British Customs Triumph Desert Sled

Triumph Street Twin Desert Sled by British Customs

A stunning (modern) desert sled

Riding a motorcycle, no matter the style or type, has is roots in escapism. Escaping the doldrums of everyday life and feeling the wind in your face. There’s very few things in life that are more enjoyable to us two-wheel fiends. Images of a desert sled ripping a dusty trail epitomize that feeling to the fullest. You don’t have to be Steve McQueen or Bud Ekins to experience the joy either. There are plenty of capable bikes out these days that will let you get out there and go smash some burms, but our friends at British Customs hit the nail on the head with their recent Triumph Street Twin Desert Sled.

British Customs Triumph Street Twin Desert Sled

California-based motorcycle accessory makers, British Customs, have been helping Triumph owners transform their stock machines with bolt-on accessories into whatever style of bike they prefer for over a decade. Cafe racers, scramblers, trackers, bobbers, and desert sleds to name a few. British Customs made it possible for our Bullitt OG to come to life - as they have done countless others. Recently they’ve been upping their game not only producing a bevy complete DIY custom builds, but letting us mentally tag along on in their adventures with quality images in dream-worthy locations.

Triumph Street Twin Desert Sled in action

Their Street Twin Desert Sled, shot here in iconic Joshua Tree, CA, is exactly that. A killer bike, shot beautifully, that you - yeah YOU - could order the parts and build in your garage without grinding or welding. That kind of accessibility and freedom is good for motorcycling in general. Give us options. Let us put our own personal touch on bikes. We will all be happier for it.

Triumph Street Twin Desert Sled wheelie

Triumph Street Twin Desert Sled getting air

Their Street Twin Desert Sled came about as a result of their involvement with the Nowhere Motorcycle Show in Joshua Tree. The BC crew wanted to build something reminiscent of the Bud Ekins-built TR6C sleds from the mid 60s. They selected a Street Twin as the donor bike because it is already light (by Triumph standards) and had the right look for the build. They swapped the Street Twin tank for a larger capacity T120 tank with a classic two tone paint job and then swapped the stock mag wheels for an 18" rear wheel and 19" up front (classic sled sizes).

Triumph Street Twin Desert Sled at Joshua Tree

The bike features a prototype 3.5" Predator Pro and a new suspension set up they’re working on with Clark Jones from Noleen. He has extensive experience in the dirt world and his help has been invaluable to their development of the new system. To complete the stance their desert sled is running their Mule Tracker Bar based on a bend by Richard Pollock. The motor is stock but we found that the torque was there for what we were doing. While discussing the build with us, they say that bike exceeded their expectations and was a blast to ride. From the looks of it, they're not lying but we're going to have to judge for ourselves. We need to ride this thing soon!

Triumph Street Twin Desert Sled
Model: Triumph Street Twin
Year: 2016
Performance: Predator Pro 3.5" + Competition Header X-Pipe
Seating: Black Slammer Seat
Tail Light: Pan Tail Light
Turn Signals: Front and Shockmounted Retro Turn Signal Kits
Fender: High Fender Bracket + Shorty Fender
Shocks: BC x Noleen shocks for Street Twin
Shock Accessories: Shock Hardware Dress Up Kit
Front End Gauge area: Single Flat Gauge Kit for Street Twin
Handlebars: Mule Trackers
Mirror Accessories: Screw In Mirror Hole Caps
Grips: Biltwell Thruster Black
Risers: 7/8" Handlebar Clamps
Reservoir: Direct Mount Reservoir
Levers: Pazzo 6-way Levers
Footpegs: Off Road Foot Peg Kit / Passenger Peg Block Off
Side Covers: Number Plates
Badges: Clutch Badge 900
Wheels: Canyon 19 / 18 spoked
Rear Sprocket: Rear Sprocket Retro in 41t
Front Tire: Heidenau K67
Rear Tires: Heidenau K74
Rotors: Galfer Standard Floating Front / Solid Rear
Pads: Galfer HH Sintered Ceramic Front / Sintered Rear
Triumph Street Twin offroad
Triumph Street Twin scrambler
British Customs: Web | Facebook | Instagram

Ducati Monster 1200S By Rough Crafts

'The Indigo Flyer' Ducati Monster 1200 S By Rough Crafts

A Monster / SportClassic Medley

Like many of us, Rough Craft's Winston Yeh admits to having an affinity for the Ducati Monster since before he could legally ride a motorcycle. There is undoubtedly beauty in the simplicity of the trellis frame and the gas tank. Stripped down. No frills. All smiles. Having never owned one himself, when Yeh got the freedom to choose the base model for his recent custom project, he snagged a Monster 1200 S and never looked back.

custom Ducati Monster 1200 S

I've been a secret Monster fan since I can remember. Before I was legal to ride a bike, I saw pictures of Ducati Monster all over books and magazines, to me, that sexy trellis frame with narrow L-twin motor has the ultimate street bike look.

Ducati Monster 1200 S cafe racer by Rough Crafts

So, what do you do when your customer gives you the full freedom of which bike to buy and whatever direction to build? Yeh's decision was simple as he'd been studying the lines of the Monster for years. Winston feels that by rebuilding the subframe on the Monster 1200 S, he could take the bike in a number of different directions but the other bike that caught his eye was the SportClassic line, specifically the Paul Smart with the quarter fairing. The SportClassic models, especially the PS1000S (that's the Paul Smart version), have become collectables around the world. Winston's challenge to himself: to create that same kind of desire, on a one-off build.

Ducati Monster 1200 S cafe racer tail

What's cool about his design direction to us, is even with the SportClassic influence, he didn't over emulate the look. Clearly some style queues are there, but there are plenty of elements that stand out beyond the original SC design. The way the lines of the front quarter fairing blend into the lower lines of the tank. The unorthodox front headlight. The 90's style tail are a few elements that stand out. And who doesn't love some murdered out Ohlins?

Don't ask me why I used blue, for some reason during the fabrication process, I just feel the color combo, with greyish matte blue, over silver fiber line instead of just silver leaf, plus Kingsman's hand dyed brown seat, to create that Italian classic look but with a modern twist.

Rough Crafts Monster 1200 S tail

As with all Rough Craft builds, the attention to detail is amazing. RC bikes are always dripping in high quality parts and the Indigo Flyer is no exception. Ohlins suspension, Beringer brakes, Wukawa Industry wheels, Aella rearsets, Banei Racing mufflers with Rough Crafts end caps, CNC Racing carbon fenders and trim to name a few.

M1200S custom gauge

custom Ohlins Ducati suspension
Did we mention murdered out Ohlins?

We've always been fans of the Monster, SportClassic and Rough Crafts. When you put all those elements into a bowl and stir - you'll find a recipe for success.

Rough Crafts: Web | Facebook | Instagram | Photos by JL Photography