Deep Creek Ducati 900SS

Ducati 900SS Distinto by Deep Creek Cycleworks

A Belgian-made beauty

Deep Creek Cycleworks, a speedshop located in Diepenbeek, Belgium, recently shared images of their newest creation — a Ducati 900SS Distinto — that really caught our attention. Not sure if it's the interesting color palette chosen - not your typical Ducati's paint - or if it was simply the track-ready vibe, but we like it!

The crew at Deep Creek likes to rebuild vintage and modern bikes into cafe racers, bobbers, trackers, and other various customs. They done a handful of Beamers, Guzzi and Ducs and even have a Honda and Triumph thrown in.

Their race team battles a bunch of nice 80's endurance racers year after year and that inspired them to change this solid basic 900 Ducati package into what they're calling a 'crossover'.

Ducati 900SS Distinto side shot

Ducati 900SS Distinto cafe racer

I don't care what they call it, or why they built it. I just want to know, can I give it a go?!

custom Ducati 900SS Distinto cafe racer

Ducati 900SS Distinto Specs:

  • 900ie engine
  • Homemade tail section and headers
  • Polyester race fairing from a 1996 900SS
  • Modified 750SS tank
  • ST4 wheels
  • 1000SS swingarm
  • Motogadget gauges
  • Motocouture Leatherworks seat

Deep Creek Cycles: Web | Facebook | Photos by Raf Leuris

Triumph concept - Barbara Motorcycles

Motorcycle Concepts :: Barbara Custom Motorcycles

Barbara Custom Motorcycles gets weird

When it comes to conceptualizing a new build, there are many different ways to approach the initial phase and I find it truly interesting to see how each builder approaches his chosen canvas. Some builders visualize their work strictly in their minds, allowing the process to take shape organically. Some keep it old school sketching it out with traditional pen and paper while other are able to digitize their work. All have their own merits, but being able to digitize a build allows you to see the final product before picking up the old angle grinder.


Having a graphic design background myself, I tend to get excited when I see builder's digital comps. One builder whose work I love is Sylvain Berneron aka Holographic Hammer. When I came across French motorcycle design studio Barbara Custom Motorcycles' work, I knew I had another favorite.


Their work is pretty incredible and covers everything from simple brat/cafe style 'practical' builds to crazy mad max-style renderings and some wild futuristic stuff mixed in too. I got lost thumbing through their work and would really like to see some of these come to life. Note - some.


Barbara professes to help you to visualize your motorcycle project before you start to build it stating:

"Want a color change, test a new tank, a new saddle, a new exhaust pipe or a complete redesign? Whether you are a private person or a professional motorcycle designer, Barbara will help you to visualize exaclty the end state result before engaging with the preparer of your choice.

Come with your ideas, or let Barbara do the job."

Keep doing what your doing guys, and we may be sending some wacky comp ideas your way soon.


Barbara Custom Motorcycles: Facebook | Instagram

Spotted via 4h.10

1975 Moto Guzzi 850T 'Supernaturale' by Untitled Motorcycles

An award-winning Guzzi

The Quail Motorcycle Gathering is the place to be to see some amazing vintage bikes and some high quality builds. Friend of The Bullitt, Hugo Eccles of Untitled Motorcycles San Francisco had let us know he was working on a custom Guzzi to be debuted at the Quail but had only teased us with a tank shot a while back. We knew he was up to something good, and had to be patient to see the final product. Fortunately for all of us, the wait is over.

Their finished product is the UMC-023 'Supernaturale', a customized 1975 Moto Guzzi 850T designed and built by Eccles. 'Supernaturale' beat 300+ entrants to win the Design & Style Award at the Quail Motorcycle Gathering 2017 this past weekend, which is no small feat.

You might recognize Hugo and Untitled's names from their highly featured Hyper Scrambler. Sure, we featured it here, but it was featured on BikeEXIF, Pipeburn, and Cycle World to name a few, and even made it on Jay Leno's Garage.

We're suckers for all things raw and the 'Supernaturale' certainly ticks that box! Clean, tidy, and simplified aesthetics make for a stunning overall package. Once again Hugo and Untitled have knocked this one out of the park. Big congrats on the award as well guys!

Untitled Motorcycles: Web | Facebook | Instagram
Photography by Erik Jutras: Web | Instagram

Bullitt SP - custom Hypermotard SP

Bullitt SP :: Hyper in the Hills

After a break up, we've probably all been guilty of looking up an old ex from time to time. Well, we're no different and were looking at old pics of our beloved Bullitt SP. While flipping through the archives, we came across some photos that don't appear to have ever made it to the light of day. Sometimes with exes, that's a good thing, but in this case she's still got all her clothes on...

That Termi "full race" system made sweet, sweet music


These photos were taken in the Santa Cruz mountains near the famous Alice's Restaurant. Such good riding up there. Lately, with all the rain, lots of these roads have been closed. Aside from the rare heavy weather, the riding is simply amazing as long as you mind all the blind driveways. Damn, we miss the riding up there and miss the bike. This is harder than I thought...




Great bike, great riding, and great memories. No regrets. Just missing you bae. Hope all is well.