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It’s definitely been a while since we’ve posted anything on the ol’ Bullitt XS. You may or may not recall that this is a build by a good friend of The Bullitt, Jeremy Moultrup. He’s been a little preoccupied with another build – we’ll get to that another time – but we’ve been doing our best to kick him in the shins for an update. Well, we’ve finally got a little info and a couple pics showing some exciting progress.

Since we last checked in, the most notable update to the Bullitt XS is her gaining an extra 100cc, jumping from a 750 to an 850. You’ll notice we lost the blacked out motor (long story), but bigger is just about always better, right? The new custom seat has been finished and looks even better in person. 

The bike is getting much closer to a finished state. Keep checking back; we’ll have more info soon!