Bonneville Cafe racer, Bulitt OG,

FEK Install pics


Bullitt OG :: Bonneville to Thruxton

As this bike has come together in pieces, naturally not everything fits together, aesthetically speaking. The bike itself is having a bit of an identity crisis. "Am I a Bonneville, am I a Thruxton"...the bike might reflect. The answer is, no one really knows anymore.
The previous owner added that chrome strip down the tank which is reminiscent of the classic Triumphs with a tank seam. I kind of like it, and kind of want it gone at the same time. My fear there is that it will pull off the clear coat as it has been on there for a few years I imagine. I originally hated the checked stripes that came on the seat cowl I purchased off someone...and now it's starting to grow on me. I'd like to swap out the exhaust for something a little more "racer"...but for now, I'm good. I'm trying to learn to just be satisfied with what I've got....but that might be a moot point. Once the "project" is over, I'm sure I'll be off to my next bike.
Here is the FEK installed:

What a difference a fender makes. I am very happy with the decision to pull it:

Spilling guts

Wiring fun with the Bullitt OG

After setting up the LEDs in the front, I gave them a test.... we're all blinking at once...shit! I figured I had crossed a wire somewhere which must be the cause of the blinking. After exhausting every wiring possibility I realized that the flasher relay worked perfectly when I had only two LEDs installed but with all four, something else was going to be needed.

I got some inline resistors from and spliced them into the wiring harness in the rear. Apparently this is necessary to properly dissipate the appropriate amount of electricity. We drilled a couple of tiny holes into an appropriate point on the frame and zip-tied the relays where they would have minimal contact. They can get as hot as bulbs and melt stuff if the blinkers are left on.

Fender Eliminator Kit (FEK) Install

There are many warnings and cautions out there discourage us from switching out our incandescent blinkers to LEDs. I am by no means a savvy electrician but figured after doing some research and getting a general idea of what is necessary, surely I could manage. Eventually I will, whether or not it kills me.
This job was done in stages, with the rear-end being done first. I ordered a custom made kit from and had them wire-up a harness to the blinkers of my choice. I thought with this being done, all would be straight forward. As it turns out, there were more steps then originally hoped.
The kit came with a plastic plate to cover up the exposed undertail section, 4 mini LED blinkers, a wringing harness, blinker relocation brackets and the additional flasher relay I added on to accommodate the LEDs. The flasher relay that is supposed to be the solution for many LED conversions, convincing the blinkers to flash regularly. A simple "plug and play" swap was all it took there. The air box had to be loosened and dropped down a few inches to allow the plastic plate to fit under the tail. The rear shock bolts are removed and a plate slips on allowing the mini LED rear blinkers to be relocated back. All in all, with a little elbow grease and patience this wasn't too bad. Here is the kit pre-install:
I tested the blinkers and "bingo!" far so good. The front-end is a whole other story....
Here is a crappy picture in the garage, with bad lighting. Better pics to come.