Bullitt CB – Almost there

The Bullitt CB was on a tear a few months but took a short winter hibernation. We introduced a baby Bullitt into the family, moved shop and are working tirelessly to get set back up again. That being said, we did make a lot of headway that we are happy to share. 
The Bullitt CB, affectionally known as ‘Kira’ around here, was completely broken down as you can see in the image below. We coated, painted, lubed or upgraded everything we could and put her back together, new and improved.
We detabbed the frame and swingarm and shortened Kira’s rear end, opting for a semi-gloss black powder coat. The swingarm was clear coated and provides a nice balance with the raw metal from the tank. New Mikuni VM30 carbs and UNI cone filters help her push a full breath through the newly coated CL headers and mini reverse cones. 
The tail has been tidied up with a little homemade battery tray. Just the bare necessities are going back in, along with a small Lithium battery.
The seat pan was shortened and coated. The kickstand was lengthened to accommodate the taller Hagon shocks and the lower triple was cleaned up and detabbed.
We repainted the rim of the stock speedo but wanted to leave the vintage patina in the cracked gauge. We’re toying with a smaller tach but still aren’t sure we’re gonna keep it. 

The garage should be back up and running soon and we can’t wait to finish her and get her out on the road!

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