since production halted. The Paul Smart LE (Limited Edition) was only made in 2006 so their numbers are far fewer. I've dreamt of having my own someday but came to terms with the idea of having to 'build' one using a more common model as the foundation. The thought if finding one new, or unused, seemed impossible. Well, that's what we thought until stumbling across an ad for what appears to be a brand spanking new PS1000LE for sale!

Ducati PS1000SE

There seems to be a unicorn in our presence. While scouring good ol' Craigslist for bikes abd parts - a daily occurrence here - we stumbled across what seems to be a completely virgin 2006 Ducati Paul Smart 1000 LE. The Paul Smart SportClassic pictured here is said to be under MSA from Fast by Ferracci in Pennsylvania. Never been titled, never seen a drop of fuel and just recently harvested from the crate. Can it be? If so, does anyone have $30k to lend me?! 


A little background on the Ducati Paul Smart 1000LE:

The Ducati Paul Smart 1000LE (sometimes abbreviated as PS1000LE) is a retro styled "naked" sportbike built by Ducati in 2006 to commemorate Paul Smart's win at the Imola 200 (km) race in 1972, a win that helped define Ducati's future approach to racing. The bike is styled in the fashion of the Ducati 750 Imola Desmo race bike that Paul Smart rode to victory, and the 1974 750 SuperSport it originally inspired. It is one of the Sport Classic series designed by Pierre Terblanche.

The PS1000LE is powered by an 992 cc L-twin cylinder, 2-valves per cylinder desmodromic, air-cooled engine with Marelli injectors on a 45 mm throttle body connected to a 6-speed transmission. Power output is 92 hp (67.7 kW) at 8000 rpm while torque peaks at 67.3 ft·lb at 6000 rpm. Exhaust gasses are directed to twin mufflers mounted high on the right side of the rear wheel.

The chassis consists of a tubular steel trellis. For the suspension, an Ohlins 43mm upside-down fully adjustable fork is used for the front while a fully adjustable monoshock also from Ohlins is mounted on the left side of the rear wheel. Total wheelbase is 1425 mm (56.1 in).

Canyon Motorcycles

Canyon Motorcycles 'Strap-On'?

I met Adrian Packett years ago when he had a little shop in Venice, CA. Turns out he's been a busy boy and has opened a full-fledged custom shop. He still stresses his bread and butter is maintenance and performance upgrades but if you check his site you'll see he's turning out some pretty cool custom bikes as well. I bumped into him at the British Custom's bike show recently and saw a few of his bikes and his cheeky products. He's the self-proclaimed "first motorcycle company to sell a leather strap-on". And he's not lying!

He has his leather strap-on which is a easy solution to cover up Triumph's racing stripes without requiring a new paint job.  Actually pretty cool and made in high quality.  The other product he was showcasing was his 'thirst eliminator' on-bike bottle opener.  Who needs a bottle opener on your motorcycle, you might think?  Well, I've been camping a la Triumph more than once and could have used one before!  Good on ya Adrian...keep it up mate!

Canyon Motorcycles: Web | Facebook

Cycle World Loves on Bonneville :: "Best Used Bikes"

Who can forget Sy Sperling's tv commercials confessing: "I'm not only the Hair Club president, I'm also a client!"  That's exactly how I feel when reading through Cycle World's recent article on how the Hinkley Triumph Bonneville is a great value when considering a used motorcycle.  Well, "Not only am I an advocate of the Triumph Bonneville, I'm also an owner".  I have convinced countless friends to purchase a Bonnie, Thrux or Scrambler.  Hell, I've even pulled a handful of my sport bike riding friends to make the switch to a modern classic.  Cycle World made the case for why these bikes are so great, and I have to agree.  Here is what they said:

Triumph Bonneville – Best Used Bikes
A faithful replication of the beloved Bonnies of the 1970s.

Years sold: 2001-present
MSRP new: $6999 (2001) to $10,499 (2012)
Blue Book retail value: $3795 (2002) to $9390 (2012)

Basic specs: A retro-styled, dohc parallel-Twin displacing either 790 or 865cc, depending upon year and model. The Bonneville was introduced in 2001 as a lone 790cc model, had the America cruiser version added in ’02, followed by the Speedmaster faux dragbike and upgraded T100 in ’03. The first 865cc model, the Thruxton 900, came in ’04, and the T100 and Speedmaster got that displacement bump the next year. The high-pipe, 865cc Scrambler was added in ’06. All the Bonneville-based models became 865s in ’07, and all were then switched in 2008 from carburetors to fuel injection using throttle bodies cleverly designed to look like carburetors to retain the classic appearance.

Why it’s desirable: Visually, the Bonneville is a realistically faithful replication of the beloved Bonnies of the 1970s but built with modern technology and manufacturing, and offering increased engine performance, more sophisticated suspension and better braking. Despite the numerous improvements and upgrades the Bonneville and its various offspring have undergone, the basic motorcycle has adhered to the original vision that produced the 2001 model. The result is a range of satisfying, pleasurable rides that even most fans of the original have come to love. Besides, retro bikes currently are enjoying a cool trend that keeps growing, and these Triumphs are authentic, turnkey retros.

Useful resources: If you type “Triumph Bonneville” in any web browser, you’ll be assaulted by so many related sites that you could go blind trying to view them all. Forums, test reviews, videos, accessory vendors, tech information, dealer sites, photos of customs and personal Bonnevilles—you name it, and you’ll find it there.