Bullitt SP :: Hyper in the Hills

After a break up, we’ve probably all been guilty of looking up an old ex from time to time. Well, we’re no different and were looking at old pics of our beloved Bullitt SP. While flipping through the archives, we came across some photos that don’t appear to have ever made it to the light of day. Sometimes with exes, that’s a good thing, but in this case she’s still got all her clothes on…


That Termi “full race” system made sweet, sweet music


These photos were taken in the Santa Cruz mountains near the famous Alice’s Restaurant. Such good riding up there. Lately, with all the rain, lots of these roads have been closed. Aside from the rare heavy weather, the riding is simply amazing as long as you mind all the blind driveways. Damn, we miss the riding up there and miss the bike. This is harder than I thought…




Great bike, great riding, and great memories. No regrets. Just missing you bae. Hope all is well.

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