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The OG Moto Show: a needed custom motorcycle show in So Cal

The OG Moto Show – short for Outlier’s Guild Custom Motorcycle Show – is an annual motorcycle event located in Downtown Los Angeles featuring select an eclectic mix of custom motorcycles – everything from cafe racers and trackers to stunning vintage race bikes – art, photography and people who influence the moto scene in Southern California, and beyond. 2018 marks the second year for the OG Moto Show and we have a feeling they’re just warming up. The OG Moto Show is the vision of Jay LaRossa of Lossa Engineering, Stan Chen, John Pangilinan, and Ralph Holguin of RMD Garage.

OG Moto Show Ducati MotoDoffo

MotoDoffo’s 1966 Ducati SC race bike

The one-day event attracts thousands of custom motorcycle enthusiasts together in downtown Los Angeles. This year’s chosen space was a new venue that had a cool old warehouse vibe. The space spilled into multiple rooms that each had their own look and feel, with the main room being the custom bike ‘show’ itself.

Gorgeous Ducati cafe racer at OG Moto Show by Speed Craft Co.

Gorgeous Ducati cafe racer by Speed Craft Co.

JSK Moto Co.'s Project Rhodium Omega

JSK Moto Co.’s Project Rhodium Omega

Hutchbilt BMW Airhead OG Moto Show

Hutchbilt BMW Airhead

Sosametalworks at OG Moto Show

Sosametalworks’ Harley custom

Harlequin Honda CB750 by Carpy

Harlequin Honda CB750 by Carpy

OG Moto Show

Woolie’s Pikes Peak Racer

MotoDoffo’s vintage collection

One of the other rooms featured selects from MotoDoffo’s amazing collection. The MotoDoffo Collection is housed in the MotoBarrel Room at Doffo Winery in Temecula, California. Their museum of motorcycles and wine is a place not to miss. Luckily for us, they brought their collection from Temecula to LA.

Ducati 175 OG Moto Show

Ducati 175 goodness

1972 Yamaha TD3 cafe racer

1972 Yamaha TD3

1967 Ducati Scrambler OG Moto Show

1967 Ducati Scrambler

1962 Vicetina Sport from MotoDoffo Collection

1962 Vicetina Sport from MotoDoffo Collection

1945 Gilera Sport from MotoDoffo

1945 Gilera Sport from MotoDoffo

1959 Ducati 125 Gran Sport Mariana

1985 Ducati Mike Hailwood from MotoDoffo

1985 Ducati Mike Hailwood from MotoDoffo

We had a blast connecting with tons of old friend and making new ones along the way. Overall, the OG Moto Show impressed and it’s clear that this is already growing into something even bigger than the show itself. We have so much moto love and culture here in So Cal. This show was needed and The Bullitt is gonna play a bigger part in 2019, and that’s a promise!

Barry Weiss' dustbin Guzzi V7 racer

Barry Weiss’ dustbin Guzzi V7 racer

Hooligans at OG Moto Show

Hooligans at OG Moto Show

OG Moto Show

Looks like you’ve had enough, sir