Prepping for Powder Coating

 This might be our version of Christmas

Can't wait to get it all back together...

Drags and Racing : La Grande Fuga

Not exactly sure I'm 100% into this bike still...I've had the pictures saved for months and thought I'd finally throw them up.  This is a bike built by Italian custom shop Drags and Racing and I discovered this build via Bike Exif.  I like just about everything expect for the fake kickstarter on this bike.  I mean, who builds a tough looking, military inspired, suicide-shifting bike and puts on a fake kicker?  Either way, enjoy!

Death Spray Custom's TR25 Scrambler

I've been toying around with the idea of building a smaller cafe for the wife was searching the interwebs for some inspiration. While poking around I stumbled across this little guy. It's a killer little Triumph TR25 Scrambler from the talented hands of British painter Death Spray Custom.  

Death Spray Customs: Web | Facebook | Instagram