A Harley Davidson 'Hurley' Scrambler by Roland Sands Designs

Popular surf brand Hurley commissioned Roland Sands and crew to build them a urban surf-checking machine. Being headquartered in Orange County themselves and already into custom bikes, RSD seemed like a perfect fit and quickly, the Hurley Sportster was born.

They shot a few pictures of her as a cafe racer and somewhere on the way to the beach they decided moto bars, dual purpose tires and a solo seat were a better fit and she was transformed into a Hurley Scrambler. We slightly prefer the look of the cafe version, but that's no big surprise. Which look do you like?

Cafe version above, scrambler version below.  Let us know which you prefer.

The State We're In :: The Future of the Motorcycle Industry

Here's an article penned by Chris Hunter of BikeEXIF for Bike Craft magazine's March/April 2012 Issue.  The article discusses the trend going away from raked-out choppers and bling to DIY bikes that are more "go" than "show". 

Hunter profiles four builders from across the globe.  From the US we have Hammarhead Industries, from Denmark we have The Wrenchmonkees, UK it's Shaw Speed and Customs and from Oz we have Deus Ex Machina.  The common theme throughout all builders is - no surprise - less is more. 

Chris also lists some of the other infulential builders right now like Cafe Racer Dreams from Spain or Classified Moto from the good ol' US of A.  With any luck and a lot of hard work, someday The Bullitt might be listed among those names!!

via Wrenchmonkees blog

Mods vs. Rockers @ The Queen Mary

Come on down next Friday, August 3rd for a Mods vs. Rockers event hosted by POW Club and BA Moto at the Queen Mary in Long Beach, Calif.  Last year's was a great time and this year should be bigger and better.  Be there!

Chipping away, day by day...

Starting to mock up the pieces for the Bullitt CB and it's finally starting to look like a bike again.  Planning to do all new wiring and am dreading it.  Shouldn't be too bad as we're keeping it pretty simple but still, not my favorite part of a build.  Stay tuned for more updates soon!

For Sale :: 1970 Triumph T100c

 1970 Triumph T100c For Sale

Scotty from Cycle Zombies has a fun looking 1970 Triumph T100c up for sale on his blog. He says the bike runs great and starts first kick. It has matching numbers with a CA title and current registration.  What a perfect little desert sled.  Wish I had room in the garage!


Contact Stopnik85@yahoo.com for more info.

1966 Triumph Bonneville Desert Sled

This beauty was sent in by motorcycle writer Hamish Cooper.  The build story on his 1966 Triumph Bonneville desert sled is in the June issue of the UK magazine Classic Bike.

Since these photos were taken he's fitted a set of Hagon shocks to the bike, replacing the saggy old Girlings. The old Triumph, which started out as an abandoned '70s chopper, is racking up the miles and looks like a lot of fun.  Thanks Hamish!
What's your idea of the best classic desert sled?  Post your thoughts to comments!

Custom CB Tank Paint

A little teaser of the DIY custom paint job I’m working on the Bullitt CB.  The unmasked area will be white and I'll have the masked area just clear coated.  You like?

Born Free 4 - Round III

Each year really has been better than the last.  Better bikes, better crowds, better artists...so much fun.  So stoked to have an event like this in my back yard.  Now what if we had an event that had as many cafe racers as there were chops and bobs?  I think my head might explode!!

Born Free 4 - Round II

There were a lot of interesting builds out there last Saturday.  Which were your favorites?

Born Free 4 - Round I

Born Free 4 was a great time.  Tons of killer builds, good people and cool products for sale.  It was hot as hell but the beers were cold and there was plenty to keep the mind preoccupied.

Bullitt Helmet Concept by Chad Hodge

It's no question that retro is in these days.  Though there are plenty of good options available for a ¾ helmet, the full face category is almost exclusively modern.  Enter Chad Hodge, a recent industrial design graduate from the University of Cincinnati. 

When Chad went to look for a helmet,  he knew he wanted the safety of a full face but also wanted something with the vintage styling to match the aesthetic of is ’78 Yamaha XS1100. Not finding anything out there that suited his tastes, he took matters into his own hands. For his thesis, Hodge designed the beautiful retro full face helmet you see here.

Currently it's only a prototype, but I think there is a big market for something like this. And with a name like the Bullitt helmet, you'd have to think we're on board here.  Bullitt approved!!

If you'd like to help Chad (please do!) you can get his contact info by e-mailing Lennard from Bubble Visor here: info@lennardschuurmans.com

via Moto-Mucci via Bubble Visor