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Bullitt OG becomes more ‘Thruxton’ everyday

This bike is becoming more and more a Thruxton….and I love it.  I came across a guy who had replaced some stock components with some aftermarket bits.  He was just selling the seat/cowl combo but after hearing that I was building a cafe racer he threw in his stock Thruxton shocks too.  My bike is almost completely Thruxton….a Bruxton?…I think I like it.
 Not a major difference on the shocks (about 1.5″) but it’s pretty noticeable.

Going for the slammed look.

The last thing I need to do is decide on whether or not to keep the racing stripes on the tail and add them to the tank, or to drop the stripes all together. My instincts draw me to go black, black, black. I’m probably headed for the dark side……
Patrick Flynn

Patrick Flynn

Patrick Flynn, a lifelong motorcycle enthusiast, combines over a decade of OEM motorcycle marketing experience with his passion for custom builds. Since 2008, he has been the driving force behind The Bullitt, a digital platform celebrating the art and culture of motorcycles.