Streetmaster Brighton Street Tracker

Don't let the drum brakes confuse you..This is a modern Triumph Bonneville built by Streetmaster in Irvine, California in conjunction with Mule Motorcycles.  At first glance it's almost hard to tell how much work was put into this bike, but upon inspection you will find some tasty bits such as the custom frame, reworked cylinder head, 39mm Keihins, lightened flywheel, mappable ignition and aluminum primary cover.

It seems crazy to take a bike with disk brakes and convert them back to drums. The front hub is a brand new 4-leading shoe Grimeca and the rear hub is from a 1976 XS650. According to Mule, people generally look at a drums and say it looks cool but probably won't work! He says, "Well I can say that this hub is about equal in power to a stock single disc on the current Triumphs. Lot of work to get 'The Look', but it does work well." 

This build is a great example of artfully merging vintage style with cutting edge technology to put out a true, modern racer.  A full write-up can be found at Bike Exif.

Art of the Cycle

If you're in So Cal this weekend....

Wrenchmonkee's Triumph Teaser III

More progress on the Wrenchmonkee's Triumphs.  I see they have two now....

Ace Cafe heads to the USA

Ace cafe
EXCLUSIVE Some great news for café racer fans Stateside: the legendary British Ace Cafe is setting up shop next year in the USA. Ten new outlets are planned, and arrangements for the first one are close to being finalized. If you can’t wait for that, then you can get a taste of the Ace Cafe vibe by heading to the Dime City Cycles grand opening event in Tampa, Florida on Saturday 14 May: a temporary Ace Cafe will be erected for the duration of the celebration, stocked with classic motorcycling memorabilia. Ace Cafe boss Mark Wilsmore (above) will be flying in to join Dime City’s Jason Michaels and Herm Narciso on the day, and helping to judge the vintage ride-in bike show. (Bike EXIF is sponsoring the Best In Class award.)

“We see the introduction of Ace Cafe to North America as a huge opportunity to help keep the history alive for younger generations to experience,” says Jason Michaels. “We are at the beginning of an authentic garage revival in the American motorcycle industry and the Ace will provide the much needed additional fuel to help us all reach the ton.” If you’re in the south-western States, mark the Dime City opening in your diary. With the cameras of HD Theater’s Cafe Racer TV in attendance too, it’s shaping up to be a helluva party.

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Douches Wild

You thought you knew what riding in a motorcycle club was all about....but you've never met Douche LaRouche.