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After recently meeting Jason DiSalvo in person at the Barber Vintage Festival in Birmingham, Alabama I was shocked with what a downright cool dude he is.  Admittedly, he’s not a big guy so hearing that he was throwing a leg over Triumph’s Rocket III seemed like a stretch (pun intended).  As you can see he did, and from reading below you can see that he was able to set a new land-speed record while doing so.  Here’s what Triumph had to say about it:

“Jason DiSalvo and his Rocket III set new world record at Bonneville.”

Latus Motors Racing rider Jason DiSalvo set new AMA and FIM land-speed racing records at the famed Bonneville Salt Flats with a Rocket III Roadster, fielded by the Hot Rod Conspiracy/Carpenter Racing team. He ran in the Modified (normally) Aspirated Fuel (MAF) class for motorcycles up to 3,000cc’s. DiSalvo’s initial run was 175.998mph, and his return run was 172.587mph for an average, world-record-setting speed of 174.276mph (280.470kph) for the flying mile and 174.880mph (281.443kph) for the flying kilometer. What’s amazing is this Rocket is fully streetable, using one of Bob Carpenter’s 240hp over-the-counter performance kits. The records are subject to FIM Ratification and anticipated to be reviewed during their November meeting in Valencia, Spain.
via Ride a Triumph

Patrick Flynn

Patrick Flynn

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