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These days, it’s hard to tell what’s real and fake in advertising. I swear that damn e*trade baby had us fooled at first! In our world of ever increasing photoshopped models and CGI-enhanced ads, it’s refreshing to see things still done by hand. The same way we appreciate a builder who hand-builds his own tank or the guy who builds a new swingarm from scratch, we definitely dig Honda’s new ad “Paper”.

The new film was directed by stop-motion animator PES who used dozens of animators and illustrators to create thousands of original drawings, spanning a four month period. The piece is just under 2 minutes and takes you through Honda’s evolutionary story, covering everything from their very first motorcycles, to cars, planes, lawnmowers to their robot Asimo (and everything in between). Everything in the film is done by hand and shot in camera. Impressive!

Almost even more impressive is the “making of” video for “Paper”. The amount of work, preparation, coordination and teamwork is just stunning. Take a watch a see for yourself;