Triumph Scrambler Proves it Goes Both Ways

If you haven’t been living under a rock, by now you’ve seen Icon‘s ‘Motorcycle vs. Car Drift Battle 2‘ featuring freestyle riders  Ernie “EDUB” Vigil and Nick “Apex” Brocha.  The duo recently ran an Iron Butt Association Challenge —

(video after the jump)

A Border-to-Border Run where Ernie piloted a Triumph Scrambler.  Unsure of it’s overall capabilities at first, he quickly realized the Triumph was not only comfortable, but could hold it’s own on the tarmac and dirt.  It did more than hold its own actually, it was a blast to ride!  EDUB fell in love with Scrambler’s up-for-anything versatility — “from track to dirt to date,” and put together a video to demonstrate.

In my humble opinion, this should be Triumph’s main marketing piece for the Scram.  So good!!

Spotted via Rocket Garage

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