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Madrid-based Cafe Racer Dreams definitely likes their BMW builds, but this particular one happens to be special; this one is actually the personal ride of CRD Founder and CEO, Pedro Garcia. In typical CRD fashion, the 1977 BMW R 100 RS better know as CRD#61 or #thebikeoflove, has been stripped down its bare essentials.




When thumbing through all of the various CRD beamer builds, we had a hard time choosing a favorite. There is just something about this particular one that speaks to us. With the bike overall feeling pretty minimalistic, there’s something we love about the bulbous tank and the big boxer motor taking center stage. And that’s not to talk down on either the tank or the motor, it’s just an apparent contrast against the rest of the bike.


Oddly enough, the bike is fully suspended by parts off a modern Ducati. Running both Ducati SportClassic GT1000 front forks and GT1000 rear suspension, the 2009 components somehow seem right on home on the 1977 CRD#61.



The rear subframe is a CRD piece, as is the seat and their homemade fender eliminator. 



Normally we’d opt for clip-ons for our cafe racers, but the upside down ‘ultra low’ Renthals fit the bill here.



Any build with a Supertrapp exhaust is all right with us! The used and dirty Supertrapp 2-into-1 on the #thebikeoflove looks great.



The bike isn’t wildly customized, but something about this one just feels right for us. Maybe it’s the fact that it looks like it gets ridden more than it gets cleaned. 

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