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A Howl in the Wind: The R nineT Urban G/S Reborn

Ever heard a coyote’s howl echoing in the desert? It’s wild, it’s free, and now, it’s the spirit behind Fuel Motorcycles’ latest creation, The Coyote. Straight from the heart of Spain, Karles Vives and his team at Fuel Bespoke Motorcycles have poured their fascination with these adaptable survivors into every inch of a BMW R nineT Urban G/S, turning it into a beast that’s just begging for the roughest terrain.

Fuel Motorcycles Coyote

Light, Classic, Aggressive: The Making of a Desert Legend

Crafting something as unique as The Coyote doesn’t happen overnight. It took Karles and his mechanic Claudio, along with a crew of specialists, a solid five months of drafting, designing, and hands-on building to bring this vision to life. Inspired by the 1950s riders who braved the American deserts on converted road bikes, The Coyote sports a look that’s both classic and fiercely aggressive.

Modifications That Matter

The journey from concept to reality was filled with challenges, especially when it came to the fuel tank. Swapping in a lighter tank from an old Suzuki GT 250 meant rehousing the electric fuel pump and adding an auxiliary tank to keep everything flowing smoothly. The result? A streamlined silhouette that’s as functional as it is beautiful, with the tank and bench perfectly aligned for that sleek scrambler look.

From the hand-made exhaust to the Hollywood handlebars and the classic Spanish enduro headlight with its chrome grille guard, every detail on The Coyote is a nod to the past, with modern tech to keep it roaring into the future. Mini LED indicators, SW Motech footrests, and BMW Motorrad cylinder head covers with a retro flair round off the custom touches.

The Adventure Spirit

Karles Vives isn’t new to the scrambler scene. Since 2011, he’s been turning old boxers into dirt-ready machines, starting with a BMW R 100 RT. For him, it’s all about creating bikes that look cool, feel comfortable, and don’t break the bank—a philosophy that The Coyote embodies perfectly. With its Continental TKC 80 tires ready for any surface and the upgraded suspension by Andreani and Öhlins, this bike is a call to adventure.

It is much more common to hear a coyote than to see it.
– Karles Vives, Fuel Bespoke Motorcycles

Join the Pack

The Coyote isn’t just a bike; it’s a tribute to the spirit of adventure that drives us to explore, to push boundaries, and to cherish the freedom of the open road. It’s a reminder that, with the right bike beneath you, every terrain is your territory, every path is an adventure waiting to be claimed.

So, are you ready to answer the call of The Coyote? Ow-ooooo!

Specs at a Glance:

  • Frame: Modified standard with rear bar
  • Bodywork: Suzuki GT 250 tank, chrome guards, natural leather and suede bench
  • Suspension: Andreani hydraulic cartridge, Öhlins 46 DRL BM 641 shock
  • Exhaust: Custom hand-made
  • Paint: White base with vibrant color accents
  • Engine: Enhanced with K&N air filter
  • Handlebar: Hollywood style

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Images via BMW Motorrad

Patrick Flynn

Patrick Flynn

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