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Keeping up with the Bullitt OG

This old girl has been taking a back seat to the CB build lately.  She’s still not finished, but probably never will be… Finally cleaned her off and took a few snaps.

Though I’m still not loving the gold forks as much as I hoped, I’m still stoked on the overall transformation.  The responsiveness of the front end is much better, and is much stiffer.  The Carrozzeria aluminum wheels are great.  There’s no way this would have been possible without British Customs‘ support.  We’re developing a kit that will allow individuals to be able to swap out the stock forks for inverted sets with minimal effort.
Aesthetically I am still figuring it out, but am enjoying the ride.
Patrick Flynn

Patrick Flynn

A lifelong motorcycle enthusiast, Patrick Flynn has multiple years of experience as an OEM motorcycle marketer and over a decade as owner of his custom motorcycle site, The Bullitt.