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While winter here in California doesn’t require us to store our bikes like our brothers buried in the snow, between surf sessions and year-round riding we still take the time to maintain our machines. What started off as a little planned maintenance turned into a full tear down with lots of rebuilding, repainting, recoating and more!

Well, they sure come part easy don’t they?

The paint on our tank was starting to show some wear so we decided it was time for a new coat of paint. Last go, we did a matte clear and we thought we’d change it up with a gloss coat this time. Almost seems criminal to put the knee pads back on!

Once the bike was stripped down, we decided the exhaust could use an update. We went with a matte black ceramic finish and are happy with the overall result.

Our Avon Distazia’s were pretty worn down so we opted for a new set of Pirelli Diablo Rosso Corse II. So far they’re working out great!


This bike is looking and riding better than ever before. Having said that, it may be time to go our separate ways. We will be selling the Bullitt OG soon. Hit us up at pat(@) if you’re interested before the listing goes live.