Blitz Motorcycles :: Riding September

Grab a few buddies, build a few custom cafe-inspired bikes, and then make an artsy video showing everyone how cool you are?  I'm in.  These three Frenchman have got a good thing going on.  I expect to see more and more of them in the near future.


Getting murdered out...

Chrome don't get ya home

The guys at Newport Mesa Powder Coating do great work for a very reasonable price.  Definitely give them a shout if you have anything that needs a new coat.
I had chemically stripped my my spare down to bare metal and was just going to clear coat it myself.  After talking to the guys at NMPC we ended up having them powder coat it in "alloy silver" and then throw a matte clear coat over it.  Pretty happy with the results.

Tattooed....Motorcycle Seats

For those of you with solo seats on your bikes, here's a way to add a little bit of gangster.  These are actual tattoos on leather just like the sweet ink you have on your lower back. These are available from Electric Solos.