1996 Customs Triumph Tracker

A Taiwanese Tracker

No doubt we're huge fans of modified Hinkley Triumphs, and have seen our share of cool builds but we recently stumbled across another one worth sharing here. The killer street tracker here is from Taiwanese builders 1996 Customs. Just about all the details on the 1996 Customs Triumph Tracker are dialed and it looks like one hell of a time. Oh, and the build is made by a 23 year old...pretty impressive!

1996 Customs Triumph Tracker

The slim sprint-style tank, custom headers, and number plate certainly look the part. The fork gaiters and fork protectors might be a little overkill but that's a minor detail.

1996 Customs Triumph Tracker

Loving the old school Triumph logo and "fuel gauge".

Nice details on the rear number plate and a very positive message to anyone getting passed.

1996 Customs Triumph Tracker

1996 Customs Triumph Tracker

Curious everyone's thoughts on the side mounted gauges. They definitely allow to keep front end clean but I wonder if a tall person's knees might get in the way.

Contrasting suede and leather work together for a handsome saddle.

Not sure how bright that light is and could surely be upgraded to a bight-as-hell LED if needed.

As we're sitting here, pulling together a parts list and mock up of our new Triumph build (affectionately know as our Bullitt OG2) we can't help but admire 1996 Customs Triumph Tracker and will definitely keep this up on our mood board going forward.

1996 Customs: Facebook | Instagram || Spotted via Rocket Garage

After doing a little more digging on the builder, we've come to discover that Alex from 1996 Customs is only 23. Check the HYPEBEAST interview with Alex here, and see their video below.

Moto Guzzi V9 Fat Tracker

V9 Pro Build: Untitled Motorcycles Fat Tracker

Standing out from the crowd

Individuality and uniqueness are two core values of the Moto Guzzi brand, and these values shape the motorcycles that provide the perfect platform for custom builders. With this sentiment in mind, in 2017 Moto Guzzi USA launched their V9 Pro Build Project, which invited some of the world's most renowned custom motorcycle builders that have a love for the brand to create their own V9s.

While we shared Craig Rodsmith's V9 Pro Build already, the first to be unveiled was actually Untitled Motorcycles' "Fat Tracker." Hugo Eccles of Untitled Motorcycles began with a base stock V9 Bobber, and let his creativity take over. The finished piece, now know as the Fat Tracker, is a slim-bodied fat-wheeled street tracker powered by Moto Guzzi's torquey V9 motor with a high-mounted straight-through 2-into-2 exhaust system. But getting to that point was no easy task.

V9 Fat Tracker cafe racer

Eccles spent endless nights on the V9 Fat Tracker, first stripping it down to the bare necessities and building it up Untitled style. Eccles removed all plastic parts and panels, the stock air box, the ABS system, and the air injectors, and cut away the top of the stock fuel tank while retaining the OEM tank’s base and fuel pump. The initial chassis modifications were next, with the mounting the first things to go.

V9 Pro Build - Fat Tracker by Untitled Motorcycles

"High pipes" are an understatement here, with the exhaust routing above the cylinder heads. Perforated aluminum heatshields are attached to a custom unibody painted in a stunning metallic green referencing the 'Verde Legnano' color of the iconic 1971 Moto Guzzi V7 Sport.

Up front, shortened forks hold an illuminated number plate with integrated hi/lo spotlights.

After spending a considerable amount of time debating rubber, Eccles opted for a set of interchangeable Heidenau K66 140/70-16 tires for the front and rear. The stock front and rear wheels and Brembo brake calipers will be retained.

V9 Fat Tracker

Next steps included removal of exhaust system mounts and tabs, and the rear frame tubes. Modification of the lower frame rail, removal of the stock footpeg mounts, modification of ECU mapping and revamping the side stand for the new configuration were also completed.

Finally, the bike’s character was finished with the addition of a custom rear frame hoop, shorter forks, a fork brace, longer rear shocks, custom handlebars, custom controls, custom tank and seat unit, custom seat, custom metallic green, new bespoke graphics, custom two-into-two exhaust system, custom triple clamps, and custom head and taillight with integrated turn signals.

The end result of the UMC-052 Fat Tracker is a striking and undeniably unique Moto Guzzi. Being so paired down, the motor appropriately get's its time in the limelight and with that 'Verde Legnano' paint, it's is sure to turn some heads.

And the gorilla graphic on the tank? Eccles was inspired by Magilla Gorilla; the fictional gorilla and the star of The Magilla Gorilla Show by Hanna-Barbera that aired in the mid-sixties due to his broad upper body and tiny lower body.

Untitled Motorcycles: Web | Facebook | Instagram
Photography by Erik Jutras: Web | Instagram

Length: 80” / 203cm
Width: 28” / 71cm
Height: 41” / 104cm
Seat: 31” / 78cm
Weight: 349lbs / 158kg (86lbs/39kg lighter than stock)
Fuel: 2.6 gallons / 9.8 litres (estimated)

Custom-designed, hand-fabricated steel monobody
OEM fuel pump
Custom seat, upholstered in grip vinyl, UMC tag
Dry break racing fuel filler cap
Kustom Kolor “Verde Legnano” candy paint, custom graphics

Moto Guzzi V9 frame, modified and braced
Hagon 420-80STR Boxer shocks, 80mm travel
Moto Guzzi V7 Marzocchi forks, 130mm travel
Moto Guzzi 4.00 x 16” cast aluminum rear wheel, shaft drive
single 320mm floating front disc with Brembo 4-pot caliper
Moto Guzzi 3.50 x 16” cast aluminum front wheel
260mm rear disc and Brembo 2-pot caliper
140/70-16 Heidenau K66 tires front and rear

853cc air-cooled 90º transverse V-twin motor, shaft drive
Custom 16GA stainless steel exhaust system, perforated tips
Titanium exhaust wrap
Custom-fabricated brushed aluminium heat shields

Moto Guzzi V9 top bracket, modified
Suzuki GSXR clip-on bars, modified
Oury grips
Posh Factory switches, internal wiring
Magura HC1 brake and clutch radial masters
Goodridge Sniper brake and clutch lines
Race start button, integrated into top bracket
Motogadget Motoscope Mini LED display, machined into top bracket
Agostini rearsets, anodised to match frame

Motogadget m-Unit
Motogadget m-Button
Motogadget m-Lock keyless RFID ignition, integrated into seat
Antigravity XPS SC-1 lithium ion battery
Magneti MarelliMIU-G3 single-body EFI unit with filter pod
ABS removed
O2 sensors removed
Motobox custom-built LED tail light array with integrated turn signals
Motobox custom-built illuminated headlight panel with integrated turn signals
Twin Vision X Mini-Solo 500 lumen hi/lo spotlights

Patrick Flynn, Piaggio USA | Jessica Raya | Nate, Diepenbroek Fabrications | Simon Waterfall | Emil Lindstrom, E’SE Engineering | Peter, Magura USA | Jay Abate, motojrefinish | Josh Alvarez, Motobox | Turk, Turk’s Shop | Sean & John, Goodridge USA | Dan Acker, Acker Leatherworks | Victor Wilkens | Felicia, Heidenau USA | Chad, Sudco Int’l | Stefan, Radical Guzzi | Dana, SPD Exhausts | Hagon Suspension | Elliot, Champion Powdercoaters

The Framer FZ-07 Tracker by Deus

Woolie does it again

There's no doubt we're huge fans of Michael “Woolie” Woolaway. As the Motorcycle Design Director of Deus Ex Machina USA, he has built some stunning custom bikes for celebrities and a few lucky regular Joes too. Not only is Woolie soft-spoken and incredibly modest, the dude is fast as hell on two wheels himself. We were in love when Woolie released a CR500 tracker for MotoGP legend Dani Pedrosa. His latest build, The Framer, appears to be the big brother to that Dani's tracker. One capable to tearing down an American Flat Track full-mile oval...and kicking some ass along the way!

The Framer by Woolie

Words below from Deus Ex Machina

For Woolie and Deus’s latest build, they set out to create a proper American Flat Track mile racer for the street. A motorcycle capable of winning the Springfield or Sacramento mile that just so happens to have a headlight turn signals and a license plate. Affectionately nicknamed, “The Framer.”

The Framer custom flat track FZ-07

The Framer by Deus Ex Machina

Woolie chose a 2017 Yamaha FZ-07 power plant to start. A power plant similar to Yamaha’s current factory AFT MT-07 DT platform. The Stock FZ-07 was disassembled entirely, including the engine, which was upgraded with the Factory Yamaha racing kit, which includes oversized pistons, factory spec ported cylinder head, superior race valves, cam’s and electronics package for custom engine tuning. Every internal moving part of the engine was then treated with an advanced micro shot-peening anti-friction process by WPC, which promotes performance and, more importantly, combats wear and failure.

Legendary Flat Track chassis designer Jeff Cole assisted with the layout and geometry, his last official frame layout before retiring. Built from high-grade .60 Chromoly the frame for the Framer was meticulously designed around a custom fuel tank, where special considerations had to be made to ensure a fuel capacity that was street bike worthy without compromising the machines race derivation. 1100-0 aluminum was used to hand fabricated custom body pieces that give the bike its overall Flat Track Race aesthetic while hiding the wringing and electronics, including the fuel tank, front fender, and tail section topped by a handcrafted Saddleman seat.

The Framer tank - FZ-07 tracker

The Framer by Woolie of Deus

A set of race-proven 19” Roland Sands Traction wheels wrapped in Mitas DOT approved rubber ensure performance and grip. A four-piston full-floating quick-release Brembo brake setup in the rear and a 320 mm full-floating stainless-steel rotor with an M50 caliper up front efficiently gets the stopping done.

The bodywork was painted in “Black Candy” is a secret blend of paint that absorbs even in the harshest light giving the faintest reflection, giving the bike a personality that exudes style, performance, and hint of wickedness.

“The bike resembles a “big brother version of the Honda CR500 Street Tracker built for Dani Pedrosa, where his was a Short Track racer, this is a proper mile bike with third gear wheelies all day” – Woolie.

Deus Customs | Facebook | Instagram | Michael Woolaway Instagram

Feature photo: Sam Bendall | All other photos: Deus Customs

Harley-Davidson ‘The Hardley’ by Revival Cycles

A bespoke Sportster from Austin, TX

The dudes at Austin-based Revival Cycles definitely do their own thing, and they've been doing it that way since they first started. Revivial has put out some amazing builds over the years - Pyro is still one of my favorites and their BMW Birdcage I covered this year was mental - yet somehow raw little Harley speaks to me. Meet The Hardley - a customized Harley-Davidson street tracker.

The Hardley custom Harley-Davidson by Revival Cycles

Revival founder, Alan Stulberg, posted a photo of The Hardley on his Facebook page recently and reminded me how much I dug this thing when it came out it 2014. I went to see what I wrote about it then and was shocked to see that we didn't cover it here. There's something about the minimalistic aesthetic that demand my attention and convinced me that almost six years later, it deserves a feature here.

The Hardley custom Harley-Davidson by Revival Cycles exhaust

Even from a distance, it's clear that the Hardley is unique and interesting, but the more you dig in, the more clearly the beauty comes into focus. Utilizing a 2010 Harley-Davidson Sportster 883 as the donor, the team made quick work of tearing it down and removing most of it.

The 883 isn't know for being exceptionally light...or powerful,  but that just added to the challenge. The engine received a new piston kit as well an increase in capacity to 1250cc. Once all was said and done, with the addition of the custom mapped fuel injection and ECU, larger valves and new ports, the modified engine now produces a total of 73 lb-ft of torque and 100 horsepower, which is a significant improvement.

The Hardley custom Harley-Davidson by Revival Cycles left side

The Hardley custom Harley-Davidson by Revival Cycles - right side

The three-piece tank is certainly a standout feature on the bike. It was originally built as a single piece, then split into three separate compartments. The left half houses 3 gallons of gas, with the right being split into two quarters. The electronics are neatly hidden in the front quarter and the rear right is now an oil pan.

Another hand-built feature on the bike we love is the unique exhaust completed with a SuperTrapp muffler is another focal point. The Supertrapp allows the bike to purr at idle but roar when pinned.

For suspension, they swapped in some upside-down forks from a Kawasaki ZX-14, and paired them with fully adjustable Ikon shocks.

Revival Cycle's The Hardley

To get the stance dialed in, Revival opted for 19” wheels wrapped in the very sticky Maxxis dirt-track tires. Braking is made possible via alloy and ceramic composite rotors paired with Brembo monobloc calipers and custom-built stainless steel brake lines.

Custom Harley Davidson The Hardley dirt tracker wheels

Rather than converging to a chain drive, The Hardley's belt drive was retained. Revival CNC-milled their own beautiful rear pulley, matching the shape of the rear brake rotor. To keep belt tension on point, they made a custom spring-loaded idle arm to ride on the belt.

Custom belt drive for The Hardley custom Harley

The rear of the original 883 was binned and replaced with a new custom lightweight chromoly subframe, donning a very slim distressed leather seat made by Ginger at New Church Moto.

The Hardley custom Harley-Davidson

The end result of The Hardley is a stripped down, well handling, relatively powerful Harley that "hardley" bears any resemblance with it's original self. Well done gents, well done.

Revival Cycles: Online | Facebook | Instagram


Moto Beach Classic 2019

Hooligans take over Huntington Beach

Surfing, hooligans, custom motorcycles and flat track racing are some of the best things in the world. Combine them together in Surf City, USA and you get the Moto Beach Classic.

The Moto Beach Classic returned to Bolsa Chica State Beach Saturday, October 26th for a day of exciting motorcycle racing, live music sets, surf competition, art show, custom bike show, vendors and much more.

The Moto Beach Classic in only its third year has rapidly become a marquee beach event. The Moto Beach Classic draws motorcyclists, artists, musicians, and fans from all walks of life, cultivating a community of eclectic humans celebrating a life on two wheels at the heart of Southern California Beach Culture.

I don't have much else to say. Good times, with good friends. Here are some images from the day. Looking forward to Moto Beach 2020 already!

Vintage Indian Motorcycle


Deus Milano SR500 Tracker

Deus SR 500 Milano Street Tracker

A Milanese street tracker from Deus

We're stoked to see flat track making a resurgence these days and while most trackers are purpose-built machines, street trackers are starting to pop up around town. We love the simplicity of a tracker - no frills, a solo seat and an upright riding position. Nothing you don't need. We also typically love most things "Deus" around here so when we heard that the boys at Deus Milano built a new street tracker, we had a hunch it was going to be right up our alley. The single-cylinder, air-cooled Yamaha SR500 is a great little bike and a solid platform for a tracker. The team didn't waste time tearing into the little single.

To quote Marco Renieri, a member of the Deus Milano family and happy owner of the bike:

“It’s all Marco Belli’s fault. Yes it really is. Even though he doesn’t know it. Years ago I saw a guy on a bike doing crazy things. I asked who it was and was told “Marco Belli, a flat track champion”. Well, I knew what it was though had never really been very interested in it. Years later I took part in a flat track course with, no less, Marco Belli as the instructor. It was a real revelation. At that moment I thought how I’d make a flat track bike for every day use. To roam around Milan – flat track style – as much as possible."

The basics of the SR500 are still there, with a modified subframe and new swingarm. Suspension has been upgraded all around with some lovely Ohlins bits and the bike now rides on traditional tracker Excel 19" wheels. Stopping power is provided by Italian brake masters Discacciati. The engine has been blacked out, letting the custom SC-Project exhaust stand out in stark contrast.

Deus Milano SR500 Tracker

Deus Milano SR500 Tracker

The subdued blue and black color palette works well and the color in the headers and the gold in the forks and looks classy AF. Personally, we would have painted the UFO headlight/number plate to match the rest of the bodywork, but that's no deal breaker for us. We'd still ask this hot little Italian out on a date. The Deus Milano tracker looks ready to tear up the streets of Milan in high fashion.



· Modified rear subframe
· SDG Aluminum rear swing arm
· Ohlins rear shock absorber
· Discacciati CNC wheels plates
· 19′ Excel rims and flat track tires
· Discacciati brake system
· “Flat Bar” handlebar
· Custom CNC footpegs
· Flushed cylinder head and JE-HC piston
· Kehin FCR carburetor
· SC Project exhaust system
· Custom wiring with handlebar hidden wires
· Fast response throttle
· UFO headlamp

Deus Milano: Online | Facebook | Instagram
Photos: Marco Renieri

Custom Works Zon ‘Departed’ BMW

The Handbuilt Motorcycle Show 2019

Keeping it weird in Austin

Walking down the boulevard on a sticky-warm April evening in Austin, TX, electric scooters zip by as drunk college-types sloppily navigate towards their next watering hole, we finally see the sign: The Handbuilt Motorcycle Show at the Austin American-Statesman. We’ve made it. Inside the walls of this now defunct newspaper facility is one of the largest, if not THE largest, custom motorcycle shows in the world is taking place. We flash our laser cut aluminum “all access” badges with amazingly detailed BMW boxer engines jetting off the sides, get a nod from an oversized doorman, and walk in. The excitement builds.

To our left we can see the Roland Sands Design Super Hooligan National Championship (SHNC) set up in the parking lot but this is no dirt oval. Not this weekend. This is a TT set-up, hooligan style. There are wooden jumps set up going over grassy gaps from one parking row to the next, hairpin turns, and there’s no dirt in sight. Just plain old unforgiving asphalt and some hard plastic barriers. This is not a place for the faint of heart. As we walk past the temporary racetrack, the smell of food trucks and spilt beer take over the senses.

First things first, it’s time for a drink. We peruse the selections and find a number of signature cocktails available along with plenty of beers on draft. Opting for a whiskey-based libation, we lube up, and head into the massive hanger-like building. This is not my first time here, no, I’ve been to every Handbuilt Show since it’s inception in 2014, but this year already feels different. It somehow feels more special.

Handbbuilt Motorcycle Show - Sosa Metalworks
Sosa Metalworks 1950 Panhead

The Handbuilt Motorcycle Show has always an eclectic mix of bikes, but this year felt even more all over the place, in the possible best way. Mixed in between world class custom builds like Revival Cycle’s very own titanium-caged BMW Birdcage, Craig Rodsmith’s front wheel drive art deco masterpiece, Cristian Sosa’s 1950 Panhead, Walt Siegel’s bevel Ducati racer there was a mix of everything under the sun. Meticulously and carefully placed in between these master builds, were bikes that would otherwise not have a place in a custom motorcycle show. A fully restored Honda mini bike, a stretched-out chopper trike, an electric superbike, a mini Indian and everything in between.

RSD custom BMW at Handbuilt Motorcycle Show 2019

We bump into Alan Stulberg, owner of Revival Cycles and the man behind The Handbuilt Motorcycle Show, and ask him a few questions about how the show came to be. It wasn’t until MotoGP rolled into town to the nearby Circuit of the Americas in 2014 that the idea came to mind. Knowing all these motorcycle nuts would be in town, and also knowing the racetracks aren’t open at night, the Handbuilt Motorcycle Show quickly went from an idea to reality. “We knew we had to do it ourselves, before someone else did and f*cked it up,” explained Stulberg.

And f*ck it up, they did not. They show has grown into a “who’s who” in the custom build scene and many of the builders themselves are milling about, striking up conversation and just casually mingling. No egos. No entourages. Just good old fashion motorcycle porn, everywhere.

Revival Cycles Birdcage BMW
Revival Cycles Birdcage BMW

Walking outside, the sun has long been down. The crowd continues to swell and the line for the refreshments and food just gets longer. Chairs have now filled in the main courtyard in front of the SHNC track and projected on the wall is Gareth Robert’s Oil in the Blood documentary on motorcycle community and the people behind them. Maybe it’s the drinks kicking in, or maybe it’s the spirit of the event, but everyone seems to be getting along and all I can see is smiles for miles. The event is open until midnight and we, along with most, stay until closing. Only then do we slowly file out, heading to the nearest Texan watering hole.

Saturday morning comes early but for those of us not racing to the Circuit of the Americas to catch MotoGP qualifying can nurse last night’s hangover a little bit before heading back to the Statesman. Hard rain and strong winds rock the side of the hotel, where I comfortably sip a warm coffee and feel a little bad for the rain soaked crowds surely huddling under tents, fearing the unpredictable Texan wind could turn it up another notch. Back to my warm coffee.

It doesn’t take long before the clouds part and the sun starts to beat down and dry things up. A quick walk across the street and we’re back at The Handbuilt Motorcycle Show where the RSD Super Hooligans are having their safety meeting. The schedule got pushed back slightly, but weather appear to have cleared and the fun can soon begin. The track looks as unforgiving as it did last night, only now, seeing the massive 1200cc Indian machines tearing through the short track it makes me wonder how crazy these dudes really have to be. It’d be one thing to navigate the little course solo, but an entirely different scenario to go bar-to-bar with fellow hooligans.

Indian Super Hooligan bikes
Indian Super Hooligan race bikes
Cool to see Fox get involved with the Super Hooligan series

The practice and qualifying sessions have been going off for some time now and I was stoked to see a mix of riders out there. Young and old, male and female, factory riders and super casual dudes. OK, maybe there is a spot for me here after all. Because, damn, that shit looks fun! Sneaking in for another circuit of drooling over the bikes indoors, then I get a badass tintype photo compliments of Progressive. All I had to do was give them all my info and get an insurance quote…still worth it, I’d say!

Back to the action, I arrive just in time for the main SHNC round. The four men in this event are; Joe Kopp on a British Custom’s Triumph, Frankie Garcia on a Scrambler Ducati, Jordan Graham on his Indian 1200 and Andy Dibrino on a newly converted KTM 690. Pretty rad to see 4 different manufactures in it. Kopp gets the hole shot and holds onto first place going into turn one. Passing on this short track is not easy and while the racing was close, passes were minimal. Seeing these dudes launch over the grass, land in the flats and crank into a tight left turn was killer. The crowds around the track were shoulder to shoulder and stayed that way until the end. DiBrino on his new KTM had set up his chain himself with too much tension and on the second to last lap dropped his chain. End result was Kopp taking the win, Garcia in second, and Graham in third. It was all laughs and high fives in the end, and Graham sent us all off with a proper burnout.

RSD Super Hooligans in action

Super Hooligans in action
Super Hooligans in action
RSD Super Hooligan - Jordan Graham
A celebratory burnout compliments of Jordan Graham

Back inside to make sure I didn’t miss any killer custom builds. There are so many standouts, it’s almost hard to take them all in at once. Ever been to the Barber Museum? Yeah, it’s kinda like that. OK, that Justin Kott Beamer…didn’t get a good look at that bike earlier. Moto Mucci’s little KTM ripper…would smash. Oh, Jeff Palhegyi's TZ750 by the Progressive booth? Hell yes! That killer Bonneville tracker by Paul Hartman in the front left corner? Almost missed that sexy beast. One of the bikes that looked the most fun to ride to me was Gregor Helenda’s Dakar-style BMW. Raw aluminum bodywork with dual tanks...everything about it looks ready to go to work.

Moto Mucci KTM 300 XC-W Six Days
Moto Mucci KTM 300 XC-W Six Days
Dustin Kott BMW R80
Dustin Kott BMW R80
Gregor Halenda R100GS Dakar BMW
Gregor Halenda R100GS Dakar BMW
Paul Hartman Triumph Bonneville Flat Tracker
Paul Hartman Triumph Bonneville Flat Tracker

I took a little more time to soak in the Haas Motorcycle Museum section. Each bike here is worthy of headlining a show. There’s Rodsmith’s amazing front-wheel drive machine dubbed, “The Killer”. Got to chat with him a bit, which is always fun. Fuller’s new build was otherworldly, in a good way. He has such amazing craftsmanship, always. Walt Siegel has been a favorite builder of mine for years and his 70’s bevel Ducati racer, complete with silver metal flake paint was a stunner. Too many bikes to list, but I did post my Top 14 to Ultimate Motorcycling.

Craig Rodsmith ‘The Killer’
Craig Rodsmith ‘The Killer’ front wheel drive custom
Ireland's Medaza Cycles 1973 Moto Guzzi Nuovo Falcone
Ireland's Medaza Cycles 1973 Moto Guzzi Nuovo Falcone

OK, the drinks are starting kick in. Hours upon hours of walking and talking. It might be time to call it but there are still more bikes oogle and details to pine over. At least we have Sunday to come back for more, that is if Saturday's hangover allows it. It's nearly midnight again, the show is closing but the party in Austin certainly doesn't stop then. The young college atmosphere here in Austin will crank the energy up long past midnight, and we want it.

For custom motorcycle lovers, the Handbuilt Motorcycle Show is one of those “must see” shows. And not just once. Each year offers something new and is filled with passionate moto nerds, just like you and me. I already look forward to next year, and hopefully meeting you there. Let’s connect. Let’s support the up and comers. Let’s have a damn good time and build bikes. That’s what it’s all about in the end, isn’t it?


Deus CR500 Tracker for Dani Pedrosa

A Two-Stroke Tracker by Woolie

Dani Pedrosa is known for tearing up the asphalt in the premier class of motorcycle racing, MotoGP. The Spanish Grand Prix motorcycle racer retired from competition at the end of the 2018 season after an impressive 18 years of racing. In honor of his retirement Red Bull have made a film called "The Silent Samurai” that explores the key moments of Dani's impressing career.

When Deus Ex Machina Design Director, Michael ‘Woolie’ Woolaway,  was asked to create a bike for Dani Pedrosa to commemorate his final year of racing, Woolie jumped at the opportunity. With Red Bull as a supporting collaborator, it wasn’t long until Woolie was on the horn with Dani talking about his favorite motorcycle styles, eager to get cracking on this special custom build.

For someone like Dani, he wanted to make the bike truly meaningful. With Dani being a Honda rider, it came as no surprise that the CR500 motor was the perfect centerpiece, fitted with a hand-built chromoly frame and body works that embodied a healthy mix of Americana and dirt track DNA.

The biggest complication on Deus CR500 Tracker, was Dani actually starting the beast. After a little research, Woolie decided to raise the port timing a little and increase the bleed off notch that let off some low-speed compression. Lectern carburetors agreed to help out and build a special carburetor that laughed at the idea of being affected by latitude. Woolie had the great idea of placing the kickstand under the left foot peg to provide a platform when starting the bike. Great in theory, until it left his feet arch badly bruised, even in trials boots.

With a major blow to the project and his foot, Woolie scrambled for a solution and came across an automatic compression release – a cylinder head mod that required some machining and welding but solved the problem completely. To give the Deus CR500 Tracker the finishing touch, he took it to Saddleman for a specially made seat.

The finished bike can only be described as a certified weapon – a custom sword for the ‘Silent Samurai’ himself – Dani Pedrosa.

Deus CR500 Tracker Specifications:

  • 1985 Honda CR500 Motor w/ porting compression release completely rebuilt
  • Hand built Chromoly frame
  • Davie Durelle adjustable triple clamps
  • Ohlins 43mm Dirt track forks
  • Race Tech hand built shock by Jimmy Wood
  • DOT street legal Dirt track tires
  • Lectron Carburetor / Hand-built by the owner
  • Saddlemen seat
  • Bodywork all handmade out of 1100 O Aluminum
  • 19in wheels build in SoCal at Dubya

Deus Customs | Facebook | Instagram | Michael Woolaway Instagram

Photos by Scott G Toepfer

Lloyd Brothers Ducati Flat Tracker

Ducati Flat Tracker
by Lloyd Brothers Motorsports

Ducati flat tracker goodness

If this beautiful Ducati flat tracker looks familiar to you, it's possible you're not crazy, but not guaranteed. If you think this bike looks like Fuller Moto's tracker we featured at the end of last year, you're getting closer. Fuller Moto, being the master fabricators they are, was actually commissioned by Lloyd Brothers Motorsports to build a frame for their flat track efforts. Once they did that, they decided to build one for themselves. What you see before you today is the real deal, an American Flat Track Ducati-powered race bike. And there's just something special about a machine built for racing that stirs the soul.

Lloyd Brothers Motorsports earned their fame, in part, by being the first team to win an American Flat Track National Race with a Ducati-powered motorcycle. The air-cooled, two-valve desmo was the first non Harley-Davidson XR 750 motorcycle to win a national in over 19 years.

The air-cooled bikes were raced to wins and podiums by flat track greats Joe Kopp, Brad Baker, Henry Wiles and Jake Johnson. Nicky Hayden thrilled the crowd at the Indy Mile in 2010 by doing several exhibition laps (he would have qualified 7th based on his times) and even Troy Bayliss gave American Flat Track racing a go aboard the bikes with Scrambler livery with Dillard Family Racing sponsorship.

Class restructuring and rules changes before the 2018 season effectively eliminated the air-cooled, desmo 1000cc engine as American Flat Track began lowering maximum engine sizes to 850cc or less. The Lloyd Brothers Motorsports liquid-cooled Ducati 821 Testastretta is the next generation Ducati flat tracker built as the result. 2018 was slated as a development year for the motorcycle with Stevie Bonsey as the pilot. Ten of the 18 races were on the schedule for the team, however after riding the bike just once, Bonsey was injured at another race on a different motorcycle. Labor Day weekend at the Springfield Mile should mark his return.

Ducati tracker tail

A modified version of the air-cooled frame was fabricated at the Fuller Moto shop in downtown Atlanta per Lloyd Brothers specifications to fit the new Testastretta engine. Ohlins suspension front and rear soak up the bumps and a 10” vaned rotor on the rear is all of the stopping powered offered. Lloyd Brothers Motorsports was the first team to introduce vaned rotors to modern flat track racing as an answer to certain riders applying so much force to the brakes that they actually glow a bright red in a few laps.

The specified 19” wheels front and back make wheel clearance at the front quite difficult with the wide cylinder spread of an L-twin engine. Placing the radiator behind the front wheel was not an option. Art’s Radiator, a very well-known cooling expert in both dirt and asphalt cars, jumped in to help design a side-mounted unit that is extremely effective. Engine assembly is by well-respected Ducati engine builder Mark Sutton at the DucShop just down the road in Marietta, Georgia with cylinder head porting and custom throttle bodies modified in house. Exhausts are M4 custom units designed to meet the strict 105 db sound limit per series rules.

Ducati Monster 821 custom radiator

It's a bummer about Bonesy's injury but racing ain't safe, or for the faint of heart. Hopefully he's back on the steed at the Springfield Mile and can get this handsome machine back in action!

Bonsey Ducati tracker

Lloyd Brother Motorsports: Facebook | Photos: Steve West of Silver Piston Photography

CX500 street tracker

Honda CX500 Street Tracker by Chris Kent

A corn-fed CX500 street tracker

Chris Kent has had a passion for motorcycles since age 10 when he discovered a rough Honda MR50 in his shed that his step-dad took in on a trade.

"It was the first bike I ever threw a leg over and I was convinced it was the greatest thing I’d ever experience in my life – I was hooked."

As the years went by, Chris' love for motorcycles grew and he finally decided to try his hand a building a custom bike, resulting in the killer CX500 street tracker you see here.

CX500 street tracker by Chris Kent

Initially, his plans involved starting with an older Triumph Bonnie turned café racer and explored some expert builders in that arena - he actually had reached out to us years ago - but wanted to ensure it was hands-on process and ultimately chose Iowa builders, Redwood Cycles, right in his backyard as his go-to builders.

The Redwood boys sourced a 1979 Honda CX500 Custom sitting in a barn in northern Iowa. It was rough but running. With a CX on the chopping block, Kent had come up with a dual sport / café setup which naturally morphed throughout the process, ultimately landing on a street tracker stance with a little cafe racer flair. The build spanned about 2 years, and during that time, unplanned involuntary dismount gave them a ‘do-over’ opportunity.

After getting the bike complete and on the road, a number of electrical issues reared their ugly heads, frying the halo headlight, melting the gel battery, and damaging a bevy of top-notch Motogadget goodies. The regulator/rectifier ended up being the primary culprit for the trouble and after experiencing the stress with a bad charging system first hand with our Bullitt OG, it’s safe to say we know the pain they went through!

Going through the bike more thoroughly with the 2.0 version, Kent decided to not cut any corners this time around. A full motor rebuild was done by Smith Brother’s Classic Cycles & Customs, boring out the cylinders .250 over, and adding new pistons, rings, and rod bearings.

Setbacks included, the overall process was enjoyable from beginning to end, do-over included, and has teed up 2 more custom builds of similar caliber with Smith Brother’s. For Kent, the best part of the project has been reconnecting with old childhood friends and having a good time wrenching.

Throughout the process people kept saying “Man, you aren’t cutting corners. All top shelf!” Being a BMW fan and having a German wife, the CX was affectionately named, “Obersten Regal” (or  Top Shelf to us non-German speaking folk). And they're not kidding. Kent's attention to detail is borderline obsessive - and we love it. We'll be keeping an eye our for his next work and know they'll be sure to impress, just as this one has.

Photos: Deke Morrow

Obersten Regal CX500 Specs:

• Removed front fender
• Extended rear fender 4 inches
• Complete motor rebuild and improvements
• Chopped off back end and fabricated a new tail section and swing arm support
• Penske 8975 custom mono shock
• 2012 R6 front end
• GSXR wave rotors
• Ducati Brembo rear brake caliper and rotor setup
• Excel Warp 9 wheels with custom hubs from Cognito Moto
• Shinko 005 Advance rubber
• Street tracker bars, Outlaw risers with ASV stubby levers - Motogadget m-switch mini(s)
• Tomaselli grips
• Full Motogadget electronics
• Speedhut GPS Speedo/Tac
• CX500 Deluxe tank
• Custom seat with Buffalo hide from Steamboat Springs, CO
• Mikuni carbs from Speedmoto - bronze powder coated velocity stacks
• Custom SS exhaust with dual 12” stubbys
• Fabricated new rear set mounts
• Custom paint by Scott Takes of Underground Art Studio

Fuller Moto Ducati Tracker

Limited Edition Ducati Street Tracker by Fuller Moto

Exclusive photos by Silver Piston Photography

Steve West, owner of Silver Piston, makes his “kickass jewelry for people who kick ass”, out of the Fuller Moto workshop in Atlanta, GA. In doing so, he gets a front row seat to watch another magician at work — Mr. Bryan Fuller. Lately, Steve has been focusing quite a bit of his creative energy towards his photography business — aptly named Silver Piston Photography — and noticed Fuller’s Ducati tracker, begging to be photographed.

Exclusive photo set by Silver Piston Photography Steve West, owner of Silver Piston, makes his “kickass jewelry for people who kick ass”, out of the Fuller Moto workshop. In doing so, he gets a front row seat to watch another magician at work — Mr. Bryan Fuller. Lately, Steve has been focusing some of his creative energy towards his photography —aptly named Silver Piston Photography — and noticed Fuller’s Ducati tracker, begging to be photographed. Burning the midnight oil one night, West rolled the tracker into his side of the studio and started snapping some glam shots of the sexy beast. Just what you’d expect from a svelte Italian model, she worked the camera and when Steve first shared the photos with us, we were awe struck. About the bike: Bryan Fuller, the main man behind Fuller Moto, certainly knows his way around a high performance machine. Turning cars and motorcycles into (fast) rolling art is his thing so when the Lloyd Brothers (managers of the Ducati Flat Track team) were looking for someone who could create a new chassis for their race bikes, Fuller was an obvious choice. Once the jig was set, why not crank out a few extras and create a streetable version? Well, that’s exactly what Fuller did, and is creating a limited run of 10 of these stunners. Each chassis created is fabricated from 4130 Chromoly Tubing on the Lloyd Brothers Motorsports Race Team jig. Every bung, plate, and tube is CNC designed, machined, and laser-cut with exacting precision. This is #1 of a Limited Edition Series. Frame, swing-arm and roller also available for purchase separately. The street tracker’s heart is a air-cooled Ducati’s 796cc L-twin—the same power plant in the Scrambler 800 and the Monster 796. The exhaust looks the business and is made from custom stainless headers mated to Cone Engineering Reverse Cone Mufflers. The bike is suspended by Ohlins FG511 Inverted Forks with a TTX Racing Fork Cartridge Kit, held together by Attack Performance Racing Triple Clamps. Out back a custom Fox Racing Shox. The bike has matching custom Dubya USA consiting of Talon Billet Pro Hubs and Sun Aluminum Rims (19” X 3.5”) running Vee Rubber 394 Street Tracker DOT-legit rubber. With a bike as well built as this is and with photos as stunning as these, seeing this bike under the Christmas tree is about all we’ve been dreaming about these days. Hey Fuller, save one for us, will ya? Photos: Silver Piston Photography Build: Fuller Moto

Fuller Moto Ducati Tracker

Burning the midnight oil one night, West rolled the tracker into his side of the studio and started snapping some glam shots of the sexy beast. Just what you’d expect from a svelte Italian model, she worked the camera and when Steve first shared the photos with us, we were awe struck.

About the bike:

Bryan Fuller, the main man behind Fuller Moto, certainly knows his way around a high performance machine. Turning cars and motorcycles into (fast) rolling art is his thing so when the Lloyd Brothers (managers of the Ducati Flat Track team) were looking for someone who could create a new chassis for their race bikes, Fuller was an obvious choice.

Fuller Moto Ducati Tracker - Dubya USA wheels

Once the jig was set, why not crank out a few extras and create a streetable version? Well, that’s exactly what Fuller did, and is creating a limited run of 10 of these stunners. Each chassis created is fabricated from 4130 Chromoly Tubing on the Lloyd Brothers Motorsports Race Team jig. Everything is CNC designed, machined, and laser-cut down to the finest detail. This is #1 of a Limited Edition Series. Frame, swing-arm and roller also available for purchase separately.

Fuller Moto Ducati Tracker - Lloyd Brothers

The street tracker’s heart is an air-cooled Ducati 796cc L-twin—the same power plant in the Scrambler 800 and the Monster 796. The exhaust is a custom Fuller Moto piece made from stainless steel, mated to Cone Engineering Reverse Cone Mufflers.

Fuller Moto Ducati Tracker - Cone Engineering

The bike's front end is suspended by Öhlins FG511 Inverted Forks with a TTX-racing cartridge kit, held together by Attack Performance Racing Triple Clamps. Out back a custom Fox Racing Shox does the trick. The bike has matching custom Dubya USA consisting of Talon Billet Pro Hubs and Sun Aluminum Rims (19” X 3.5”), running Vee Rubber 394 Street Tracker DOT-legit rubber. DOT-legit tracker tires you say? Now that's something we've been waiting for!

Fuller Moto Ducati Tracker - Ohlins suspension

With a bike as beautifully built as this, and with photos as stunning as these, seeing this bike under our Christmas tree is about all we’ve been dreaming about these days. Hey Fuller, save one for us, will ya?

Fuller Moto Ducati Tracker

Photos: Silver Piston Photography
Build: Fuller Moto

Tim Harney Motorcycles, Custom motorcycle, street tracker, Harley XL 883

For Sale :: Tim Harney Motorcycles' Harley Street Tracker

Harley Street Tracker for Sale

I've known of Tim Harney for some time now bit it wasn't until recently that I got to know him personally. As an accomplished builder, I just assumed that there would be a bit of an ego associated, but that couldn't be further from the truth. Tim is a soft-spoken type that lets his work do the talking. Tim recently let us know that one of his custom daily drivers was up for sale and we're stocked to share it with you all here.

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Motodemic, custom Ducati Scrambler, street tracker,

 Simple and clean Ducati tracker

Motodemic has been making a name for itself with handsome headlight conversion kits for a wide range of bikes. We've been oogling their kit for our Monster 821 build for some time and are constantly impressed with the quality bikes they put out. Often, the bikes they share photos of are customer bikes but Brad and the Motodemic crew built a tidy Ducati Scrambler of their own, and now it can be yours!

Based on a 2016 Scrambler Classic, the mods are subtle and tasteful. We really dig the stock paint of the Classic version of Ducati's Scrambler  - that 'Sunburst Orange' really pops - but the white custom paint really transforms the look of the bike.

An eliminated rear fender and SC-Project Conic 2-1 Low Mount Full System Exhaust add to the tracker look.

Up front, the bike is sporting Motodemic's Adaptive LED Headlight conversion with Motogadget m-Blaze Pins (blinkers) front and rear.

To improve the Scrambler's stance, the bike was fitted with Italia Independent Black Tapered Bar Riser and Renthal FatBar Tapered Handle Bars. 

 With under 1k miles on the clock, here's a great opportunity to snag a tight little tracker, ready to rip!

Here's what they had to share on the bike:

"The bike has been used for numerous photo and video shoots including being in the JW Speaker booth at SEMA last year and ridden on Kenny Roberts private flat track for some sweet sideways action. We are very careful with our bikes and they do not see a lot of usage. There isn't any wear and tear because it has never been daily ridden or commuted. Pretty much a new bike with some excellent mods. 600 mile service done at California Speed Sports who can also help set you up for financing. All stock parts and takeoffs included. Reg good till 04/18. If you have any questions about the bike feel free to ask. The bike can be seen at our facility in Tracy, CA pretty much any time."'

If you were already in the market for a new Ducati Scrambler, picking up this lightly used, and well modified example would be a no-brainer. Grab your $11k and get to Tracy, CA pronto!!

If you want to get in touch with Motodemic regarding the Scrambler, drop us a line here and we'll pass it on.

 Motodemic: Web | Facebook | Instagram

KTM 250 EXC-F cafe racer

KTM Street tracker by Engineered to Slide


A KTM 250 EXC-F cafe racer?

We've been following the evolution of Nigel Petrie's 2008 KTM 250 EXC-F for years now. Petrie, an Ozzie auto drifter and two wheel enthusiast, has taken this bike from an enduro, to Supermoto, to cafe racer, and now to the pretty slick little tracker you see here today.   

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RSD Desmo Tracker

RSD Desmo Tracker

Transforming a D16 into a tracker

The RSD Desmo Tracker has been one of our favorite builds to ever roll out of the Roland Sands Design garage in Los Alamitos, CA. Built back in 2011, it doesn't feel like it's aged a day. There's so much about this bike to be appreciated, but first and foremost, the fact that Roland and crew tackled a bike that was already beautiful and the definitely of high-performance, and transformed it to something completely different without somehow bastardizing its original incarnation.

Ducati Desmosedici
Image: catalog-moto.com

For those of you unfamiliar with the Ducati Desmosedici RR, it's Ducati's limited production road-legal version of their Desmosedici MotoGP racebike. To true Ducati enthusiasts, or Ducatisti, this bike is a unicorn. Tearing into one, more so, tearing one apart would be blasphemous. Which is exactly why RSD had to do it.

RSD Desmo Tracker

For as radically different the bike's overall stance and aesthetic look, there were very few modifications to the frame and engine. A few bodywork tabs here and there, but overall what you see is what was behind the glossy red fairings of the stock D16.

RSD Desmo Tracker

While RSD left quite a bit alone in terms of frame and engine, still the level of customization was pretty extreme. Modifications include an aluminum hand-made body mounted to the original frame. Fabricated cromoly subframe and swingarm, dirttrack specific suspension settings coupled with new dirt track triple clamps, 19 inch Performance Machine Flat track wheels and Goodyear tires give the Tracker its aggressive stance. Titanium pipes with courted cross over’s allow the exhaust to exit at an incredible pitch. Paint is by Chris Woods at Airtrix in Santa Barbra. Aside from paint, all modifications were performed at Roland Sands Design.

RSD Desmo Tracker
Image: Jeff Allen of Cycle World

RSD Desmo Tracker

 Cycle World's Mark Cernicky giving the RSD Tracker a go. Image: Jeff Allen

Whoever was writing for RSD at the time did a fantastic job and we want to share the text as they wrote it;

"The Desmo continues on her path to another existence. A path scattered with gravel, clay and dirt. Computer driven telemetry and laptops have been traded in for tire groovers and rawhide mallets. She accepts her fate gracefully. At her heart lies a deep desire to scream at the better part of 18,000 RPM. She shall be given the opportunity to satisfy her desires, but on another field of battle. Perhaps the there is a mile or two of flat dirt somewhere in her future with enough grip to put her to the test. Wheeling, sliding and begging for just a little more track, just a little wider exit. God bless the brave soul who dares to test her limits."

Cernicky again, this time on track

As noted, we've loved the RSD Desmo Tracker since 2011; we even have a huge poster of it hanging in the Bullitt garage! After watching the Cycle World video again, it's clear that Roland has a deep respect for the bike and his respect definitely shines through in the finished piece.

Roland Sands Design: Web | Facebook | Instagram
All images via Roland Sands Design unless noted otherwise

CL360, Honda scrambler,

For sale :: 1975 Honda CL360 Tracker

Ever wonder what an AMA Pro Flat tracker might ride around town?

Well, here's expert GNC Flat Tracker Josh Koch's custom CL360, and it can be yours! Josh is no stranger to spinning a wrench and his built himself a clean little street tracker that looks like a total blast!

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'Super Hooligan' Flat Track Races :: Austin, TX

Hooligans terrorize Austin, TX

The year the Super Hooligan races in Austin, TX added additional excitement to an already adrenaline-packed weekend. Set up across the street from Revival Cycle's Handbuilt Motorcycle Show which also happens to be during MotoGP weekend, there is never a more moto-hungry crowd in ATX. The streets and bars are jam-packed with race fans, custom builders and hooligans throughout the weekend and the Super Hooligan brings the action right into downtown Austin. 

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Earle Motors - Hyper Hooligans

Earle Motors's Hyper Hooligans

Earle Motors got us drooling earlier today with shots of their newest Hyper Hooligans. We pose to you a simple, yet difficult question; "Red or white?" Which would you choose?


 Three's normally a crowd, but not in this case!

Check out our feature of their original Ducati tracker here.

Earle Motors: Web | Facebook | Instagram

Ducati Hypermotard SP custom

Snap-On Front LED Turn Signals by New Rage Cycles

We dial in our Ducati Hypermotard SP

Having a mild hatred for bulky blinkers, we're constantly on the lookout for minimalist solutions. New Rage Cycles offers a pretty discreet kit, with their Snap-On Front LED Turn Signals. They're CNC machined from polycarbonate and, you guessed it, snap directly onto a range of fork tubes sizes for a pretty low-pro look. Not being fully satisfied there, we opted to murder them out for an more inconspicuous look.

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Fat Tracker TW200 by Wolf Moto

Who would have thought a Yamaha TW200 could be so hot?

Not going to lie, I haven't given much thought to a TW200 in years but after seeing Wolf Moto's TW200 on Bike EXIF, I couldn't stop thinking about one. Growing up on dirtbikes, I've ridden a TW200 here and there but never had a very memorable ride on one. I never thought of it as much more than a fat-tire starter bike, but then again, I hadn't seen this build.

Wolf Moto consists of two South African builders who were friends that were both in the moto industry (one in sales/marketing and the other more mechanical) before deciding to open their shop in late 2014. They've got a handful of other builds already completed but none appeal to me like their "Fat Tracker" does. The fatty tracker tires paired with the stripped down bike leave nothing but clean lines and an invitation for a good time.

I can't completely put my finger on what appeals so much to me with this bike. Maybe it's how well that tracker seat pairs with the Supertrapp exhaust. Or maybe it's the 6-1/4" PIAA headlight. I know, it's gotta be the NOS 78-model XS250 tank? I don't know...I just know I need to ride it!

For the full review on the Fat Tracker, head on over to Bike EXIF.
Wolf Moto: Web | Facebook | Instagram | Photos by Mickey Burnett