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If the zombie apocalypse does in fact come, you’re gonna need the right bike. You’re in luck if you already have the Survival Bike by Motoped, but if you want something faster, Ziggy Moto has come up with some pretty slick mock ups dreaming up some Triumphs that might do the trick. These things somehow look lean and mean, yet beefy and tough at the same time.

I’m not sure if it’s the impracticality of the whole design that I find so appealing or not. Maybe it’s the conflicting motifs that make it fun. A cafe racer with with rear-mounted ammo cans, a mono-shock, knobbies and exterior tank guards? Why not!

We don’t really care what the motivation behind these concept was, we just know we like them. Anyone else besides me reminded of Classified Moto’s Walking Dead Nighthawk build when they see these?

These are some of the first ‘customized’ new generation water-cooled Triumphs we seen so far, and have to say, so far so good.  

OK – here’s at least one practical iteration of Ziggy Moto’s mock ups. Anyone else want in?

Ziggy Moto: Instagram