Bullitt XS Yamaha XS750 cafe racer

This page chronicles the build of our custom build, the Bullitt XS, which is a 1977 Yamaha XS750 turned XS850 built by Jeremy Moultrup. The content below is a summary charting the progress of the build, starting with the most recent working backwards. We hope you dig it!

Bullitt XS :: Tank Options

Yamaha XS850 cafe racer

Jeremy has been mocking up both of his tanks on the Bullitt XS. While we almost always would prefer raw tanks, it’s hard to argue that the super clean maroon tank does look pretty slick. They both work, and they both totally change the look and feel of the bike.

What do you think; maroon (above) or raw (below)?

Yamaha XS850 cafe racer

Bullitt XS :: Almost there

Yamaha XS850 cafe racer raw tank

It’s definitely been a while since we’ve posted anything on the ol’ Bullitt XS. You may or may not recall that this is a build by a good friend of The Bullitt, Jeremy Moultrup. He’s been a little preoccupied with another build – we’ll get to that another time – but we’ve been doing our best to kick him in the shins for an update. Well, we’ve finally got a little info and a couple pics showing some exciting progress.

Yamaha XS850 cafe racer custom seat

Since we last checked in, the most notable update to the Bullitt XS is her gaining an extra 100cc, jumping from a 750 to an 850. You’ll notice we lost the blacked out motor (long story), but bigger is just about always better, right? The new custom seat has been finished and looks even better in person. 

The bike is getting much closer to a finished state. Keep checking back; we’ll have more info soon!

Progress on the XS

Yamaha XS750 cafe racer

Making headway on the XS.  The frame is back from powder coat, the engine has been wire-brushed and cleared and the shocks have been blacked out. She’s just about ready to get put back together! Stay tuned…

Yamaha XS850 engine

Yamaha XS850 cafe racer

Yamaha XS850 cafe racer custom build

Yamaha XS850 cafe racer seat pan

The Bullitt XS is being built by my good buddy Jeremy Moultrup. He’s created his own blog, Iron and Hide where you can follow his build inspiration with a specific page to his bike as well.

Bullitt XS Cafe Racer Build :: Update

Yamaha XS850 cafe racer frame

Making progress on the Bullitt XS. Just have a little work left on the electrical system now and we’ll be ready to get her fired up!!

Yamaha XS850 cafe racer inverted forks

Yamaha XS850 cafe racer

Bullitt XS UpdateYamaha XS750 project

The XS build is coming along nicely. Make sure to expand this post to see more of the progress.

Yamaha XS850 cafe racer project

This is a piece of old leather we are going to use for the seat. Good stuff ahead.

Bullitt Build :: Yamaha XS750

Yamaha XS750 stock project bike

Like the ladies here in Orange County – California, that is – this XS needs a tummy tuck and a face lift just to fit in on these trendy streets. This shaft driven 1977 Yamaha XS 750 has been choking down the twinkies and is going vegan…stat!  No more double mocha frappuccinos from the local Starbies either.

We’re teaming up with an up and coming local builder Jeremy Moltrup and will be collaborating on this entire build. The bike’s getting completely stripped down, detabbed, tail looped and shortened. Modern USD forks from a ZX-10R with some meaty tires are replacing the dinky existing front end. She’ll be getting a custom seat and other tasty bits. By the time we’re done with her, she’ll be a lean, mean cafe racing machine. Keep one eye on The Bullitt to watch her go from zero to hero!