Cafe Racer Reader's West Coast Bike Show

British Customs is hosting Cafe Racer Magazine's West Coast Readers Ride Bike Show.  The new date is Saturday, March 2nd.  The event is open to all builders and bikes.  Stay tuned for more details or check out the Cafe Racer Website.

El Solitario MC's 'El Chupito'

There are a few brands out there in the newly emerging DIY, garage/hand-built custom motorcycle scene that really have something special.  There’s the Wrenchmonkees from Denmark, Spirit of the Seventies in the UK, Classified Moto here in the US and of course Deus Ex Machina, now seemingly everywhere.  I think what really separates them is the way they tell their story.  It seems just about anyone can build a nice looking bike these days but it takes a keen eye and overall vision to evoke the soul the way the companies above can do.

Take this photoshoot by El Solitario of a recently completed build, 'El Chupito'.  These images could easily be in a fashion magazine.  The shoot portrays an undeniable sense of fun and excitement much further than simple images of the bike could do alone.  ESMC has quickly made its mark on the ‘scene’ and appears to be here to stay.  Bravo boys, bravo!

El Solitario has already begun work on another Ducati, named 'Petardo' which will no doubt impress.  Make sure to follow these guys.  I expect big things from ESMC.

Cycle World Loves on Bonneville :: "Best Used Bikes"

Who can forget Sy Sperling's tv commercials confessing: "I'm not only the Hair Club president, I'm also a client!"  That's exactly how I feel when reading through Cycle World's recent article on how the Hinkley Triumph Bonneville is a great value when considering a used motorcycle.  Well, "Not only am I an advocate of the Triumph Bonneville, I'm also an owner".  I have convinced countless friends to purchase a Bonnie, Thrux or Scrambler.  Hell, I've even pulled a handful of my sport bike riding friends to make the switch to a modern classic.  Cycle World made the case for why these bikes are so great, and I have to agree.  Here is what they said:

Triumph Bonneville – Best Used Bikes
A faithful replication of the beloved Bonnies of the 1970s.

Years sold: 2001-present
MSRP new: $6999 (2001) to $10,499 (2012)
Blue Book retail value: $3795 (2002) to $9390 (2012)

Basic specs: A retro-styled, dohc parallel-Twin displacing either 790 or 865cc, depending upon year and model. The Bonneville was introduced in 2001 as a lone 790cc model, had the America cruiser version added in ’02, followed by the Speedmaster faux dragbike and upgraded T100 in ’03. The first 865cc model, the Thruxton 900, came in ’04, and the T100 and Speedmaster got that displacement bump the next year. The high-pipe, 865cc Scrambler was added in ’06. All the Bonneville-based models became 865s in ’07, and all were then switched in 2008 from carburetors to fuel injection using throttle bodies cleverly designed to look like carburetors to retain the classic appearance.

Why it’s desirable: Visually, the Bonneville is a realistically faithful replication of the beloved Bonnies of the 1970s but built with modern technology and manufacturing, and offering increased engine performance, more sophisticated suspension and better braking. Despite the numerous improvements and upgrades the Bonneville and its various offspring have undergone, the basic motorcycle has adhered to the original vision that produced the 2001 model. The result is a range of satisfying, pleasurable rides that even most fans of the original have come to love. Besides, retro bikes currently are enjoying a cool trend that keeps growing, and these Triumphs are authentic, turnkey retros.

Useful resources: If you type “Triumph Bonneville” in any web browser, you’ll be assaulted by so many related sites that you could go blind trying to view them all. Forums, test reviews, videos, accessory vendors, tech information, dealer sites, photos of customs and personal Bonnevilles—you name it, and you’ll find it there.

That's a Man's Corner!

That's A Man's Corner【HD】SpecTTacular . . 320kph/200mph 'Isle of Man' TT from Locck9 on Vimeo.

Here's a cool little video of the TT to get you through your Monday.  I've got to get here some day...

Biltwell Fullface "Gringo" Update

I have been in constant contact with Biltwell seeing if I can get any sort of update on their upcoming Gringo fullface helmet.  "Watch Facebook" is about the best I can get out of them for now but they did tease us with another photo via Instagram a few weeks ago.  Apparently this color won't make production and there will be snaps for visors, bubble shields, etc.  That's about all we can get for now but stayed tuned here for updates!  Also, Biltwell is having a garage sale this weekend.  Don't expect to grab a Gringo but check the flyer below for details.

2011 Triumph Thruxton 'Sucker Punch II'

Nam Chantepie from San Diego sent me some great shots of his stunning 2011 Triumph Thruxton. His carbon fiber hydrographic (water transfer paint) really give his bike a unique look and has quite a list of specs (listed below) to follow.

Nam's 2011 Triumph Thruxton
Carbon Fiber Hydrographic (water transfer paint) - by CG Hydrographics
Reupholstered seat
Motogadget Motoscope Pro Digital Instrument gauge
Black Powder coated rims and hubs
TEC Fork Brace
TEC Steering Damper
British Customs (BC) Predator exhaust
BC ceramic coated headers
BC Fender Eliminator Kit
BC Air Box Removal Kit
BC clutch boot and cover
BC Rectifier relocation kit
Joker machine headlight ears
Joker machine clip-ons
Joker machine ignition relocation kit
Blacked out engine covers and cam covers
Top triple tree from a 2007 Thruxton, painted black
Shorty black brake and clutch levers
LED turn signals

All images by Epic Image Studios

Suede Seat for Triumph Thruxton

Meatball from Hell on Wheels made a suede seat cover for one of his builds and is now offering them to everyone. The seat he is using appears to be off a Thruxton but would easily fit on the Bonneville or Scrambler as well.
It's an exact copy of the factory pattern and uses the stock foam. They can make you one in most colors for $160 plus shipping.  All you do is send them your seat (and money) and they'll do the rest.