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Barbara Custom Motorcycles gets weird

When it comes to conceptualizing a new build, there are many different ways to approach the initial phase and I find it truly interesting to see how each builder approaches his chosen canvas. Some builders visualize their work strictly in their minds, allowing the process to take shape organically. Some keep it old school sketching it out with traditional pen and paper while other are able to digitize their work. All have their own merits, but being able to digitize a build allows you to see the final product before picking up the old angle grinder.


Having a graphic design background myself, I tend to get excited when I see builder’s digital comps. One builder whose work I love is Sylvain Berneron aka Holographic Hammer. When I came across French motorcycle design studio Barbara Custom Motorcycles’ work, I knew I had another favorite.


Their work is pretty incredible and covers everything from simple brat/cafe style ‘practical’ builds to crazy mad max-style renderings and some wild futuristic stuff mixed in too. I got lost thumbing through their work and would really like to see some of these come to life. Note – some.


Barbara professes to help you to visualize your motorcycle project before you start to build it stating:

“Want a color change, test a new tank, a new saddle, a new exhaust pipe or a complete redesign? Whether you are a private person or a professional motorcycle designer, Barbara will help you to visualize exaclty the end state result before engaging with the preparer of your choice.

Come with your ideas, or let Barbara do the job.”

Keep doing what your doing guys, and we may be sending some wacky comp ideas your way soon.


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  • Robin Metz July 4, 2017 at 10:49 am

    Wow….such a collection of astonishing yet futuristic beauties. I love them all!

    Unfortunately you could never ride them here in Germany cause of legal issues. 😀 haha

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