British Customs' Thruxton Cafe

As seen on Cafe Racer

If you watched Season 2 of Cafe Racer you must have seen this bike. British Customs made this clean little Thruxton for the show and then we got to see the Bostrom brothers ripping it around the Malibu Canyons. I saw Bike EXIF's recent post on this build and was surprised to see some of the comments where people were complaining that this isn't custom because it's all bolt-on parts. Newsflash people; that's British Custom's business model! They make cool aftermarket parts so that the average Joe can customize his bike into the cafe racer of his dreams without braking the bank.


We feel that utilizing some creativity, a personal touch and even some (gasp) bolt-on parts, anyone could build their very own cool custom motorbike but we want to hear your thoughts. How do you feel about it? Does the BC Thruxton classify as a custom bike to you?

British Customs: Web | Facebook | Instagram

Corsa Motoclassica 2012 :: Be There!!

If you're in California, or anywhere near for that matter, this is an event not to miss.  I'll be there with the BA Moto crew.  We have a race bike this year and our own Heath will be piloting the machine.  If you can't make it, stay here for some coverage and updates.

Norton returns to the Isle of Man TT!!

 Yesterday Norton launched their new race bike and announced their entry into the Senior TT race 2012.  The bike is to be piloted by 32 yr old, top-10 TT finisher Ian Mackman

The bike itself is a Spondon chassis with Ohlins front and back, an Aprilla RSV V4 powerhouse, BST carbon wheels shod with Dunlop’s.   Given that WSB and BSB only allow Homologated Road bikes into their racing classes, Norton has to look for ‘open’ or ‘prototype’ race classes to enter the new race bike in.  The TT stood out as the very obvious choice for Norton stating, "The hard edge style of racing which gets much closer to fans and supporters in a true and real world way which is a very genuine and passionate form of racing, appeals to Norton far more than the energy drink and lycra clad pit lane of homologated road bike racing." 

 Go to Norton's site here for the full announcement.

Super Clean Triumph Brat Bonnie

Scott Hidinger of Los Angeles has built a sweet little Triumph "Brat".  He created a blog called Brat Bonnie which is a play-by-play account of his transformation from a stock Bonneville to a custom, brat bonnie.  I especially dig this because that's exactly how The Bullitt started out to be (just substitute cafe racer for brat).
Scott confessed that this build was garage-therapy for him. Canned Bud and late nights in the garage seemed to wash away the stress of his day job as a creative director for an ad agency. Being the creative guy that he is, he wrote his blog with an interesting twist.  Each post is written from his bike's perspective and is a fun read.  If you haven't been over there yet, I recommend it.  Bullitt approved!

Scott has a little girl on the way, but hopes to get back in the garage very soon to build up a new bike, this time with much more fabrication.  We'll be sure to let you all know what he works up next!

Bike specs:

2007 Bonneville Black
British Customs ceramic coated headers
British Customs ignition relocator
K&N filters
Carbs re-jetted
Excel rims – 19x2.50 front, 18x3.50 rear
Buchannan’s Stainless spokes
Coker Diamond tread tires – 400-19 front, 450-18 rear
Lick Cycles black beauty taillight and baby bullet turns
Posh grips and headlight bracket courtesy of Lloyd’s vintage
Ikon suspension
J&P cycles santee wide/low bars
Salvaged rear fender from the Garage Co.
Custom upholstered diamond suede seat
Powder coated hubs and headlamp
New Bonneville headlamp stone guard
NGK yellow plug wires
Hand stripped and polished tank

Cafe racer, Bonneville Black, inverted forks

Bullitt OG Update :: Fork Mock-up Take II

Made some progress with the new forks over at British Customs recently.  We pressed the stock Bonneville stem out of the stock tree and pressed it into the new custom BC lower tree.  This way were are able to use stock bearings, etc.  Easy swap!

Read more

Free shirt for all hooligan racers!!

Round 1 of the first ever Iron and Resin Hooligan Derby is coming this Saturday April, 14th at the infamous Ventura Raceway!  The 1/5 mile high banked clay oval is the perfect arena to bring out your two wheeled machine and get loose.  The Hooligan Derby, aka The Ventucky Derby, is a true "run whatcha' brung" format.  All are invited.  Come out and go left on clay, cheer on your favorite rider, drink a beer with friends, or for just sheer amusement...guaranteed madness!  The After Race Party will be held at The Tavern with live music, food, drinks, and tall tales.

Carby Tuckwell, moto art, Deus Ex Machina

Limited-Edition Silk Screens by Deus

Killer moto art by Carby Tuckwell

I woke up this morning to an email from Deus Ex Machina advertising their limited-edition prints of four of their now classic bikes, the Grievous Angel SR500, The Bloodnok W650, The Bald Terrier V-Twin and The Long Black SR500 aka The Venice.

 Each print comes screen printed, hand-signed & individually numbered by the craftsman himself – Deus Creative Director, Carby Tuckwell.  $100 AU each.  Get yours here.

Which print is your favorite?

Bullitt XS Cafe Racer Bulid :: Update

Making progress on the Bullitt XS. Just have a little work left on the electrical system now and we'll be ready to get her fired up!! 

Stunning Deus Tracker :: Triumph T120

Deus Australia put out a clean little '71 Triumph T120 tracker a while back.  The bike came back to its maker for a tuneup so they took her for a shoot. 

This baby has chopped pipes, high tracker tail and a Trophy head. This is just the kind of bike we wish we had to run with Iron and Resin's Hooligan Run coming up in a couple weeks!

More on the build here.

Cafe Racer Project :: Bullitt CB

I'll be the first to admit she's more than rough around the corners right now.  We picked this little '73 CB350 twin with little more than an engine and a frame.  That's fine as we're planning to strip it bare and put back as little as necessary anyway.

(more after the jump)
Those of you who follow The Bullitt know we're doing a front end swap on the Bullitt OG.  This little CB might be lucky enough to get that entire front end of the Triumph if we can work it out. Just need to determine if we can press the CB stem into the Triumph lower tree and we'll be in business.

Stay tuned for more on the Bullitt CB.  Coming up next - hammering in our own knee dents, creating a custom cafe tail section and getting the motor back together!

KTM cafe racer 250EXC-F

How to build your own custom KTM cafe racer

KTM 250EXC-F: From dirt to street

Well, while I can't give you play-by-play instructions, I can show you how one bloke built his own and you can do your best to replicate. There are few things that get me more excited than a featherweight, rippable, KTM cafe racer.  In the past, we've featured bikes like Drake McElroy's CR250 cafe, Wrenchmonkee's RD400 and two of Roland Sand's builds; a KTM 530 cafe and another clean KTM 525.

I discovered another stunning custom KTM supermoto-to-cafe conversion a few weeks ago.  I've been sitting on this waiting to pull a post together, lagging I admit.  I woke up last Saturday morning to see that Return of the Cafe Racers had beat me to breaking the story.  Though I wasn't the first, I feel obligated to share because it's just too damn cool.

Australian professional drifter Nigel Petrie is really a car guy.  He claims to spend all day thinking about cars (not bikes like most of us).  He runs a blog 'Engineered to Slide' that's dedicated to automotive drifting and is an active competitor in the sport.  Nigel wanted something fun to tear around town on two wheels.

Growing up riding BMX and motocross, he learned how to make a bike his bitch. So naturally, he got the best motorcycle he could find that he could drift with. He landed on a 2008 KTM 250EXC-F. After riding it on and off road for a few years, he decided one day that the bike needed a facelift.  Being quite handy with the welder, in three weeks he cranked out this custom KTM cafe racer that could still perform like a beast but look like a beauty.

The bike is stunning and looks like a blast to ride.  Like, dangerously fun to ride!

Here's Nigel tearing around on his custom KTM:

What? A Triumph Street Triple 675R...Dirtbike?!

So recently we've featured Ernie Vigil having his way with a stock Scrambler on and off road.  Last Saturday we had an R1 ripping the Moroccan sand dunes.  Last week we had another R1 with spiked tires carving the snow.  Not too long ago we posted Icon's Drift Battle 2 showing what these Street Triples can do.  Today should not disappoint.

(video after the jump)
Streetbike Freestyler Julien Welsch threw on some knobbies on a Triumph Street Triple 675R and went on an off-road rampage.  It's great seeing riders thinking outside of the box and pushing themselves and their machines to do something new.  Cheers to you Julien!

via Ottonero