What Thruxton Parts Utilized?

I was asked by a reader to specify what Thruxton parts I have used on my bike so far. I used a lot of stock parts off coming off various Thruxtons ranging from 2004-2009. I will list below the various parts I have added to my bike:

  • My seat and cowl came off a '05 (with the checkered pattern running down the cowl).
  • The Thruxton rearsets came off a '08.
  • The bars are '09s. I had to wait for Triumph to "release" these from the factory.
  • The shocks are stock '05 Thruxton shocks that sit 1.5" taller than Bonnie shocks.

For now that's it....

Header Wrap

Finally went ahead with it and wrapped the headers. Getting the headers off was easy but getting everything all back on and lined up with that cross-over took a few tries. I dipped the wrap in water before wrapping them to help get a tighter wrap which not only worked well, but it made for some cool photos when I warmed it up. All that water driving out of the wrap made it look like my engine was on fire...

Venice Vintage Motorcycle Rally :: PICS II

We met up with Gary from Quick Throttle magazine at the Vintage Motorcycle Rally. He wanted to do an article on BA Moto and was on a Press Bonnie from Triumph. Apparently Quick Throttle is going to do a monthly calendar called "BAM" that will update our events and highlight Brit/cafe related events in So Cal. We rode from Venice to the Pike in Long Beach in a fun crew. It was a good time...

Photo credit to Roads for the pics. The street shots are great. Thanks!

For Sale :: Hardtail Hinkley Triumph

2002 Triumph Bonneville for sale

Biltwell solo seat, running struts in lieu of shocks making it a rigid, custom painted mid-60's style w/period correct Alaskan white paint from Don Hutchinson. New tank badges, Lucas taillight, brand new Avon Speedmaster.  Speedo, front signals and mufflers removed. Motor completely stock. 6k miles. Have all parts to return to stock including chrome front fender, original seat, bars, basically everything removed is in a box. $6k or best offer.

Update - bike is sold.









Venice Vintage Motorcycle Rally 2010 :: PICS

There were a lot of great looking bikes at the rally on Sunday. There was everything from period-correct cafe racers, hard-tail Triumphs, BSAs, Nortons, BMWs, and just about everything in between. Too many bikes to photograph, but here are a few of my favorites:

I love this pic!

Photo credit to Chief for the first and last photos. Thanks again!

Venice Vintage Motorcycle Rally

Yesterday we cruised up 15-deep from Long Beach to Venice to check out the Vintage Motorcycle Rally. We met up with Gary from Quick Throttle who wanted to do an article on BA Moto. There was lots of cool bikes, cold PBR on tap, an old school blues band covering Johnny Cash.... Good times. Pics to follow.

A milestone....

Just hit 20K on the bike....

Straight Headers Part II

Still haven't decided if I should upgrade exhausts. I was thinking of doing SuperTrapps or something unique. Still trying to decide if I want to wrap them or ceramic coat them (have the wrap sitting on my garage floor). I do know that if I am going to keep running them headers only, I'll have to cut that bend off for sure. Decisions, decisions....

Side-mount tail light

Amazing what a simple tail light can do

Finally got around to getting a couple pics of this.....

Better late than never...

Last Thursday was BA Moto's Bike Night. It was a good turnout with lots of cool bikes and good conversations. Be there next time!

This '72 Norton stole the show that night but you won't be able to tell from my meager pic...I guess I need to start bring my SLR instead of relying on the cellphone camera. For more (and better) before and after images of this awesome build, check Ricki the Dude's blog.

Another gorgeous bike. Can you guess the year of this one?

More Coverage...

BA Moto is getting more and more coverage lately. Check this link to see an article from RoadRaceX.com that talks about them.

Also, don't forget BA Moto Bike Night tonight at the Pike in Long Beach. Be there!