Cycle World's Ducati Diavel Experience

I was stoked to be selected by Cycle World to participate in their 10 Best: Ducati Diavel Riding Experience.   Admittedly, there are plenty of other Ducatis that I would choose first...I was still interested in checking out this 162 hp beast.

For being a "cruiser" this thing can do a lot more than cruise.  For how wide and big this bike might look, handling is great.  The riding position is comfortable but not limiting.  Switching through the 3 different riding modes was easy, though I never really left sport mode.  We got to tear through the San Diego canyons I was left grinning ear to ear.  No doubt the Diavel is a bike that is comfy enough for a long haul but sporty enough for a tear around town.  I was impressed.

Hooligan Derby :: Round II

So bummed I missed Round II of Iron and Resin's Hooligan Derby.  Thinking about taking the Bullitt CB, complete with rear sets and clips on, in the next round!  For more, got to the Iron and Resin blog.

Photos by Photos by Scott G Toepfer and Jesse Carmody

BA Moto's New Shop with Sexy Boris

Take a tour of the new BA Moto HQ with Sexy Boris.  This is exactly why I love these guys; they're serious about motorcycles, and equally serious about having a good time.

Brian Ballard's 2007 Triumph Thruxton


There’s been some discussion around the café scene whether a “custom” is truly a custom even though the bike hasn’t been hacked up, rewelded, etc.  As I argued with our recent feature on British Custom’s Thruxton, a bike can still be a custom utilizing bolt-on parts.  Biran Ballard of Sloatburg NY is another such example of this. 

His 2007 Triumph Thruxton has been tastefully customized and looks stunning.  There are no crazy frame modifications here, nor has he bored-out the engine but he's put together a rippable and clean custom café racer.
Everything that was done to the bike besides paint and powder coating was done in his shed.  Brain had his street glide on eBay when I found out his wife was pregnant and was offered this bike and cash as a trade for it and he jumped on it. 

When asked about his favorite mod, Brian responded, "I absolutely love the FCR 39s. They were the single best mod I added to the bike. Carlos from TPUSA had them pretty damn close out of the box, I had to make one needle position change."  He would also like to thank his wife Alyssa and daughter Angela for putting up with his long nights in the shed.

2007 Triumph Thruxton

Hot Rod Flatz Silver Sled Metallic
Shaved rear passenger pegs and various tabs off of the frame
Wiring and Shorai battery mounted under seat cowl
Stock Internals
Ikon Rear Shocks
Ikon Front Springs
Michelin Road 2 Tires: 110/80/18 front and 170/60/17 rear

Painted by TJ Haggerty
Powdercoating by
Welding by Dan Hart
Photos by Warren Salle

Eye Candy :: Streetracker's Images

More stunning images from Raffaele Paolucci of the always interesting Streetracker blog.  This guy can make a simple wrench - or hand - look cool.

If you haven't seen our previous posts on Streetracker, make sure to check out the links below:
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BA Moto Grand Opening Party

You read the sign...everyone gets laid.  Might even be worth a flight if need be.

Tridays Rambler

Earlier this year we posted on the Tridays 11 bike and this years is equally impressive.  Last year's bike was a nice Hinkley cafe racer and this year they've done a sweet little scrambler, complete with Ohlins all around.  If anyone knows what that headlight or bracket they're running, let me know.

Hooligan Derby :: Round 2

The first one may have been rained out but the second round is on!  Wish I could be there for this one. 
I guess two weeks in Nicaragua will help me forget about it though.  Make it if you can.

What the? 'The Needle' SLR650

Saw this nutty little thing via Return of the Cafe Racers and had to share.  The bike was put together by Mermaid Mototorcycles of Milan.  It's such an odd mix but it somehow, someway works...kinda.  How unique is that exhaust?  I kinda like it.  What are your thoughts?  Video after the jump.
Spillo. La special di Officine Mermaid per Riders Magazine from Alberto Narduzzi on Vimeo.

Lane Splitter's 'The Legbreaker' & 'The Switch'

Here at The Bullitt we love smaller displacement bikes.  There’s something about hum from a little twin or the smoke spewing from a two-stroke bike that really takes you back.  They're also light and agile.  Benny from the blog Lane Splitter seems to agree. 

He has two completed builds that tick those boxes.  He has a 1980 Yamaha RS125 dubbed TheLegbreaker  (above) as well as The Switch, a 1981 Yamaha XS250.  Both bikes are stripped down and tastefully put back together.  Be sure to check his blog for more!

The Switch

BA Moto goes to the races!!

Long Beach, CA-based BA Moto has entered the racing world.   Long-time member of BA Moto, Heath "Chief" Coffran piloted their recently built team bike in the Thruxton cup last weekend at Willow Springs Raceway finishing 4th in his debut race!

It was a tight battle for 2nd, 3rd and 4th...

 The BA Moto crew rolled deep with race team support shirts, camping out and cheering on Chief the whole way.

For a first-hand tale of his journey into racing, check out BA Moto's post here.  Congratulations on your first race Chief...may there be many more to come!

Take a practice lap with Chief.  Average speed's about 90mph:

The Speed Merchant's Thruxton

The relatively new California-based company, The Speed Merchant recently finished up their newest creation...a tough-looking Triumph Thruxton.
Aside from showcasing their own "made in So Cal" stator and sprocket covers, the bike boasts a beefy inverted front-end, a clean tail section, high-exit exhaust, Keihin FCR 39 carbs, a relocated battery and Ohlins in the rear.

via Bonnefication

Bullitt CB :: DIY Knee Dents

I had my first go at hammering in my own knee dents on the project CB.   After picking up a cheap nylon teardrop mallet and watching a quick youtube video it was time to have at it.

The first step after grabbing a cold one was to cut out a little paper template in the size I wanted - taking inspiration from the Bullitt OG's tank - and mocked it up on the tank.   Can't say I wasn't at least a little hesitant to take that first swing but it really wasn't too bad once I started. 

I'm not quite finished yet, but pleased with the initial results. Thoughts?