Ducati SportClassic :: Retro Before Its Time?

Here at The Bullitt we love café racers, both modern and classic. Seems like lately every manufacturer is jumping on the cafe bandwagon...that is, except for one. Ducati unquestionably makes some amazing bikes, both in beauty and brawn. They had an answer to the café craze but discontinued their SportClassic in 2010. But why??

Dutch from The Bike Shed pulled together a fantastic outline of the SportClassic in its many shapes and forms. The information below is pulled directly from Dutch's post. Go here to see it in full.

The original models were monoposto (single-seat) bikes with a single-sided monoshock, long tank, clip-ons and proper old school looks, mated to a tried and tested air-cooled Desmo 1000 engine. There was also a faired limited edition model – the Paul Smart replica – which came kitted out with Öhlins suspension as standard equipment and was painted up to look like the race-winning 750SS ridden by the legendary British racer at Imola in 1972. It was beautiful.

 The Original above – The Rep below

After a year or so, (and much complaining from journos) the back-breaking clip-ons were given a 4 inch lift, and those with girlfriends were finally given a rear seat and pillion pegs. The faired biposto S also appeared, and Ducati’s dry clutch was swapped out for a quieter and longer-lived wet clutch… Much to the disgust of Ducatisti purists.

Best of all, being based on a bunch of spare parts from the Ducati parts bin, they are very easy to upgrade or customize. Some people make them more modern, quicker and more badass-looking, but increasingly, more and more of us love to take them back to their roots with classic paint, stripped down cosmetics, clocks, wheels, etc, and an Imola style seat.

Dutch snagged some of his favorite customs, which I in turn snagged from him. There are gobs more in his original post.

 The black & gold limited edition SE – each with a numbered plaque on the headstock

A very proper PS replica – with Imola style seat and custom fairing 

 A stunner from the forums. This is Barfer’s.

 The NCR take on the SportClassic. Pricey, but gorgeous

 The stunning racer above started out as a GT with bars

Bottom line is Ducati built a stronger, and frankly more handsome bike than any of its competitors and still walked away. I'd love to see Ducati bring it back. Anyone with me?!

Bonneville Salt Flats Video :: Out of Nothing

Saw the video below about a team of dudes, giving up practically everything in the name of speed, via the lovely MotoLady site.  Makes me really want to get out there this year, if only just to watch.

Django Django :: Indian Silodrome

Indians getting sideways

I first saw this video on Abandon Pier and then again on Silodrome. I had bookmarked it and found myself going back again and again to watch it. The video below focuses on a modern-day Indian Silodrome crew. As James McBride of Silodrome reminds us, a silodrome is "a Wall of Death, a huge silo shaped chamber in which stuntmen (and women) ride around the walls at speeds high enough to create G-forces higher than gravity. This allows them to ride at a 90 degree angle to the ground whilst generally goofing around almost never dying."

While riding on the silodrome may look fun, it's no joke. These 'stunts' are for real, with real consequences. It takes true guts, talent...and a little faith in yourself and your fellow riders to make it safely to the bottom again. Needless to say, I'm impressed by these nutty dudes.

Iron and Resin's Hooligan Hoedown :: April 20th

Here at The Bullitt we love Iron and Resin's surf and moto inspired vibe.  The whole I&R crew is a bunch of cool cats yet there's no "I'm too cool for you" type of vibe.  Their designs are always on point and they're constantly coming up with the next big idea...like the Hooligan Hoedown.  The Hoedown will be a moto camp-out with live music, all you can eat BBQ and a guaranteed good time. Here's the event info straight from the Iron and Resin site:
On April 20-21, Iron and Resin will be hosting our first annual Spring Moto Campout - The Hooligan Hoedown. Ride in and meet us there or join us for a group ride from The Garage to Camp Sheideck, a remote outpost pretty much in the middle of nowhere. Located 37 miles north of Ojai, along a picturesque river, Camp Sheideck dates back to the early 1900s, providing shelter, a post office (for early valley pioneers) and a sip of moonshine for the weary traveler. Today, the pioneer era saloon at Sheideck, known as Reyes Creek Bar, offers some of the coldest beer, strongest whiskey and the best jukebox around for miles.
Group camping facilities are provided and we encourage all who are there to spend the night. In addition to the group site, there are more private sites available along the river. An all you can eat tri-tip and chicken barbecue will get things heated up as the the bands start to take to the stage. This will be a night to remember with plenty of stories to share with those willing to make the trek over the mountain. We'll be announcing the bands each week, as we get closer, but rest assured, there will be good music. We'll also have plenty of gear to give away from Iron and Resin and the other brands that we feature in The Garage.
So get your bike ready, grab your girl (or guy) and dust off your sleeping bag and head into the hills for a weekend to remember.
(Special note: ALL are welcome to this event - whether on four wheels or two)
$25 per person - includes camping, music and all you can eat barbecue dinner.
GO HERE to purchase tickets for the event.

CLICK HERE to view google map.

The Build Film

I've seen this video pop up all over lately.  It's an interactive film exploring the world of custom motorcycle making through the stories of three independent builders (Thor Drake, James Crowe and Casey Him) in Portland, OR.  Couldn't agree more with these guys... motorcycle building or just motorcycling in general can be more addictive than just about anything out there.  Great video, great guys and a worthy watch.

Southsiders and Paul d'Orléans on the Velocette Thruxton

Now that's a Thruxton!

Though Velocette was much smaller than the other British manufacturers of its time - BSA, Triumph and Norton - it was constantly a racing contender that brought in two World Championship titles (1949–1950 350 cc) and its still-unbeaten (for single-cylinder, 500cc machines) 24 hours at 100 mph (161 km/h) record. The Southsiders had Benoit Guerry shoot this stunning Velocette Thruxton at their studio earlier this year and had the Paul d'Orléans provide some insight on the beautiful bike, included below.
Read more

Isle of Man TT :: Zero Fu$ks Given

Dropped this photo on Instagram...and the crowd goes wild!  Thought I'd share it here too.  There's nothing quite like the Isle of Man is there?

Canyon Motorcycles

Canyon Motorcycles 'Strap-On'?

I met Adrian Packett years ago when he had a little shop in Venice, CA. Turns out he's been a busy boy and has opened a full-fledged custom shop. He still stresses his bread and butter is maintenance and performance upgrades but if you check his site you'll see he's turning out some pretty cool custom bikes as well. I bumped into him at the British Custom's bike show recently and saw a few of his bikes and his cheeky products. He's the self-proclaimed "first motorcycle company to sell a leather strap-on". And he's not lying!

He has his leather strap-on which is a easy solution to cover up Triumph's racing stripes without requiring a new paint job.  Actually pretty cool and made in high quality.  The other product he was showcasing was his 'thirst eliminator' on-bike bottle opener.  Who needs a bottle opener on your motorcycle, you might think?  Well, I've been camping a la Triumph more than once and could have used one before!  Good on ya Adrian...keep it up mate!

Canyon Motorcycles: Web | Facebook

BC Bike Show :: Favorite Shot

I snagged this shot of Tommy's (of Iron and Resin) BSA.  Such a stunning bike in black and white...