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There's no doubt it's been a strange year. Scratch that - it's been a shit year. With virtually all motorcycle events, rides and rallies canceled we've been chomping at the bit for some excitement in the motorcycle community. We need some inspiration and something we can digitally consume and mentally get away from lockdowns, politics, social unrest and all the madness going on around the world.

Sure, it's great to have MotoGP and World SBK back, and Long Way Up is finally releasing, but other than that, there hasn't been much excitement in the moto space this year. Recently, Spanish directors, the Echevarria Brothers, released a short film featuring rider Pol Tarrés who absolutely goes bananas on a Yamaha Teneré 700. It's so well shot, well produced, and Pol seriously does things on that bike that made my jaw drop. No question it was the inspiration we needed and I'm certainly eyeing my stable and noticing a hole in the shape of a lightweight ADV bike staring back at me.

The Seeker Motorcycle Video

Copy below by The Who Project

After the success of the Hebo Dominicana video last winter, The Who crew is more than excited to present The Seeker, a new short movie about motorcycles, dreamy locations and impossible tricks by the giant Pol Tarrés.

The Seeker in another short film directed by the Echevarria Brothers (The Who) and presented by Kriega, the very best possible luggage options for motorcyclists and RDX, motorcycle goggles designed in Australia. The Seeker is the fourth episode of the Beyond the Wheels motorcycle series and supported by many other brands that believe in the project since the very beginning.

The Seeker Motorcycle Video

It’s no secret that Pol Tarrés and The Who are such a great team and they love the big challenges. Creativity flows when they are together. Thinking “out the box” is a standard that moves the crew since they meet each other. I remember this words from Pol before having the bike in his hands, “Javi, trust me, people have no idea what I’m capable of on the Teneré 700. It will be mind blowing for them”.

The Seeker Motorcycle Video Pol Tarrés

Thanks to Yamaha, with the introduction of those lighter Adventure motorcycles like the Teneré 700, we open our eyes and see the endless opportunities that Adventure riding could be for us and what could be in the future. It’s true that Pol has amazing skills from trials and extreme enduro like no other but inspiring and dreaming has always define us. Because we are all dreamers, this short film is a tribute to all of those who dream, too.

The Seeker Motorcycle Video Pol Tarrés

The Seeker is about getting to nowhere investigating miles into the unknown. No rules, no destination but learning about yourself on the journey. Then you probably find where your limits are.

The Seeker Motorcycle Video Pol Tarrés

Ride today because future is uncertain. THE SEEKER.

Produced by The WHO
Starring Pol Tarrés
Still photography by Javi Echevarria
Filmed by Mitiyu Echevarria

Painted In Dust, Deus Ex Machina, Forrest Minchinton

Painted in Dust :: a short film by Deus Ex Machina

Stream Painted In Dust for free

Deus Ex Machina puts out some killer content. I'm personally a huge fan of their Head Designer, Carby Tuckwell, and admire the unique style Carby and Deus have carved out for themselves. If you're not aware, they kill it in the video department too. Head Director and Producer, Dustin Humphrey, cut his teeth as a surf photographer. Dustin's images always provoke a sense of adventure and create a longing to be there, where 'there' happens to be. Deus Ex Machina recently released a short film by Dustin Humphry called Painted in Dust: A Portrait of Forrest Minchinton, which can now be streamed for free via their website or YouTube channel.

Painted in Dust - Deus, Forrest Minchinton
Image: Deus Ex Machina

Watching Painted in Dust not only made me want to go ride a dirt bike through the desert immediately, I found myself captivated my Humphrey's choice of lighting. There's not a single shot where lighting wasn't considered. To anyone watching that isn't photo-minded, this might get overlooked but those of us who know, know that every angle was intentional.

Painted in Dust
Image: Deus Ex Machina

Forrest Minchinton, the star of the feature, was raised by the desert. Growing up in Huntington Beach, CA, Forrest and his surfboard shaper dad – Mike – took every chance they got to head out to the Mojave desert. There, on a remote compound constructed from objects lost and found, Forrest learned to ride motorcycles, shape surfboards, and see the world through a different lens.

Forrest Minchinton, Painted In Dust, Motorcycle short film
Image: Deus Ex Machina

Go watch it now, and be prepared to go dust of your moto boots, load up your whatever bike you've got, and head for the desert. Shoot, it's making me want to consider building my own compound in the high desert. There still is land to be had, after all.

Harley and the Davidsons – 3-part miniseries

Harley and the Davidsons - 3-part miniseries

Regardless of whether or not you're a 'Harley fan', if you're a fan of motorcycling in general, you should have some appreciation for the history of our two-wheeled sport. Discovery Channel has been promoting a new series that looks pretty awesome if you ask us!

Harley and the Davidsons – 3-part miniseries

The 3 Night miniseries on Discovery Channel debuts September 5th and looks to be chocked full of all the thrills and spills you'd expect with early boardtrackers and the like. 

Anyone as pumped as us to check this out?

How to ride Bitches

How to ride...Bitches

Last year, we shared the video explanation of How to Ride Bitch, which was a complete guide to male-on-male riding. Now take a look at the image above and ask yourself, "How do you ride...Bitches?" Odds are, we're in for a girl-on-girl motorcycling treat, but I guess we'll just have to watch the video below to find out!

Alex Vivian: Web | Vimeo

Triumph Rocket III - Cheeky commercial

It's easy for advertisers to take themselves, and their products, too seriously at times. On the contrary, when advertisers try to get too loose, it usually comes of awkward and contrived. Every now and then a brand gets it right, and in this 2007 video promoting the Triumph Rocket III, we think is one of those cases. Sure, it's a bit cheesy, and...British, but still fun.

Triumph has taken a very light-hearted approach, starting off the bit with; "Ever since the dawn of time Triumph have been producing large powerful motorbikes in their Hinckley factory near Leicester. With over 900 years of motorbike building prowess behind them Triumph have created two wheeled motorbike classics." The entire video has a similar tone, talking about fun being absorbed by osmosis and testing needs to be accompanied by banjo music for safety purposes.

While I can't confirm confidently that this was put out by Hinkley directly (though the YouTube poster does), I can say that if it was, my hat's off to them! 

via CarBuzz

Watch BJ Baldwin jump his 800hp Trophy Truck like a dirtbike

Every now and then we share something completely non-moto and today just so happens to be one of those days. After watching BJ Baldwin's Recoil 3 'Sasquatch Hunter' over and over again I felt it might be worth a share here. Being a fan of Baja truck and prerunners for years, I'm constantly blown away by how far modern trophy trucks have come.

In Recoil 3, BJ Baldwin heads to the Pacific Northwest with his 800hp Trophy Truck to battle Bruce The Sasquatch where he boosts his truck off ledges, down stairs and hits an impressive stadium kicker that you might expect to see on Nitro Circus.

 Bruce The Sasquatch is an elusive bastard

Take a few minutes and watch the madness that is Recoil 3 and let us know; would you want to take a ride in Baldwin's truck?

Yamaha Street Tracker FZ-09 Teaser by Roland Sands Design

Roland Sands x Kenny Roberts

Yamaha has recently teased a new flat track-inspired concept based on their FZ-09. This is the second teaser in their Faster Sons series, this time with a bike built (and ridden) by Roland Sands complete with cameo by legendary flat tracker, Kenny Roberts. After watching the teaser video below, it's clear that I need a little seat time myself!

 Image via Lanesplitter

In the first Faster Sons video, Yamaha showed the cafe racer themed FZ-07-by Shinya Kimura, then they dropped the XSR700. This build appears to take inspiration from Kenny Roberts's TZ750 flat tracker from the 70's. Could Yamaha launching a retro street tracker at EICMA? Possibly. If a production model is created, it'll likely be nowhere as cool as the RSD version. Whether or not Yamaha comes out with a production version, I'm not too concerned. Having said that, I'd still be perfectly happy wheeling Roland's version straight into my garage! Anyone else with me?

Things That Can Kill You :: Death Spray Custom

These days it's hard to find a successful artist without an ego of some sort. Often, not too far behind success and notoriety comes a black cloud of doucheyness. Perhaps this is exactly why I was so taken in by the short documentary 'Things That Can Kill You' about the British artist Death Spray Custom. Death Spray Custom or DCS is a London-based artist that puts out some amazing tongue-in-cheek art in an otherwise all too serious world. I've been a fan of his work since 2010, sharing work like his Triumph TR25 Scrambler or Black Polygon, a radically painted Ducati Desmosedici RR, but after hearing him talk about his laid-back approach to his art, I knew I liked him even more!

DSC likes to keep his work light, or "a little bit taking a piss" as he puts it. It's clear he's having a lot of fun with it, as you can see by the toolbox above. His whole approach to why he only produces one of a kind work, to why he likes the subject matter he does, just seems to resonate with me. Talented, and down to earth? I'm not sure I can process this!

"You need to make sure people hate it, as well as love it...You need the hate to go with the love."
- Death Spray Custom

All I can say is I wish more people took the same approach to their art. We'd have a lot less pretentious artists, and probably a lot cooler art to boot! 

His attitude is so casually punk rock, I love it! Here's to marching to the beat of your own (amazingly painted) drum! 

Death Spray Customs: Web | Facebook | Instagram

$h*t Sportbike Owners Say


Every sport and every hobby has its share of funny terminology. Surfers are constantly getting a bad rap for their unique vocabulary, but let's face it, when we've got dudes like this surfer bro making the evening news, those prototypes will continue. Motorcyclists, and particularly sportbike riders, are in similar company. Most of us are (relatively) normal but there is a small percentage of guys and gals that take it way too far.

YouTuber, Muscle vs Tuner, has some good fun taking us on an over the top tour of his 1999 Suzuki Katana 600 that just might be the fastest bike on the planet. Enjoy!

DC Shoes: Robbie Maddison's "Pipe Dream"

What did he have in that pipe?

Robbie Maddison is a badass, but you already knew that. Whether he's jumping onto the Arc de Triomphe in Vegas, launching off a K120 Nordic Ski long jump in Utah, or backflipping the Tower Bridge in London, Maddo does it big. When his newest video dropped today, we thought the internet was going to break. For nearly two years Robbie has been focused on making surfing on his motorcycle a reality. It might sound crazy, but when you line up a dude that can do just about anything on a motorcycle with a good resources and the same production team that put together his Air.Craft video, anything is possible. His efforts paid off in Tahiti, where he made history, riding the world famous waves at Teahupoo and Papara via dirtbike.


From his helmet to motocross boots, Maddison was dressed for the dirt when he took his a KTM 250 SX dirtbike (he opted for the two-stroke after some testing a few options as the two-stoke simplified the teardown and rebuilding process in the event of a "crash") into the unchartered saltwater terrain of the Pacific Ocean in French Polynesia. Mad respect to this guy for his innovation and gargantuan balls. We can only image what'll comes next from Maddo.

DC Shoes: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

For a complete write-up, check out Transworld Motocross' article.

One Shot: Brandon Semenuk's unReal Segment

First and foremost, The Bullitt is a motorcycle blog. Having said that, we motorcyclists share a fundamental common bond with all two-wheel enthusiasts. Sure, while rocking spandex covered in fake sponsor logos and pedaling down PCH on a $10k road bike might not be your thing, but there's no doubt a form of cycling to suit nearly every taste. And cyclist or not, if after watching the video below, you aren't blown away I feel bad for you son!

Brandon Semenuk is widely recognized as the best slopestyle mountain biker in the world, and has just become the first mountain biker to film a full segment in a single continuous shot. You know why he's the first? Because it's hard as hell to film an entire run in a single shot! The amount of coordination and teamwork needed to pull it off is insane! After watching the clip below, make sure to check the "making of" video at the bottom of the page too.

This uninterrupted shot was filmed by the most advanced gyro-stabilized camera system, the GSS C520, mounted to a truck on a custom road built next to a custom trail that took three weeks to build. This true cinematic achievement required perfect coordination between Semenuk, Anthill Films, and TGR with regard to athleticism, planning, timing and logistics.

Injured at the time, Semenuk only hit the full line once...and he nailed it!

Photo above by Sterling Lorence

Download unReal:
iTunes - http://radi.al/unReal
GooglePlay - http://radi.al/1OWN
MGo - http://radi.al/2qar
Amazon Instant Video - http://radi.al/3NL2
Playstation - http://radi.al/fs0
To see exactly how this was filmed, check out the "making of" video below:

How to ride bitch: A video explanation

Have you ever broken down and had to hitch a ride on a buddy’s bike? There’s definitely an awkward moment for first time for male-on-male motorcycle rides, where the passenger has to figure it all out on the fly; where to place your hands, where to look, etc. Thankfully film maker Alex Vivian has created a throwback poke at 1960’s instructional videos to walk you through the process. As Vivian states, the video harkens back to, “a time where things were just a little nit macho and lot more ridiculous”. Watch the video below. You never know when this information might come in handy!

HOW TO RIDE BITCH from Alex Vivian on Vimeo.

Alex Vivian: Web | Vimeo

We Are Racers: Supermoto vs. Superbike Video by Michelin

No matter what your favorite type of motorcycle racing is, if after watching the video below you don't have the urge to hop on the track, you may need to see a doctor! Michelin recently released a fun video putting two different worlds of motorcycle racing - Supermoto and Superbike - side by side and the results are awesome.

As Michelin puts it in their video description;

"Two worlds fueled by the same passion. The love of a challenge, of superlative performance and adrenaline." How about shredding tires and having a blast with a buddy? We're into that!!

The stars of the video are Kenny Noyes (2014 FIM CEV Superbike Champion) versus Sylvain Bidart (Team LUC1 Motosport). This is Episode 1 of a series entitled "We Are Racers" and even though the series isn't two-wheel exclusive, each video is well done and inspiring

We think they're right after all... we really are all racers in the end, one way or another! 

Keep 'em coming guys. We're big fans!

Fight winter back :: Mountain Horse Snow Bike Conversion Kit

Winter is something most motorcyclists dread. To most, winter means tucking your bikes away and cursing the cold, white blanket of ride-killing snow. Now we may not have a solution for your road-going bike here, but you can certainly take back your off-road riding season with a Mountain Horse Snow Bike Conversion Kit from Timbersled. 

Their conversion kits run from $5,300 to $6,600 and come completely assembled and ready to install. Everything is there to convert your dirtbike into a mountain-shredding snowmobile. There are three versions available; the Short Track, Long Track or Snow Cross depending on your specific needs.

Some of the photos and footage looks so fun. Dude's are ripping the hell out of these things; fat drop offs, deep powder and some serious 'sidehilling'. Check the video below and see for yourself!

Timbersled: Web | Facebook | YouTube 
First 2 images via Macho

The Art of Bike Video :: The One Motorcycle Show

The guys behind the One Motorcycle Show, See See Motor Coffee Co, had a little extra time on their hands before getting their hands dirty with this year's builds so they decided to create a builder profile video that really captures what it means to be a bike builder these days. There's loads of awe inspiring custom design, manly-man beards, no shortage of angle grinders and an endless supply of sparks. Sounds like these guys are on to something... (video below)

The One Show | Web | Facebook | Instagram 

Drop in with Robbie Maddison | Skull Candy

Balls the size of Texas

It's safe to say that Robbie Maddison has bigger balls than your or I. His step-up to step-down on the Arc de Triomphe replica in Las Vegas was still one of the craziest stunts done on 2 wheels we've ever seen...We featured his 2013 DC video AIR.CRAFT where he shreds an airplane graveyard in Tucson in 2014 "Maddo" is back at it again. In Skullcandy's "Drop In" the madman charges down a bobsled course and boosts off the K120 Nordic Ski long jump in Park City, UT, setting another world record (vertical drop: 185 Ft / 18 ½ stories). We're not worthy!

Video :: Bad To The Bone X Dimitri Coste

Here's a little Friday video inspiration for you this afternoon. 

Sit back and ride along with Dimitri Coste and he tears around on a 1959 Monark 500 GT. If this doesn’t make you want to go get dirty, you might need to check your pulse. 

Video after the break:

Video: See See Motorcycles + Chrome Industries = WTF?

Let me just start by saying, yes, that most certainly is a pant-less chef slamming a large fish against the spinning paddle tire of a cafe (dirt) racer. Just let that settle in... I was shown this video with little more than "this will be the best thing you see all day". Not wanting to spoil the fun for you, I give you the same. Sit back, relax and enjoy the weirdness.

Totally amusing right? How many times did you think to yourself, "what the hell is going on here"? I love it! It wasn't until the end that I realized this was essentially an advertisement for Chrome Industry bags the whole time. Well done boys. Got me checking out Chrome and now I'm eyeing their Motor Barrage Bag.

New 2015 Ducati Scrambler Model Unveil and Video

The new Ducati Scrambler is here and looks to be a exciting modern classic with a handful of models coming right out of the gates. There's the Icon which will come in ''62 Yellow' or 'Ducati Red', then there's the Urban Enduro in "Wild Green", the Classic in 'Orange Sunshine' and the flat tracker-inspired Full Throttle in 'Deep Black'. Ducati really wants to create a new youthful and fun feel with this bike and I think their newly released video (below) sums it up pretty well.

To make things even more interesting, Ducati chose to drop 4 different versions on us all at once. There's the Icon in two color ways, the Full Throttle, Classic and Urban Enduro, each with it's own color scheme.

'Icon' in '62 Yellow
 'Icon' in Ducati Red
 'Full Throttle' in Deep Black
 'Classic' in Orange Sunshine
'Urban Enduro' in Wild Green

What do you think of this new bike? I think this is going to open up a whole new world much like the modern classic line by Triumph did. People will get inspired by the different versions above and build their own.

Which model is your favorite?

*UPDATE* - Go here for a feature we did on the Full Throttle model.

Peoria TT :: Flat Track with a little extra spice

Peoria TT...where have you been all my life, or better yet, where the hell have I been? Flat tracking with big old booters mixed in? Did my eyes just deceive me or did I just witness some of the most badass motorcycle racing I've even seen?!! I've watched a fair share of good ol' "go left" flat track and speedway in my day... but never have I seen racing quite like this.

Check out the amazing videos below from Flat Track Live for a taste of the action:

AMA Pro Racing actually posted the entire main event if you missed it: