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Who would have thought a Yamaha TW200 could be so hot?

Not going to lie, I haven’t given much thought to a TW200 in years but after seeing Wolf Moto’s TW200 on Bike EXIF, I couldn’t stop thinking about one. Growing up on dirtbikes, I’ve ridden a TW200 here and there but never had a very memorable ride on one. I never thought of it as much more than a fat-tire starter bike, but then again, I hadn’t seen this build.

Wolf Moto consists of two South African builders who were friends that were both in the moto industry (one in sales/marketing and the other more mechanical) before deciding to open their shop in late 2014. They’ve got a handful of other builds already completed but none appeal to me like their “Fat Tracker” does. The fatty tracker tires paired with the stripped down bike leave nothing but clean lines and an invitation for a good time.

I can’t completely put my finger on what appeals so much to me with this bike. Maybe it’s how well that tracker seat pairs with the Supertrapp exhaust. Or maybe it’s the 6-1/4″ PIAA headlight. I know, it’s gotta be the NOS 78-model XS250 tank? I don’t know…I just know I need to ride it!

For the full review on the Fat Tracker, head on over to Bike EXIF.
Wolf Moto: Web | Facebook | Instagram | Photos by Mickey Burnett