Bullitt CB :: Disassembled

We were getting close on the Bullitt CB - which really is now a CL - when we decided to fully disassemble and build it back up proper.  There is really nothing left that hasn't been replaced, repainted or repaired.  There's been some big improvements and a lot of time put into this old girl.  Stay tuned here for more updates soon!

Dainese Presents: Rossi's Ranch - Video

Dainese recently put out a brand new film starring three motorcycle legends and a very exclusive race circuit in Tavullia, Italy.  On a sunny summer day, Supermoto World Champion Thomas Chareyre and road racing icon Guy Martin visited nine-time World Champion Valentino Rossi on his private Motor Ranch near Tavullia.

Rossi says, "It's like a dream from when you're a child.  You hope that at one moment you can buy your own racetrack."  Couldn't agree more with the man!

Bikes of Bolts :: Video

Pro skater and all around hooligan, Jeremy Jones sure likes to tear around town on his HD Sporty.  He rides the thing as if it were an urban scrambler...or skateboard...both of which it is not but he somehow pulls it off.  It doesn't always have to make sense.  This dude is charging and seems to be having a good time doing it.  Jones is part of the Bolts Action crew that seems to be gaining notoriety lately.  They just launched a new site too.

What are your thoughts on the video below?  Crazy, cool, or?
Jeremy Jones Bikes of Bolts from Seth Huot on Vimeo.

Bringing your obsession from the garage to the house

Iron Lung Cycles are making it easier to bring your passion for motorcycles into the house, and your girlfriend or wife may actually approve this time.  Sure, she may not be ready for you to wheel your half finished cafe racer into the living room but she may be into the throw pillows pictured above.  

The guys at Iron Lung have a range motorcycle themed decor ranging from pillows, framed art, iPad, iPhone and Macbook cases. 

They also carry tee's, hoodies and tote bags with their designs paying homage to the likes of Triumph, Norton and BSA.  

Check out their site here for more or to order yours now.

Loaded Gun Customs :: Bucephalus Build Video

Most of you have heard of Loaded Gun Customs by now, and have seen some of Kevin Dunworth's work. LGC has been on Cafe Racer TV and has put out some stunning bikes to date.  They've built some awesome Triumphs and Tritons (my personal favorite below), most recently 'The Tramp' collab with The Selvage Yard.  We got the chance to meet Kevin at Barber's Vintage Fest last year and he was an incredibly humble and friendly guy.  The video below is a teaser of his "Bucephalus" cafe racer build which has a very unique frame and a vintage motor.  In the video Dunworth tells us to stop thinking of it as a frame and to think of it as the engine.  "We're connecting the headtube and swingarm to the engine," he says. Check the video out to see more.

LOADED GUN CUSTOMS: Bucephalus Build from Kyle Pahlow on Vimeo.

Here is the beautiful LGC Triton mentioned above: 

Iron & Resin: Lost & Found In Baja Video

As we're packing our bags for our own Baja next week, not much could get us more pumped than then new video from our friends at Iron and Resin called "Lost and Found in Baja".  The surf rack equipped Ural seems to be the ultimate adventure vehicle for the rough Mexican roads.  InR impresses yet again, reminding us all that we need to make time to step away from the desk and to just get lost... What's your next adventure?

Video below:

Born Free 5 Photos

Born Free 5 takes over OC

Born Free is one of those events you don't want to miss.  I'm not even a "chopper guy" and it's a must-go deal.  There's so much creativity and diversity on hand...it's an electric atmosphere.  The invited builder's bikes were insane but there were stunning builds everywhere.  This year had to be double the size of last year.  The traffic was nutty, the heat was intense but there was plenty of cool beer on hand and not enough time in the day.  Can't wait for next year already!

Icon Drift 3 Video :: The Driftpocalypse

Empire boys Nick 'Apex' Brocha and Ernie 'Vdub' Vigil are at it again. In their third, Icon-produced produced 'Motorcycle vs. Car Drift Battle' installment they up the ante on their newly built 204HP Turbo Triumph Daytonas and tear through city streets chased by a 850hp X2R buggy. Their riding is impressive to say the least, but that buggy practically steals the show. Like its predecessors, Drift 3 is a very well done, white-knuckle ride and makes me want to go do some drifting. Maybe we should just leave that to the pros….

Here are the previous 'battles':
Motorcycle vs. Car Drift 1
Motorcycle vs. Car Drift 2