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Indians getting sideways

I first saw this video on Abandon Pier and then again on Silodrome. I had bookmarked it and found myself going back again and again to watch it. The video below focuses on a modern-day Indian Silodrome crew. As James McBride of Silodrome reminds us, a silodrome is “a Wall of Death, a huge silo shaped chamber in which stuntmen (and women) ride around the walls at speeds high enough to create G-forces higher than gravity. This allows them to ride at a 90 degree angle to the ground whilst generally goofing around almost never dying.”

While riding on the silodrome may look fun, it’s no joke. These ‘stunts’ are for real, with real consequences. It takes true guts, talent…and a little faith in yourself and your fellow riders to make it safely to the bottom again. Needless to say, I’m impressed by these nutty dudes.

Patrick Flynn

Patrick Flynn

A lifelong motorcycle enthusiast, Patrick Flynn has multiple years of experience as an OEM motorcycle marketer and over a decade as owner of his custom motorcycle site, The Bullitt.