MAN DOWN! Help out a brother in need!

A good friend of The Bullitt, Eric Jansson, was in a severe motorcycle accident a few weeks ago. A SUV collided with his Harley and left him with a compound fracture in his left leg. Under normal circumstances he wouldn't be up on his feet for several weeks and unfortunately the surgeries haven’t gone as well as expected. When the docs got in it was much worse than they had planned on. He’s ended up losing a 6 inch section of bone, where rods and plates will create his "new leg". Even worse, it sounds as if his leg's functionality moving forward will be limited.

Even with the severity of his injuries,  Eric is in good spirits and like usual, is remaining positive.  Although Eric does have medical insurance, the expense of two surgeries and the weeks it will take him to recover will be costly. Most of you reading this do not know Eric personably but he’s a part of our motorcycling brotherhood. He’s a great ambassador for motorcyclists of all genres and truly deserves a little help. There is one thing I love about motorcyclists, and that’s a strong sense of community.

If you are able buy this good dude a beer from afar, it would be hugely appreciated. Let’s lift up our brother and get him back on the road soon! We’ve created “Eric’s Medial Account” through GoFundMe site where you can donate in safety and confidence.

On behalf of Eric, thank you for all of your support and well wishes. 

2014 Quail Motorcycle Gathering

Moto porn from Carmel, Calif.

No your eyes are not deceiving you, it is in fact October and we are now just posting our photos from the The Quail Motorcycle Gathering. Now that we've got that behind us... The Quail Motorcycle Gathering in Carmel, California is an event we motorcycle enthusiasts dream of. Once a year nestled in from the stunning Central California coastline you will find a gathering of motorcycles, representing the crème de la crème of the past and present. As Quail puts it, they celebrate "the evolution of the motorcycle, honoring both pre- and post-war eras of the world’s finest sports and racing bikes". Translation: hundreds of drool-worthy builds and restorations all in one place!

The sprawling greens were littered with world class builds. Bikes we've spent countless hours studying online were now sitting right there in the flesh! Custom builders like Mule Motorcycles (directly above) and Kott Motorcycles (directly below) both had their trackers and cafe racers out on display.

Jeff Palhegyi’s steet-legal version of Kenny Roberts’ Yamaha 750 dirt tracker was a crowd favorite and went home with the Competition Sport Award.

Jeff Palhegyi custom Yamaha tracker - The Quail Motorcycle Gathering 2014

A clean BSA shined bright in the California sun.

Custom BSA motorcycle - the Quail Motorcycle Gathering

British Customs took the Industry Award for their Scrambler build. The bike below is another recently completed build dubbed the Cafe Racer Deux.

British Custom - custom Triumph cafe racer


The Quail Motorcycle Gathering was a great time and is highly recommended. The rides getting there, from nearly every direction, are worth the trip alone. Great food, great atmosphere and amazing builds in a beautiful setting.

Be there next year!

Video :: Bad To The Bone X Dimitri Coste

Here's a little Friday video inspiration for you this afternoon. 

Sit back and ride along with Dimitri Coste and he tears around on a 1959 Monark 500 GT. If this doesn’t make you want to go get dirty, you might need to check your pulse. 

Video after the break:

Bullitt CB :: New Tank Badges

Got some old, worn badges and stuck them on the Bullitt CB. It's amazing what a small update can do to the overall aesthetic. She's getting there!

Video: See See Motorcycles + Chrome Industries = WTF?

Let me just start by saying, yes, that most certainly is a pant-less chef slamming a large fish against the spinning paddle tire of a cafe (dirt) racer. Just let that settle in... I was shown this video with little more than "this will be the best thing you see all day". Not wanting to spoil the fun for you, I give you the same. Sit back, relax and enjoy the weirdness.

Totally amusing right? How many times did you think to yourself, "what the hell is going on here"? I love it! It wasn't until the end that I realized this was essentially an advertisement for Chrome Industry bags the whole time. Well done boys. Got me checking out Chrome and now I'm eyeing their Motor Barrage Bag.