Incredible R1 Ripping Moroccan Sand Dunes

When you think of tearing up sand dunes on your favorite 2-wheeled machine, a sport bike has to be at the bottom of your list for likely suspects.  And I don't blame you.  These days motorcycles are built with very specific intentions.  Gone are the days of taking your 'street bike' and turning it into a desert sled...

...or so we thought anyway.  Enter six-time Dakar Rally winner Stephane Peterhansel.  Yahama France let him loose in the sand dunes of Merzouga, Morocco on a Yamaha YZF-R1.  With exquisitely hand-cut Michelin tires, Peterhansel shows us that you can rip a 180bhp 'street' machine over through the sand!  We'd love to see a video of this action!!

via Asphalt & Rubber

Ducati Makes A Diesel Monster?!

Well...yes and no. They did make a Diesel Monster but it's not what you think.  Ducati teamed up with Diesel (think fashion not petrol) to create the 'Monster Diesel'.

Ducati is calling the collaboration ‘urban military chic. The bike is based on the Monster 1100 EVO. The overall design is clean and understated. I must say I was pleasantly surprised of how...not ugly it turned out. We all remember the disastrous collab with Triumph and designer Paul Smith. If that is our benchmark, I'd have to say they knocked this one out of the park!

What's your opinion on the bike?  Would you ride it? Buy it? Let us know!!

Ducati: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

Run Whatcha' Brung Hooligan Derby

Iron and Resin & Ventura Raceway are putting on some 'run whatcha brung' Hooligan Derbies starting in April 14th and going into November.  You can race anything on two wheels!  This looks like too much fun.  Gonna have to get out there and give it a go!

Triumph Scrambler Proves it Goes Both Ways

If you haven't been living under a rock, by now you've seen Icon's 'Motorcycle vs. Car Drift Battle 2' featuring freestyle riders  Ernie "EDUB" Vigil and Nick "Apex" Brocha.  The duo recently ran an Iron Butt Association Challenge --

(video after the jump)

A Border-to-Border Run where Ernie piloted a Triumph Scrambler.  Unsure of it's overall capabilities at first, he quickly realized the Triumph was not only comfortable, but could hold it's own on the tarmac and dirt.  It did more than hold its own actually, it was a blast to ride!  EDUB fell in love with Scrambler's up-for-anything versatility -- "from track to dirt to date," and put together a video to demonstrate.

In my humble opinion, this should be Triumph's main marketing piece for the Scram.  So good!!

Spotted via Rocket Garage

Drake McElroy Tours London via Triton

Do you like motorcycles, travel and nutty dudes?  If so, do yourself a favor and check out the show Drakes Passage.  The show features FMX'er Drake McElroy, self-proclaimed "professional motorcycle dude" touring the globe doing crazy things...
(video after the jump)

...and every now and then riding motorcycle.  It basically combines a normal travel show with booze and motorcycles.  Need I say more?  In the episode below, Drake tours to the land of tea and crumpets where he does a little "urban motocross", get's schooled in cricket and then gets to stop by the Ace Cafe for lunch with Ace owner, Mark Wilsmore then cruises the rest of London town on aboard a clean little Triton.  Looks like a jolly good time!

Sex, Drugs & Rock 'N' Roll....and a BC Bonneville

British Customs and photographer Brin Morris were on location to capture the action and support Michael Maxxis and his crew during the production of the Black Angels' Entrance Song music video shoot in El Mirage, CA.  Images in the shoot will be featured in a look book coming soon to  The bike used in the video was the BC Back to Basics bike, a 2004 Triumph Bonneville.  Make sure to sign up with BC to be informed when the look book is available, and enter to win a free look book and limited edition print.   

WARNING - The directors cut below contains nudity and material only suitable for mature audiences so ask your mother before watching! 

via British Customs' Blog

Scantily clad women + motorcycle lifestyle...

Scantily clad women and motorcycle lifestyle have always gone together like spaghetti and meatballs.  So what happens when you mix a cute blond in a bikini, amazing motorcycle photographer Jason Lee Parry and a rough looking biker?!

You get an bad ass photo shoot for my buddy's company, Tavik.  Tavik is a Southern California lifestyle brand with it's influences coming from surf, street, music and style. They make some really cool gear for guys and gals but it's their women's swimwear that has been just blowing up.  If you haven't heard of Tavik yet, do yourself a favor and check 'em out.

All photos by Jason Lee Parry
via C-heads

The Bullitt on Bike EXIF and Bonnefication!

I am totally flattered to see my post on Jim G's Scrambler recirculating with Bike EXIF and Bonnefication.  Thanks guys for spreading the word and giving me the links!!

Iron and Resin's 'El Guapo'

If you have a love for things of the past - handmade machines and quality clothing - and Iron and Resin is not on your radar...well, it should be.  The Ventura, CA-based boys at Iron and Resin recently posted this stunning hardtail 1956 Triumph T110 pre-unit dubbed El Guapo, and rightly so.

El Guapo was built by BBC Triumph in Ventura, CA.  It's now a one-kick machine and gets ridden up the California coast to check the surf.  Go to the I&R blog for more details on the bike.

Racing in the snow?!

Being from Southern California, we don't get too many snow days 'round these parts.  We think it's cold when it drops below 60°F.  That being said, watching this Yamaha R1 with spiked tires and Porsche GT3 RS ripping around a snowy track looks like a lot of fun.  And it looks cold....really, really cold.

Which would you prefer to race around that track?  via BA Moto

The American :: Deus America

The American :: Harley Cafe by Deus America

After seeing The American in person at the Emporium of Postmodern Activities grand opening, we couldn't wait to see more.  Deus America had already put out their Venice SR500 (featured here) but this is the first full-blown custom build to come out of the 'Emporium'.

The project began as a personal project for their US Motorcycle Design Director, Michael Woolaway (aka Woolie).  Woolie’s goal was to take the most famous American-made, mile-dirt-track chassis called the C&J Low Boy (the winning-most, mile-dirt-track chassis ever built) and convert it into a street legal café racer, using as many American parts as he could (hence the name, The American).  Every detail of this bike is carefully thought out and it is even more stunning in person.  More on the build here.



BMW Cafe Racer by Team Incomplete

Here at The Bullitt we love some BMW Cafe Racers and when we came across Team Incomplete's build we were blown away. The story of this build started when the owner went down at 70mph and only the wheels, forks and engine were salvageable.  After 4 months of staring at the wrecked bike, the owner vowed to restore the Boxer, making it meaner and leaner than its original state.

They created a beautiful a steel trellis frame, and also used the paralever and transmission from a 92 R100GS, giving the bike a more rigid frame and better handling.  You can see the whole build process here.

Cafe Racer Pencil Drawings by Keith Winter

I stumbled across these amazing pencil drawings from the 8negro blog.  Artist Keith Winter has great attention to detail, carefully representing each motorcycle to its truest form.  Expand this post and let us know which one is your favorite.

To order prints or to explore more of Keith's art can be located here.

Illustrations are (from top down):
Manx Norton 500cc
G50 Matchless
1963 BSA Rocket Gold Star 650cc
A.J.S. 7R
1970 BSA Rocket 3 750cc
MV Agusta 4 500cc
Legendary racer Mike Hailwood
Honda 4
Yamaha TZ