Mike Hailwood Limited-Edition Ducati Scrambler

Mike Hailwood Limited-Edition Ducati Scrambler

Ducati Thailand has put our a number of handsome customs to date and they're at it again, this time with a pretty cool, and very limited-edition Mike Hailwood-inspired Ducati Scrambler. This exclusive Ducati Scrambler Special Edition Mike Hailwood is inspired by the Ducati 900SS that Mike Hailwood rode to victory during his legendary Isle of Man comeback in 1978, eleven years after his retirement from motorcycle racing. 


The bike is based on the Ducati Scrambler 800 and while the majority of the updates are in graphics and unique bodywork, the bike does get an Öhlins rear shock and Termignoni pipes, which is nice.

Here's a breakdown of the bike's unique features:

Nose fairing - The nose fairing and tinted screen were specially customized with the 70’s look to emphasize even more the unique style of this limited edition Scrambler Hailwood.

Mike Hailwood Limited-Edition Ducati Scrambler

Fuel Tank and Frame - The Scrambler Hailwood finds a new form in its 14-liter steel tank and frame with the special paint in dynamic red livery that mimics Mike Hailwood® 900SS that he rode to his legendary comeback in 1978.

Mike Hailwood Limited-Edition Ducati Scrambler


Custom seat - The custom ‘monoposto’ seat unit of the Scrambler Hailwood® which made by plastic ABS as factory quality was specially articulated to resemble Mike’s race winning bike in 1978, with a custom made underseat panel that enhances the overall aesthetics of the bike.

Mike Hailwood Limited-Edition Ducati Scrambler

Handlebars - The Scrambler Hailwood combines modern ergonomic with classic sport bike by swapping the conventional Scrambler’s handle bar with the special made handle bar, making it lower and closer to the rider for enhanced maneuverability.

Mike Hailwood Limited-Edition Ducati Scrambler

Handgrips - The handgrips have been replaced with the grip from Ducati Superbike, to add a sporty touch, giving its rider ample feel and confidence attacking corners.

Mike Hailwood Limited-Edition Ducati Scrambler

Mirrors - The Scrambler Hailwood features a Ducati Performance mirror in a black anodized finish, crafted from high quality billet aluminum that is fully adjustable.

Mike Hailwood Limited-Edition Ducati Scrambler

Special aluminum number plate - The Scrambler Hailwood is made in limited number of only 58 units worldwide. Each bike comes with its own individual number inscribed on the top of the seat cover, making it a truly unique collectable motorcycle art piece.

Mike Hailwood Limited-Edition Ducati Scrambler

Turn indicators - Low-pro LED turn signals front and rear were keep things tidy and minimalistic for the Hailwood edition.

Suspension - The Scrambler Hailwood utilizes an Öhlins rear shock exclusively design for Scrambler Hailwood, featuring adjustable rebound damping, with easy pre-load adjustment. The bike also sports an upside down Kayaba 41 mm front fork.

Exhaust - What would a Hailwood replica be without a race exhaust? A Termignoni Exhaust system gives the premium touch and increased performance/flow to boot.

Wheels - The Scrambler Hailwood mounts ten-spoke light alloy wheels, 18 inches up front and 17 inches in the rear, wrapped in Pirelli Angel GT rubber. The rims are specially painted gold just like the Ducati 900SS that Mike Hailwood®, rode to victory at the Isle of Mann in 1978.

The Hailwood Scrambler lists at 699,000 Thai Bhat, which is just north of $19,500. A steep price to pay no doubt, but Hailwood name brings a undeniable cool factor, the limited edition ups said cool factor and hey - a portion of all the proceeds goes to Hailwood estate, which is pretty cool in and of itself.

Scrambler Hailwood Website | Official Mike Hailwood Website

Triumph desert-sled doomsday concepts by Ziggy Moto

Triumph desert-sled doomsday concepts by Ziggy Moto


If the zombie apocalypse does in fact come, you're gonna need the right bike. You're in luck if you already have the Survival Bike by Motoped, but if you want something faster, Ziggy Moto has come up with some pretty slick mock ups dreaming up some Triumphs that might do the trick. These things somehow look lean and mean, yet beefy and tough at the same time.

I'm not sure if it's the impracticality of the whole design that I find so appealing or not. Maybe it's the conflicting motifs that make it fun. A cafe racer with with rear-mounted ammo cans, a mono-shock, knobbies and exterior tank guards? Why not!

We don't really care what the motivation behind these concept was, we just know we like them. Anyone else besides me reminded of Classified Moto's Walking Dead Nighthawk build when they see these?

These are some of the first 'customized' new generation water-cooled Triumphs we seen so far, and have to say, so far so good.  

OK - here's at least one practical iteration of Ziggy Moto's mock ups. Anyone else want in?

Ziggy Moto: Instagram 

Triumph Speed Triple Cafe Racer Concept by Jakusa Design

Triumph Speed Triple Cafe Racer Concept by Jakusa Design

Triumph's Speed Triple has been one of the long standing naked thats paved the way for many a streetfighter to come. Many absolutely love this machine but one rather objective aspect of the bike has always been its dual headlights.  With most people it's love or hate, and I typically side with the latter. Personally, I just never fell for them, but maybe that's just me...

I woke up to an email from The Drive a few days with this striking specimen that had me drooling for some time. Hungarian automotive and industrial designer Tamás Jakus took Hinkley's bigger streetfighter and gave it the cafe treatment, at least digitally. In his stunning mock up know as Type 35, thankfully, he swapped in a singular headlight. Among the other mods, the most visually striking is its cafe-style seat that for reason, reminds me of a new Norton Commando. 

The GP-style exhaust looks rad and would likely sound good while that triple howls through the gears. Everything else just seems to work for me too. You can never go wrong with carbon. The seat color and accent pinstripes work too. 

Who thinks he should build this thing? I know I'd like to see it in the flesh.

Jakusa Design: Web | Facebook | Twitter

Earle Motors - Hyper Hooligans

Earle Motors's Hyper Hooligans

Earle Motors got us drooling earlier today with shots of their newest Hyper Hooligans. We pose to you a simple, yet difficult question; "Red or white?" Which would you choose?


 Three's normally a crowd, but not in this case!

Check out our feature of their original Ducati tracker here.

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