Bullitt CB :: Now a CL

From a CB350 to a CL350

We've been working hard on the CB lately. The bike was getting close to being finished before we decided to pull the motor, hack up the frame and make this a proper build. The frame's being de-tabbed and looped and on its way to powder coat. The motor's been gone through and is getting dialed in. Basically, we took everything apart, replaced all hardware, scrubbed, cleaned and coated just about everything we could. Can't wait to share more with you!

High Plains Driftin'

Cycle World and my boys at Nobizplan went out to the desert with some snacks, fireworks, 2 Ducati Diavels and a RC helicopter with a camera attached to it.  The rest is history...


Bullitt OG, British Customs, Custom exhaust, cafe racer

Bullitt OG :: Status Update

Keeping up with the Bullitt OG

This old girl has been taking a back seat to the CB build lately.  She's still not finished, but probably never will be... Finally cleaned her off and took a few snaps.

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Bullitt CB :: DIY Pin Striping

Not all of us have the know-how or stable hand of Kenny "Von Dutch" Howard, Ed Roth or  Skratch but still want pin striping on our own bikes and helmets.  I didn't want to pay anyone and just thought I'd mask off the area with pin striping tape and give it a go myself. 
That's what's been so fun with the Bullitt CB - just going for it on my own.  Never done this before, wasn't sure how it'd turn out but overall happy with the results. 

Have you ever tried something like this before?  Post to comments any successes or failures.

Cafe Conversions :: What Would You Convert?

What do you have laying around?

Here at The Bullitt we've posted a handful of dirt bikes that have been converted into cafe racers or trackers.  Take Drake McElroy's CR250 cafeNigel Petrie's cafe'd KTM and a RSD KTM 530 cafe and another clean RSD KTM 525.
These are all beautifully done and look like a total blast. There’s no doubt plenty of you out there have old dirtbikes…potentially collecting dust in the garage or shed. Well, would you or have you done something similar? Let us know.  What was it?  How difficult was it?  The XR600 pictured above was posted by ZeCraignos Monster Cycles blog. Bullitt approved!

Biltwell Gringo Helmets :: Almost Here

There has lots of excitement over the upcoming release of Biltwell's Gringo full face, DOT approved helmet. Today, Biltwell satisfies us with images of them with various bubble shields, goggles, etc. This DOT-approved lid meets or exceeds all specs for eye port size, peripheral vision, goggle fitment, etc. so you know it's ready to roll.  Which is your favorite Gringo set-up?

Gringos are almost here. Size Large, XL and XXL will hopefully be available in the online store tomorrow. Price is $149.95. Size XS, S, and M should be in sometime mid-June. Same sizing as their Bonanza helmets.

Tour Deus Temple of Enthusiasm in Bali :: Video

I have been to the 'Temple' and seen its majesty with my own two eyes but never got the tour like the video below shows.  These guys are building an empire right before our eyes, and I'm dying that it's not all mine.  I can't tell if I should love 'em or hate 'em.  For now, I'll continue to love 'em. [expand the post for the video]