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 Now that’s a sexy Scrambler

It’s been great to see all of the custom Ducati Scrambler mock-ups flying around, many of which we’ve featured here, but it’s another thing entirely to see someone follow through and actually build one. We’ve always loved Holographic Hammer‘s digital renditions, but seeing this thing got us really excited! Clearly there’s a huge following for an air-cooled Ducati cafe racers as we’ve seen used Sport Classics going for ridiculous amounts. Now THIS is a modern Ducati cafe racer that we can get behind!

Holographic Hammer Ducati Scrambler carbon wheels

Clearly we love this aesthetic as we noticed a mix of similarities with our OG Bullitt and the Bullitt XS. The front end and seat feel similar to the XS but then the raw tank and gold forks feel very much like our OG. What can we say, the dude’s got good taste!!


We saw Holographic Hammer’s teaser for their frame weeks ago and were wondering what it was going to be. Honestly, we thought it was going to be for one of the other Ducati cafe racers he was teasing. The looped tail with the Frenched-in tail light is a Cognito Moto piece and it looks great with the beautiful custom leather seat with the classic ‘bum stop’ cafe styling. The Rotobox carbon wheels don’t quite suit the look in our opinion, but no doubt that they’re light as hell.

Holographic Hammer Ducati Scrambler cafe racer

As we’ve been toying around with what to build next and this is another this hasn’t gotten us even more excited for the Ducati Scrambler, I don’t know what will!

Here’s a nice little video piece on the build:

Holographic Hammer: Web | Facebook | Instagram
Images via Return of the Cafe Racers