2016 Triumph Thruxton and Thruxton R

Triumph seems to have been sitting on their hands for some time and it's no question they were long overdue for a refresh to their modern classic line. Well, Triumph enthusiasts, you're in luck and unless you've been sleeping under a rock, you'd know by now that the entire line is getting an upgrade for 2016.

With the entire modern classic line getting reworked, there are a handful of new good-looking models such as the newest addition to the family, the Street Twin, I'd have to say the new Thruxton R looks to be the pick of the litter.  Those gold forks look great, and I was joking with Bullitt founder Pat Flynn that Triumph must have taken a design queue from his Bullitt OG

Aside from the new gold Showa forks on the Thruxton R, one of the most substantial updates to the new Hinkley cafe racer is that they are now home to a six speed, water-cooled, 1200cc 8-valve, "high power" engine. No word on horsepower yet but Triumph is claiming this new motor puts out a 62% increase in torque from the previous generation. 

The "R" also comes with twin floating Brembo disks, Brembo monobloc calipers, Showa Big piston forks, Öhlins rear suspension and Pirelli Diablo Rosso Corsa tires.

Color options for the new Thruxton come in the form of Jet Black, Pure White or Competition Green while the Thruxton R is offered in Diablo Red or Silver Frost.

Triumph is joining the 21st century with modern updates such as ABS, ride-be-wire throttle, slip assist clutch, USB charging socket and riding modes. Rider modes are linked to the new ride-by-wire system with three selectable modes; ‘road, rain and sport’ giving you the ability to choose based on condition and riding preference.

Triumph is also offering "inspiration kits" for the new Thruxton that you can have fitted by your dealer. The kits are said to be the starting points for designing your own and include a full-on track racer kit and the "ultimate cafe racer kit".

Track Racer Inspiration Kit
The Track Racer kits comes with a handful of competition-inspired accessories like a beautifully sculpted cockpit fairing, clip-on handlebars, fender eliminator, Vance & Hines slip-on silencers and a throwback leather tank strap.

The Cafe Inspiration Kit
The Cafe kits also forgoes the front fairing for a tinted fly screen. It too has clip-ons, fender eliminator, Vance & Hines slip-on silencers, leather tank strap and gets a set of Triumph knee pads.

Triumph definitely hit the nail on the head in the looks department with their new Thruxton. Time will tell for us to actually see how these babies handle. Though weight still hasn't been disclosed, it's safe to say that these won't be 'light' and the power is sure to be nothing crazy but having said all that, the average Joe looking for a factory cafe racer likely isn't expecting superbike specs. For that guy (I may be one of them), he'll look the part doing the Ton with relative ease. I have a feeling Triumph might do OK with this one...

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Fat Tracker TW200 by Wolf Moto

Who would have thought a Yamaha TW200 could be so hot?

Not going to lie, I haven't given much thought to a TW200 in years but after seeing Wolf Moto's TW200 on Bike EXIF, I couldn't stop thinking about one. Growing up on dirtbikes, I've ridden a TW200 here and there but never had a very memorable ride on one. I never thought of it as much more than a fat-tire starter bike, but then again, I hadn't seen this build.

Wolf Moto consists of two South African builders who were friends that were both in the moto industry (one in sales/marketing and the other more mechanical) before deciding to open their shop in late 2014. They've got a handful of other builds already completed but none appeal to me like their "Fat Tracker" does. The fatty tracker tires paired with the stripped down bike leave nothing but clean lines and an invitation for a good time.

I can't completely put my finger on what appeals so much to me with this bike. Maybe it's how well that tracker seat pairs with the Supertrapp exhaust. Or maybe it's the 6-1/4" PIAA headlight. I know, it's gotta be the NOS 78-model XS250 tank? I don't know...I just know I need to ride it!

For the full review on the Fat Tracker, head on over to Bike EXIF.
Wolf Moto: Web | Facebook | Instagram | Photos by Mickey Burnett

Watch BJ Baldwin jump his 800hp Trophy Truck like a dirtbike

Every now and then we share something completely non-moto and today just so happens to be one of those days. After watching BJ Baldwin's Recoil 3 'Sasquatch Hunter' over and over again I felt it might be worth a share here. Being a fan of Baja truck and prerunners for years, I'm constantly blown away by how far modern trophy trucks have come.

In Recoil 3, BJ Baldwin heads to the Pacific Northwest with his 800hp Trophy Truck to battle Bruce The Sasquatch where he boosts his truck off ledges, down stairs and hits an impressive stadium kicker that you might expect to see on Nitro Circus.

 Bruce The Sasquatch is an elusive bastard

Take a few minutes and watch the madness that is Recoil 3 and let us know; would you want to take a ride in Baldwin's truck?

Yamaha Street Tracker FZ-09 Teaser by Roland Sands Design

Roland Sands x Kenny Roberts

Yamaha has recently teased a new flat track-inspired concept based on their FZ-09. This is the second teaser in their Faster Sons series, this time with a bike built (and ridden) by Roland Sands complete with cameo by legendary flat tracker, Kenny Roberts. After watching the teaser video below, it's clear that I need a little seat time myself!

 Image via Lanesplitter

In the first Faster Sons video, Yamaha showed the cafe racer themed FZ-07-by Shinya Kimura, then they dropped the XSR700. This build appears to take inspiration from Kenny Roberts's TZ750 flat tracker from the 70's. Could Yamaha launching a retro street tracker at EICMA? Possibly. If a production model is created, it'll likely be nowhere as cool as the RSD version. Whether or not Yamaha comes out with a production version, I'm not too concerned. Having said that, I'd still be perfectly happy wheeling Roland's version straight into my garage! Anyone else with me?

Bullitt XS :: Tank Options


Jeremy has been mocking up both of his tanks on the Bullitt XS. While we almost always would prefer raw tanks, it's hard to argue that the super clean maroon tank does look pretty slick. They both work, and they both totally change the look and feel of the bike.

What do you think; maroon (above) or raw (below)?