Tomorrow :: Born Free 4

Tomorrow's the big day: June 30th 2012 Hours are 10 am to 5 pm. Awards around 4 pm and giveaways to follow. Born-Free is held at Oak Canyon Ranch (behind Irvine Lake ) 5305 Santiago Canyon Road in Silverado Ca. 92676.

Look for the Born-Free signs and follow them to the event site. Map with directions below.  No pets allowed.

bronsonvilleBF4 from platform skateboard shop on Vimeo.

Born Free 4: Jasin Phares from achilen on Vimeo.

Directions can be a bit tricky. 

Electric Blue Heaven

Though it's not moto-related, I couldn't resist sharing.  Australian surfer Dion Agius and renowned surf filmmaker Joe G headed to the UAE in search of a mystical man-made wave (allegedly financed by a wealthy sheik) in the middle of the desert.  Take a ripper surfer, a near perfect wave, throw in a few hot girls and exotic cars and we have a winner.

The Book Of Deus – 2nd Edition

A whole lot has happened since the first edition of the DEUS book was released. Deus – The House Of Simple Pleasures was a 230 page tome of custom-built enthusiasm – bound together by the pursuit of fun, the events, the culture and the characters that passed through our automatic doors over the years since small beginnings in 2005.

[more pics and video after the jump]

The Book Of Deus | Version 2 from Deus Customs on Vimeo.

The Book Of Deus is the second instalment in the Deus saga – a 252 page, full fat, extra fruit pictorial exposé of the multifarious beast that is the Technicolor world of Deus. over 60 new pages, a new cover and hand screen printed hard cover slip case. Featuring new content including Deus Bali, Deus Venice, The American, ‘Tracking’ the movie, new artwork, Dress-Up Drags, Harold Park 2011, swap meets, live music and all the usual Deus scuttlebutt…
Retail price: $79.95 UAD and USD 

Custom Triumph Thruxton Café Racer

 Now that's a killer Triumph Thruxton

Ravi Menon has built himself a wolf in sheep's clothing.  The modifications to his 2008 Triumph Thruxton appear relatively modest at first glance but upon closer inspection, it's clear that he has put in a lot of blood, sweat and tears (and money) into his ride.
"I did everything other than the sandblasting and nickel plating, though I did the hand sanding between those two steps to get the right texture. The engine was built by Carlos at TPUSA and then modified by me with Viton o-rings for the oil galleries in the head.  Anything else "custom" was me", said Ravi. The performance numbers boast a claimed 109 RWHP and 77 RWTQ. After reading the bike's long spec sheet (below), we believe him!

Morad 3 x 17 alloy rim with Michelin Pilot Road 2CT 120/70 ZR17 tire and tube.
Heavy duty spokes from Central Wheel Corp. in the UK.
Polished lower forks.
Bitubo cartridges.
Pretech 6 pot caliper.
Speedo takeoff ground down and filled to make a passive spacer.
Speed bleeders front, rear and at front master cylinder.
Fender from TAB II Classics. Drilled and mounted to his own custom-made fork brace.
DeCaesar Triple Clamp, custom drilled cap for Ace & Farley Damper.
All Balls tapered steering bearings.
Joker headlight bracket.
Sylvania Performance sealed beam.
Rectangular turn signals front and rear with clear indicators and yellow bulbs.
CRG bar ends on Woodcraft 1” riser clip-ons.
Progrip grips.
Pazzo levers.
Triumph Direct mount reservoir kit on a 14 mm Nissin master cylinder (Speed Triple).
Motogadget Chronoclassic with speed pickup from 6 magnets in rotor nuts.
Custom rubber spacers and custom D9 mounting bracket for speedo.
Norton Sprint tank (14.5 liters), no dimples from TAB II classics.
Monza cap with custom anti slosh neck and redone hinge.
Triumph classic badges.
Nology ignitor with Bremi spark plug leads.
Triumph EFI headers (larger diameter than carbed versions)
LSL frame sliders.
Custom cut Uni filters.
MAS sprocket cover. 19T front sprocket.
Norman Hyde rearsets with custom linkages.
New Bonneville temperature gauge/oil cap.
Custom crankcase breather tucked between rear of cylinders.
Billet NPT petcocks.
Custom battery box.
Ducati rear 12mm master cylinder, custom pressure switch and Risoma reservoir.
TPUSA Dominator Touring Exhaust.
DeCaesar swingarm.
Sargent custom seat, shortened from stock and horn added.
Cowl from TAB II Classics.
Bitubo shocks.
Maund Speed Equipment Fender eliminator.
Custom Dynamics LED combined brake/turn signals.
Michelin 160/60R17 tire on Morad 4.25 x 17” alloy rim.
Heavy duty J spokes from Central Wheel.
Motogadget m-unit and complete rewire with my own custom loom. Connectors from Eastern Beaver.
Datatool alarm.
Engine from Triumph Performance USA (TPUSA)
Copper gaskets and Viton o-rings.
SUB cylinder head with oversize buckets.
SUB cams.
Billet cylinders.
Stroker crank, fully polish, balanced and knife edge.
Bored out crankcase to accommodate  billet cylinders.
Carrillo Rods.
Racing Clutch.
Triumph Performance Igniter Option 5+.
Racing bearings.
Antifriction treatment for bearings (mains and rods), cylinder walls, pistons, wrist pins, buttons, rings, cams.
Custom cut, welded, sandblasted and nickel plated.

Hooligan Derby Round #3

This is the first time I made it to the Iron and Resin Hooligan Derby.   Awesome event with some cool dudes for sure.  Bummed I dropped my film camera and it busted open, ruining the whole roll of film...
I unfortunately had to bail before the main events.  That being said, I was still able to grab a few fun shots from the day.

I guess I'll be better prepared for the next races but I'm hoping to be competing rather than shooting photos.  Gotta get the CB finished up!

Progress on the XS

Making headway on the XS.  The frame is back from powder coat, the engine has been wire-brushed and cleared and the shocks have been blacked out. She's just about ready to get put back together! Stay tuned...

The Bullitt XS is being built by my good buddy Jeremy Moultrup.  He's created his own blog, Iron and Hide where you can follow his build inspiration with a specific page to his bike as well.

Bullitt CB Progress

Making progress on the Bullitt CB...which is soon to become the Bullitt CL.  After going the the Iron and Resin Hooligan Derby yesterday, this bike is begging to become more of a tracker!

The Downshift :: Cafe Racers 'Vintage Style' Video

The Downshift appears every Tuesday on the Motor Trend YouTube channel.  This week's episode features the new cafe racer scene taking over the US and talks about the origin of cafe racers in the UK.  You can see some of my buds from BA Moto, Deus Ex Machina and Venice Vintage MC.
Video after the break

For Sale :: Radical Ducati's "9½ Radical"

While perusing the site of the always interesting Spanish-based tuners, Radical Ducati, I noticed that they have one of their builds up for sale on their blog.
Their bike dubbed the "9½ Radical" is another fine example of exatly what they do best.  Take an already fast Ducati and make it faster and lighter.  By now, they have that formula down to a T!  No word on the asking price yet, but stay tuned here...I'll update as soon as I hear back.
In their posting on the bike, they mention that this build is a tribute to Racing Ducati singles (Nenzioni 450 cc)
A short list of impressive specs:

- Modified Monster 900 ’97 frame
- Monster 900 ’97 forks
- Monster 900 carburetors
- Single side swing-arm kit
- Monster 900 front wheel
- 916 rear wheel
- Braking rear and front disc brakes
- Brembo PR19 brake pump
- Frentubo blue Kevlar brake lines
- ST2 engine ( tuned) with injectors body throttle
– K&N air filters
- 916 racing electrical wiring
- Aviacompositi rev counter
- ST2 original ECU
- Wolfman two independent exhaust tubes
- Lasser Megaphones E3 omologated
- SP regulable footpegs - Malagutti 500 water radiator
- MT03 aluminum modified front mudguard.
- 999 fuel tank with ergal quick open gas tap
- RAD 02 Cafe Racer solo seat
- Tomaselli regulable aluminum clip ons

Blacked out over the weekend!

Got a lot of stuff off to the powder coater over the weekend. Blacking everything out except for the CB tank. Stay tuned for some updates to the Bullitt OG and CB coming soon!